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Woodrow Wilson File, 1836-1941 (continued)
BOX 99-117 REEL 69-85 Ray Stannard Baker Correspondence Relating to Woodrow Wilson, 1920-1939
Correspondence sent and received by Baker during his work on a biography of Wilson. Includes memoranda of interviews and various enclosures.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent or name of person discussed.
BOX 99 REEL 69-70 “A” miscellaneous
Adams, J. Donald
Adams, John
Adamson, William C.
Alderman, Edwin A
Alexander, Joshua W.
Allen, Frederick H.
Anderson, George W.
Andrews, Fannie F.
Annin, Robert E.
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish
Athearn, Clarence R.
Authors' Clipping Bureau
Axson, Stockton
Articles and memoranda
Notes on Baker's manuscript
(3 folders)
BOX 100 REEL 70-71 “B” miscellaneous
Baker, Newton Diehl
Baker, Ray Stannard
Biographical notes
Baldwin, Samuel
BOX 101 REEL 71 Bannwart, Alexander
Barclay, McKee
Barclay, Thomas
Barthell, Edward E.
Baruch, Bernard M.
Beaty, Julian B.
Bender, Robert J.
Bernard, George Grey
Bertron, S. R.
Binkley, Robert C.
Bliss, Tasker H.
Bok, Edward W.
Bones, Helen Woodrow
Booth, Edward
Bowlby, Harry L.
Boyd, Allen R.
Bradford, Gamaliel
BOX 101 REEL 72 Brand, Katharine E.
Brandeis, Louis D.
Brett, George P.
Bridges, Robert
Brougham, Herbert B.
Brower, Jessie B.
Brown, Arthur R.
Brownlow, Louis
Bruce, William Cabell
Bryan, William Jennings
Bryce, Lady
Bullitt, William C.
BOX 102 REEL 72 Burleson, Albert S.
Butler, Nicholas Murray
Byrd, Harry Flood (1887-1966)
Byrne, Ervin
“C” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Cade, Mrs. J. Jarvis
Cady, Daniel L.
Cameron, James
Catt, Carrie Chapman
Chance, Lorenzo W.
Chapman, Edward M.
Chase, Don M.
Cigrand, Bertrand J.
Clarkson, Grosvenor B.
Clemenceau, Georges
Close, Gilbert F.
Cobb, Margaret Ayer
Cochran, Peyton
BOX 103 REEL 72-73 Colby, Bainbridge
Conklin, E. G.
Cook, Waldo L.
Coster, Robert
Craig, Hardin
Cram, Ralph Adams
Crane, Charles R.
Crank letters
Creel, George
Crosby, Oscar Terry
Cummings, Homer
“D” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Dabney, Charles W.
Dabney, Richard Heath
Daniels, Josephus
BOX 104 REEL 73-74 Daniels, Winthrop M.
Darling, H. Maurice
Davies, Joseph E.
Davis, Edward P.
Davis, Malcolm W.
Davis, Norman H.
Dinwiddie, Mary Louise
Dodd, William Edgar
Dodge, Cleveland H.
Donnally, Marguerite
Donnelly, Frederick W.
Dooley, John H.
Drake, E. Millington
Dulles, Allen W.
Duncan, John Steele
Dunlap, John R.
Durbin, William W.
“E” miscellaneous
Eddy, Allen
Eliot, Charles William (1834-1926)
Elliott, Edward
Ely, Richard T.
BOX 105 REEL 74-75 “F” miscellaneous
Feilchenfeld, Ernst H.
Fine, Henry B.
Fisher, H. A. L.
Fletcher, William G.
Foley, Hamilton
Ford, Worthington C.
Forster, Henry A.
Fosdick, Raymond B.
Fraser, A. M., Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Memorial, Staunton, Va.
Fuller, Inez
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