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Charles Evans Hughes papers, 1836-1950

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Subject File, 1905-1947 (continued)
Reports by Pan American Union
Permanent Court of International Justice
Secretary of state
Allied war debts
Appointment as secretary of state
Appointment books
BOX 155 REEL 120-121 1923-1924
(2 folders)
Foreign service, reorganization of Germany
Commercial treaty
Reparations, "The Dawes Plan"
Harding, Warren G., death of and memorials
Immigration Act of 1924
Inman, Samuel G., refutation of his article on U.S. imperialism
Intoxicating liquors, treaties to prevent smuggling of
League of Nations
BOX 156 REEL 121 Memoranda of interviews with members of the diplomatic corps
(19 folders)
BOX 157 REEL 122 France-Great Britain
(8 folders)
BOX 158 REEL 122 Greece-Italy
(7 folders)
BOX 158not filmed Japan-Norway
(9 folders)
BOX 159 REEL 123 Panama-Venezuela
(16 folders)
Memoranda of interviews with others
Mandates controversy
Newberry, Truman H.
BOX 160 REEL 123-124 Oil scandals, Albert B. Fall
Resignation of Hughes
Brazil, 1922
Europe, 1924
Turkey, 1923
Washington Conference
American Advisory Committee
American delegation
Memoranda from delegates and State Department officials
Memoranda to and from John V. A. MacMurray
Report of the proceedings of the conference
Calling of conference
Press releases
Reports on attempts to limit armaments prior to 1921
BOX 161 REEL 124-125 China See also Container 163, Nine Power Treaties
Arms embargo
Customs treaty
Eastern railway
Japanese troops
Leased territories and spheres of influence claimed by foreign powers
Postal service
Sino-Japanese treaties and negotiations
Comments about conference
(2 folders)
Committee on Pacific and Far Eastern Questions
Credentials and lists of delegates
Four Power Treaty
BOX 162 REEL 125 Lansing-Ishii agreement
Minutes of final session, 6 Feb. 1922, incomplete
Naval Armaments Limitation Treaty
(2 folders)
Interpretation of aircraft tonnage problem, 1925
Memoranda of conversations and interviews
Navy Department data
Reports of the General Board
(2 folders)
BOX 163 REEL 125-126 Nine Power Treaties See also Container 161, China
Papers given to State Department, 8 Mar. 1934, by Hughes
Press releases
Russia, Japan, and the Siberian controversy
Shantung controversy
Subcommittee reports
Treaty relating to use of submarines and noxious gases, drafts
BOX 164 REEL 126-127 Printed matter
Evaluations of conference
Memoranda for the American delegation
(3 vols.)
Far East and the Pacific
(4 vols.)
(7 vols.)
Report of the General Board, U.S. Navy Department
BOX 165 REEL 127-128 Warfare and armaments
(2 folders)
Messages to Congress from the president of the United States, Warren G. Harding
Report of the conference, 1922
BOX 166 REEL 128-129 Reports of the delegations to the conference published by participating countries
(3 folders)
Treaties and resolutions
(2 folders)
Sixth International Conference of American States, Havana, Cuba, 1928 See Containers 152-154, Pan American Conference
BOX 167 REEL 129-130 Supreme Court
Appointment of Hughes as associate justice, 1910
Controversial cases or issues
Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1936
(2 folders)
Angelo Herndon case, 1935
Gold clause cases
1935, Jan.-Feb.
(4 folders)
BOX 168 REEL 130-131 1935, Mar.-Dec.
Judiciary reform bill
Feb. 1-14
(4 folders)
BOX 169 REEL 131-132 Feb. 15-28
(5 folders)
BOX 170 REEL 132-133 Mar. 1-13
(5 folders)
BOX 171 REEL 133-134 Mar. 14-31
(5 folders)
BOX 172 REEL 134 Apr.-Dec., undated
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