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Personal Papers, 1875-1947 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1881-1946 (continued)
Native American (1942) See also Container 52, The Book of My Youth
(4 folders)
BOX 59
REEL 51-52
(4 folders)
"Negro Article," 1915
"The Negro Problem," miscellaneous notes and manuscripts, 1917
"The New Hope in the Labor Struggle," 1904
"New Ideals in Healing," 1909, Jan.
BOX 60 REEL 52-53 "The New Industrial Conspiracy," 1903, Sept.
"New Things About Liquid Air," 1900
"Norman Hapgood," a sketch, 1937, May 10
Notes and manuscripts relating to La Follette's Autobiography, circa 1911
(5 folders)
BOX 61 REEL 53 Notes, manuscripts, and printed matter relating to Following the Color Line (1908)
Notes and manuscripts relating to Hawaii, 1888-1911, undated
Notes and miscellaneous manuscripts, 1883-1937, undated
(2 folders)
Notes on secret treaties, 1922
(2 folders)
BOX 62 REEL 53-54 "Olympic Society on a May Morning," 1887, Oct. 8
"On Re-reading a Tale of a Tub," undated
"On reviewing Seymour's Neutrality," undated
"The Panama Canal as an Example of Efficiency and Service," 1913, Jan. 9
"Paris Peace Conference," 1929, Apr. 28
"Pippins," 1899, Sept. 7
"Pleasures and Perils of a Diver's Life," undated
"President Kenyon L. Butterfield," 1924, June 1
"President's Address: Phi Evening," 1889, Aug. 19
"The Problem of Armour," 1906
"A Problem of Happiness," 1889, July 13
"The Problem of Race," 1911
"Problems of Citizenship," 1913, Sept.
"Professor Ernst Haeckel of Jena: The Last Word About Evolution," 1901, Dec.
"The Promotion of Patrolman Wagner," 1901, Jan. 3
"A Prophecy of 89," 1889, July
"The Rabbit in the Box," 1900
"Radicals on Parade," 1907, July
"Railroads on Trial," 1905, Nov.-1906, June
"The Rat Trap," undated
(2 folders)
BOX 63
REEL 54-55
(1 folder)
(2 folders)
"The Reading of Character," 1887, Oct. 28
"The Reconnaissance: A Fragment of War," 1897-1898
"Review of Clifton Johnson's Hudson Maxim," 1925
"Richard Burton," a memorial, 1940, Apr. 17
"The Riddle of the Negro: I--A Race Riot in the Making," undated
"Roman Catholic vs Protestant," 1909
"A Romantic Possibility of This Writer's Vacation," 1888, Nov. 10
"Roosevelt Tired," 1908
"Royal Humane Society," 1901, Sept.
"Seeing America," 1914
(2 folders)
BOX 64 REEL 54-55 "Short Article on Brandeis," 1916
"Short Stories," 1895, May
"Should the Colleges of Michigan Be Merged in the University?" 1887, Sept. 28
"Simon Barslow," a biographical sketch, undated
"Smoker Talk," undated
"Some Heroes I Have Met," a church speech, undated
"Some Stories about John Muir," undated
"Sophomore Criticism," 1887, Aug. 6
"The Soul of America: The Public," 1916, Dec. 15
Speech, New England Society dinner, "Old New England and the
New Democracy," 1908, Dec. 17
"The Spiritual Unrest: The Faith of the Unchurched," 1909, Sept.
"The Strange Adventure I Am about to Relate," by David Grayson, undated
"Structure of the Cucumber Fruit," 1887, Oct. 17
"Theodore Roosevelt," 1910
"This Brave New World," undated
"Thomas Gray," 1888, Oct. 8
"To the Editor of the Republican," 1916, May
"Those Who Come Seeking Opportunity," undated
"The Three Wishes," by David Grayson, undated
"The Tragedy of the Range," 1902, Aug.
"True Progress in City Government," undated
"Under the Sea," undated
"Vigilantes," 1917
BOX 65 REEL 55-56 "Walter A. Dyer," a sketch, 1934, Jan.
"The War Patriotism," 1909, Oct. 31
"The Western Spirit of Restlessness," 1908
"What Life Is," play outline, undated
"What Shall America Do?" 1916
What Wilson Did at Paris (1919)
(3 folders)
"What Woodrow Wilson Means to Me," essay, undated
"Who Owns the Nation's Railroads?" circa 1906
"Why Is the Public against the Packer? The Real Problem of Armour," undated
"Why Not Send Goethals and His Veterans?" 1913
"Wilson: Man of Action," 1916, Oct. 8
BOX 66 REEL 57 "Wilson," script of screen play, by Lamar Trotti, 1943
(5 folders)
"Wisconsin: A State with an Idea," 1917, Feb.
BOX 67 REEL 57-58 "A Woman of Forty-Five," manuscripts and notes, undated
"Woman Suffrage," 1915, Oct.
(2 folders)
"Woodrow Wilson," 1920, Nov.
Woodrow Wilson and World Settlement, 1922
(2 folders)
Woodrow Wilson's library, undated
"Woodrow Wilson Honorary Debate Panel," 1940, May 16
Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters, 1927-1939
Manuscript draft
(3 folders)
BOX 68
(1 folder)
Reviews, vols. 1-2, 1927
(3 folders)
Notices and reviews
vols. 1-2, 1927
BOX 69 REEL 59 vols. 3-4. 1931
vol. 5, 1935
(2 folders)
vol. 6, 1937
BOX 70 REEL 59-60 vols. 7-8, 1939
(2 folders)
vol. 8, 1939
Newspaper syndication, 1927-1928
"World Affairs: Europe in Serious Condition," circa 1919
"The Writing Craft," 1927
Bibliography of the Works of Ray Stannard Baker (1940-1942), by Rachel Moore (Baker) Napier, carbon copy of typescript and notes
BOX 71-84 REEL 60-61 Miscellany, 1884-1947
Scrapbooks, broadsides, passports, printed matter, and clippings from newspapers and magazines.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically. Printed matter and clippings have not been microfilmed.
BOX 71 REEL 60 Scrapbooks
Vol. 1, 1892
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