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Charles Evans Hughes papers, 1836-1950

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Subject File, 1905-1947 (continued)
Scottsboro case
Sit-down strikes, 1939
Thomas Mooney case, 1938
Wagner Act, 1937
BOX 174 REEL 135-136 Luncheon, annual arrangements, 1932-1938
Miscellany, 1929-1947
Proof sheets of opinions
Associate justice
Chief justice
Tacna-Arica controversy
(2 folders)
United Nations, preliminary planning for an international organization
BOX 175-180 REEL 136-139 Speeches and Writings File, 1905-1940
Drafts and typewritten, printed, and near-print copies of speeches.
Arranged chronologically. Also a manuscript of Hughes's booklet, Foreign Relations.
BOX 175 REEL 136-137 Speech file
1905-1916, Aug.
(14 folders)
BOX 176 REEL 137 1916
Sept. 1-26
(11 folders)
BOX 177 REEL 137 Sept. 27-Oct. 18
(18 folders)
BOX 178 REEL 137-138 Oct. 19-Nov. 3
(10 folders)
BOX 179 REEL 138 1916, Nov. 4-1924, Oct. 27
(9 folders)
BOX 180 REEL 139 1924, Oct. 28-1940, undated
(9 folders)
Extracts from messages, addresses, and opinions of Hughes, 1906-1927
Writings, Foreign Relations, 1924
BOX 181-186 REEL 139-142 Biographical File, 1906-1951
Autobiographical and biographical writings and notes,typewritten draft and galley proofs of a biography by Merlo J. Pusey, memoranda, and clippings.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 181 REEL 139-40 Ancestry
"Autobiographical Notes"
(24 folders)
BOX 182 REEL 140 Beerits, Henry C., memoranda on the life of Hughes
Ancestry and early life
Gas and insurance investigations
Entry into politics and election as governor
First term as governor
Renomination and reelection as governor
Second term as governor
Presidential campaign of 1916
Activities during the years 1916-1921
Calling the Washington Conference
Four Power Treaty
Treaty for the Limitation of Naval Armament
Article 19 of the Naval Treaty: fortifications in the Pacific
Far Eastern questions
Mandates controversy
Separate peace with Germany, the League of Nations, and the Permanent Court of International Justice
Dawes Plan
Funding the Allied war debts
Commercial treaty with Germany
BOX 183 REEL 140-141 Relations with Soviet Russia
Relations with Turkey
Relations with Mexico
Brazilian trip of 1922
Latin-American intervention and the Monroe Doctrine
Latin-American boundary disputes
“The Fall Oil Scandals”
Treaties to prevent the smuggling of intoxicating liquors into the U.S.
Japan and the Immigration Act of 1924
European trip of 1924
Latin-American conferences
Activities during the years 1925-1930
Charles Evans Hughes, by Merlo J. Pusey
Chapters 1-15
(3 folders)
BOX 184 REEL 141 Chapters 16-50
(7 folders)
BOX 185 REEL 141-142 Chapters 51-73
(5 folders)
Index and appendix
BOX 186 REEL 142 Galley proofs
(5 folders)[not microfilmed]
Recollections of classmates
Views on duty of a lawyer
BOX 187-232 REEL 142-149 Miscellany, 1836-1945
Awards, certificates, extraneous manuscripts, near-print and printed matter, and scrapbooks. The scrapbooks are available only on microfilm.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 187 REEL 142 Awards, certificates, letters of appointment, honors, and tributes See also Oversize
Copies of letters by Roger B. Taney, 1836, Mar. 23 and 1864, May 8
(2 folders)
Printed matter
Articles about Hughes
BOX 188 REEL 142-143 Articles containing references to Hughes
Clippings, newspapers
(7 folders)
BOX 189 REEL 143-144 1924, European trip
(6 folders)
(2 folders)
1928, Pan American Conference, Havana, Cuba
BOX 190 REEL 144 1930, appointment as chief justice
(2 folders)
1930-1945, undated
(2 folders)
Material relating to the judicial system
(2 folders)
BOX 191 REEL 144-145 Miscellaneous
(3 folders)
U.S. Department of State publications
*Only the covers were microfilmed
(2 folders)
BOX 192 Monthly Political Report, nos. 1-23, 1923-1925
BOX 193-200 REEL 145-146 Scrapbooks**
**Available only on microfilm
New York gas and electric lighting investigations, 1904, Dec.-1905, Apr.
BOX 201-226 REEL 146-149 Insurance investigations, 1905, Apr.-1906, Jan.
BOX 227-229 REEL 149 Governor of New York, including campaign of 1908
BOX 230-231 REEL 149 Secretary of state, including scrapbook prepared by William E. Jillson
BOX 232 REEL 149 Appointment as chief justice of the United States
BOX 233not filmed Addition, 1916
Presidential campaign song book.
BOX 233 Presidential campaign song book, 1916
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