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Woodrow Wilson File, 1836-1941 (continued)
Ray Stannard Baker Correspondence Relating to Woodrow Wilson, 1920-1939 (continued)
McKean, Dayton D.
MacRae, Hugh
Madigan, Thomas F.
Madison, Maury
Malone, Dudley Field
Marburg, Theodore
Markel, Lester
Martin, Edward S.
Meneely, A. Howard
(2 folders)
Miller, David Hunter
Moore, Charles
Moore, John Bassett
BOX 112 REEL 80-81 Moors, John E.
Morgenthau, Henry (1856-1946)
Morris, Roland
Motion pictures
Murchison, Hugh R.
Myers, Denys P.
Myhr, Ivar Lou
“N” miscellaneous
Nevins, Allan
New England Blue Print Paper Co.
Newman, Oliver P.
Noland, Stephen C.
Notter, Harley A.
“O” miscellaneous
BOX 113 REEL 81 “P” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Page, Arthur W.
Palmer, Frederick
Palmer, John McAuley
Peabody, George Foster
Perry, Bliss
Pershing, John J.
Pitman, Mrs. C. C.
Platt, Dan Fellows
BOX 114 REEL 81 Polk, Frank L.
Pulitzer Prize
“R” miscellaneous
Rauschenbusch, Stephen
Record, George L.
Redfield, William C.
Reid, Edith G. (Mrs. Harry Fielding)
Reid, Helen Rogers (Mrs. Ogden Reid)
Rice, William Gorham
Rippy, J. Fred
Roots, John M.
“S” miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX 115 REEL 82-83 Salmon, Lucy M.
Savage, Carlton
Sayre, Francis B.
Sayre, Jessie Wilson
Scaife, Roger L.
Schmitt, Bernadotte E.
Secretarial assistance
Seymour, Charles
Shaw, Albert
Shaw, Cornelia
Sheldon, Edward W.
Shepardson, Whitney H.
Shotwell, James T.
Silzer, George S.
Skeel, Emily E.
Smith, Lucy and Mary
Snow, Thomas L.
Stauffer, Donald D.
Stephens, Brad
Stockbridge, Frank Parker
Stovall, Pleasant A.
Stroud, A. T.
Sullivan, Jerry B.
Swanson, Claude A.
Swem, Charles L.
Swope, Herbert Bayard
BOX 116 REEL 82-83 “T” miscellaneous
Taylor, James H.
Taylor, Mrs. Richard H.
Tedcastle, Arthur W. and Agnes B.
Thomas, M. Carey
Thompson, George E.
Thompson, Henry B.
Thompson, Huston
Toy, Nancy
Tumulty, Joseph P.
“U” miscellaneous
Underwood & Underwood
“V” miscellaneous
Vander Velde, Lewis G.
Van Dyke, Henry
Villard, Oswald Garrison
Vreeland, W. U.
“W” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 117 REEL 84-85 Wallace, James
Warren, Charles
Watt, George W.
Weatherly, Herbert H.
Weeks, Robert S.
Welles, Harriet Woodrow
Whalen, Kathryn O'Neil
Whaling, Thornton H.
White, Henry
William Heinemann, Ltd. See Container 107, Heinemann
Williams, Jesse Lynch
Williams, John Sharp
Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt
Wilson, Ellen Axson
Wilson, Joseph R.
Wilson, Margaret Woodrow
Wilson, William B.
Wittpenn, Caroline B.
Woodrow, James Wilson
Woodrow, Marion W.
Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Memorial, Staunton, Va.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Woods, Edward A.
Woods, Hiram
Woods, William Whitfield
Woolley, Robert W.
“X-Z” miscellaneous
Yates, Mary
Yoder, Adon A.
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