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Personal Papers, 1875-1947 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1881-1946 (continued)
The Book of My Youth See also Containers 58-59, Native American
(3 folders)
BOX 53 REEL 47 "Clinton Scollard," a sketch, 1933
"A Colloquy on the Negro Problem," undated
(2 folders)
"Comparison between the Parson as Described by Chaucer and the Parson Described by Goldsmith," 1887, July 18
"Comparison of the Constitution of Wisconsin with That of Michigan," 1889, Apr. 26
Congressional Government, introduction to, 1925
Country Cousin, foreword, 1927, Jan.
"Coxey's Army," 1897, Feb.
"The Dalles of the St. Croix," 1887
"The Deadlock of Industry: The Part the Public Plays in the Labor Problem," circa 1904
"The Deeper Meaning of Trade-Unionism: As Exemplified by the Strike in the Colorado Coal Fields," circa 1904
"Democracy and Dictators Today: Introduction to John Martin's Book," 1935, Aug.
"Desmids," 1887
"Despair of a Junior," 1888, July
Dr. and Mrs. House and their school in Salonica, 1917
"Dr. Hollis Burke Frissell," 1918, Jan.
"Dora," 1886, Oct. 26
"Edison's Latest Marvels," 1902, Nov.
"Escape," undated
"A Foreword on Romance and Reality," undated
Foreword to Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters, new edition, 1945-1946
"Fort Maitland," an introduction, 1938
BOX 54 REEL 47-48 Frederick W. Taylor, scientist in business management, 1911, Mar.
(3 folders)
"Frederick W. Taylor: An Aristocrat of Democracy," 1915, May 22
"Free Trade and the Farmer," 1889
"Gathering Clouds Along the Color Line," 1916, June
General Leonard Wood
"George T. Farley," a sketch, 1940, May 11
"The Government in the Chicago Strike of 1894," by Grover Cleveland, 1904, July
"The Great Conscription," 1916, Jan.
"The Great Negro Migration," 1917, July
"Hadley's Article," undated
"Hard Work Better Than Genius," 1888, Sept. 5
Harvard University address, Cambridge, Mass., 1905, Jan. 23
"Harvey Sherman," a sketch, undated
BOX 55 REEL 48-49 "Hiwonetah and the Ojibwa's Daughter," 1887, Apr. 27
"Ideals," 1888
"India Rubber," 1881, Jan. 17
"Indigence, a Favorable Element in the Development of Character," 1888, Feb. 25
"The Intensive Cultivation of Business," 1914
Interviews and notes, 1925-1929
"Is Business a Profession?" 1913, June
"Joel Chandler Harris: A Character Sketch," 1904, Nov.
"Judge Lindsey Article," 1904
"Kenyon L. Butterfield," an obituary, 1935, Nov. 28
"The Last Phase of the Great War," 1915, Jan.
"Leesburg Raid; a Story of the Secret Service," 1897
"A Liberal Education Should Precede the Choice of a Profession," 1887, June 7
BOX 56 REEL 49 "Liquid Air," 1899
"The Lone Rider," a poem, undated
"Lottridge," 1905
"Major Ford: A Lady of Virginia," undated
"Major Moton," 1916, Mar.
"Makers of Understanding," 1915
Manuscripts and notes relating to the Lawrence, Mass., strike, 1912
"A Medley," 1887, Oct. 26
Meeting for American Farm School, speech, 1931, Oct. 14
Memoranda by Baker, 1940, June 4
(3 folders)
Memorandum for Burton Hendrick, 1925
Memorandum on Bert Boyden, 1925, Oct.
"Method of the Union in Dealing with the Non-Striker," 1904
Miscellaneous manuscripts
(1 folder)
BOX 57
(1 folder)
"Moral Education: Fairchild," 1916, Feb.
"My Mission in Europe, 1918-19"
(5 folders)
BOX 58
REEL 50-51
(2 folders)
"My Views on Socialism," undated
"My Wild Ride with Youth in an Aeroplane," 1920, Jan.
"Nathan Yorke," undated
Native American (1942) See also Container 52, The Book of My Youth
(4 folders)
BOX 59
REEL 51-52
(4 folders)
"Negro Article," 1915
"The Negro Problem," miscellaneous notes and manuscripts, 1917
"The New Hope in the Labor Struggle," 1904
"New Ideals in Healing," 1909, Jan.
BOX 60 REEL 52-53 "The New Industrial Conspiracy," 1903, Sept.
"New Things About Liquid Air," 1900
"Norman Hapgood," a sketch, 1937, May 10
Notes and manuscripts relating to La Follette's Autobiography, circa 1911
(5 folders)
BOX 61 REEL 53 Notes, manuscripts, and printed matter relating to Following the Color Line (1908)
Notes and manuscripts relating to Hawaii, 1888-1911, undated
Notes and miscellaneous manuscripts, 1883-1937, undated
(2 folders)
Notes on secret treaties, 1922
(2 folders)
BOX 62 REEL 53-54 "Olympic Society on a May Morning," 1887, Oct. 8
"On Re-reading a Tale of a Tub," undated
"On reviewing Seymour's Neutrality," undated
"The Panama Canal as an Example of Efficiency and Service," 1913, Jan. 9
"Paris Peace Conference," 1929, Apr. 28
"Pippins," 1899, Sept. 7
"Pleasures and Perils of a Diver's Life," undated
"President Kenyon L. Butterfield," 1924, June 1
"President's Address: Phi Evening," 1889, Aug. 19
"The Problem of Armour," 1906
"A Problem of Happiness," 1889, July 13
"The Problem of Race," 1911
"Problems of Citizenship," 1913, Sept.
"Professor Ernst Haeckel of Jena: The Last Word About Evolution," 1901, Dec.
"The Promotion of Patrolman Wagner," 1901, Jan. 3
"A Prophecy of 89," 1889, July
"The Rabbit in the Box," 1900
"Radicals on Parade," 1907, July
"Railroads on Trial," 1905, Nov.-1906, June
"The Rat Trap," undated
(2 folders)
BOX 63
REEL 54-55
(1 folder)
(2 folders)
"The Reading of Character," 1887, Oct. 28
"The Reconnaissance: A Fragment of War," 1897-1898
"Review of Clifton Johnson's Hudson Maxim," 1925
"Richard Burton," a memorial, 1940, Apr. 17
"The Riddle of the Negro: I--A Race Riot in the Making," undated
"Roman Catholic vs Protestant," 1909
"A Romantic Possibility of This Writer's Vacation," 1888, Nov. 10
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