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Lucy Kroll papers, 1908-1998

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Miscellany, 1908-1997 (continued)
Marvin, Blanche, 1993
Mason, Francis S., Jr. and Jennette, 1992-1993
Matthau, Walter, 1993-1994
Mokae, Zakes, undated
Nathanson, Mimi Bochco, undated
Niven, Penelope, 1993, undated
Novogrod, Nancy, 1994
Ostrow, Stuart, 1993-1995
Pakula, Alan J., 1990
Petrie, Daniel and Dorothea G., 1993-1995
Petrie, June, 1993
Peterson, Chase and Grethe, 1993-1994
Richards, Lloyd G., 1993-1996, undated
Roebling, Paul, 1994-1995
Rowland, Toby, 1992-1995
BOX 746 Shalala, Donna E., 1986
Singer, Stephanie Herman, 1994
Slane, Eva T., 1994
Stevens, Roger L., 1993-1994
Stix, John, 1994-1995
Talbot, Michael, 1994-1995, undated
Thompson, Tazewell, 1992-1994
Weaver, Fritz, 1993, undated
Weissler, Barry and Fran, 1995
White, Jack and Joan, 1993-1995
Wolf, Mary Hunter, 1990-1994
Unidentified, 1959, 1991-1993
Proposal, 1987-1993
Photographs, 1936-1945, 1972-1978, undated
Anderson, Hesper, and Marsden A. Thompson, For Nora... undated
Bochco, Steven
“L.A. Law,” 1986
“Vampire,” 1978
Boyle, Donald R., and Scoey Mitchell, Beekman's Place, 1987
Breckman, Andy, True Identity, 1990
BOX 747 Capers, Valerie, Sing About Love, 1974-1978
Carmichael, Joel, The Death of Jesus Ben-Joseph, undated
Caruso, Joseph George, Little Lies, undated
Chayefsky, Paddy, Network, undated
Childress, Alice, Wedding Band, 1972
Culver, Carmen, Willa, 1978
Davis, Bill C., The Dangerous Class, 1983
BOX 748 Dean, Phillip Hayes, The Tallest Tree in Our Forest, undated
Denker, Henry, Far Country, undated
DeLaurentis, Robert, Soul Mates, 1985
Desai, Amrit, Voices of Awareness, undated
Ducovny, Amran, Tales of Coney, undated
BOX 749 Elder, Lonne
A Woman Called Moses, 1977
(4 folders)
Splendid Mummer, 1980
Feiffer, Jules, Grown Ups, 1981
Feiler, Jesse I., The Little Saint, 1966
Fiijen, Lucien, After Hours, 1974
BOX 750 Fisher, Michael, Huck and Jim, circa 1980
Fisher, Susan Josephine, Challenge, undated
Flipper, Henry O., Negro Frontiersman, 1963
Ford Foundation, “Omnibus 5,” 1956
Forster, E. M., 1960
Forsyth, Edward J., Black Heat, undated
Freeman, George, Marrakesh, 1980
Friedman, Leah K.
The Flower Girl, undated
Rachel Goes to the World's Fair in 1939, 1983
Fugard, Athol, Sizwe Banzi Is Dead, undated
Gallo, George H., Black Harvest, 1977
BOX 751 Garris, Roger E., and Max Steele, Home to Hallelujah, 1955
Gast, Harold, A Woman Called Golda, 1981
(2 folders)
Gethers, Steven, Peoples, 1977
Gibson, William, Golda, undated
Gilliatt, Penelope, But When All's Said and Done, 1983
Glick, Stanley, The Winner, 1979
Goldman, Bo, City Hall, 1994
BOX 752 Gordone, Charles, Le Roi, undated
Greaves, Ben, Lady Beth, undated
Gurney, A. R., The Perfect Party, 1985
Hammond, Diana, Princess Daisy, 1983
(2 folders)
Hampton, Christopher, Tales from Hollywood, 1982
Hanley, William, Little Gloria...Happy at Last, 1982
Hauben, Lawrence, and Bo Goldman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1974
BOX 753 Hunter, Evan, Dream West, 1984
(3 folders)
Hunter, Thomas O'D., Softly Walks the Beast, 1981
Jacker, Corinne, After the Season, undated
Jacobs, J. T., Ice Milk, undated
BOX 754 Kamm, Joseph, undated
Kibber, Roland, and Dean Hargrove, McCoy, undated
Kretzmer, Herbert, Our Man Crichton, 1965, undated For additional material see Container 755 , Muller, Robert
Larson, Glen A., and Lou Shaw, “Quincy,” 1975
Lawrence, Anthony, “John Aaron Scott, Attorney for the Defense,” 1974
Levitt, Saul, Lincoln, undated
Maher, Stephen, Home, undated
Mandelberg, Cynthia, Selma, Lord, Selma, 1980
Mason, Clifford, The Veranda, undated
BOX 755 Matura, Mustapha, Trinidad Sisters, 1988
Muller, Robert, and Herbert Kretzmer, Nana, undated
Pearson, Sybille, Sally and Marsha, undated
Peckinpah, David E., Golden Moment, 1980
Peterson, Don, Troubled Times, 1973
Phillips, Lynn, The Greensback Room, 1976
Pinero, Arthur W., The Magistrate, undated
BOX 756 Polanski, Roman, and Gerard Brach, The Tenant, undated
Rees, Marian, Downstairs at Steinway, 1983
Rice, Susan, Love 30, undated
Rowdon, Maurice, Christophe, undated
Rubin, Donald, Friends, undated
Samuelson, Arnold, With Hemingway, 1984
Saroyan, William, Don't Go Away Mad, 1949, undated
Segal, Erich, Second Thoughts, 1973
Specht, Robert, Gemini, 1976
BOX 757 Stetson, Jeff, Fraternity, 1990
Taylor, David, Traces, 1981
Thimmesch, Nick, General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr.: An American Hero, 1978
Thom, Robert, Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1977
Torrey, Marjorie, Victoria, undated
Turbeville, Ron, Skeeter Magee, undated
Whitmore, Stanford, Officer Singer Needs Help, undated
BOX 758 Wilson, August, Seven Guitars, 1996
Yosha, Yaky, and Yoram Kaniuk, Adam Resurrected, 1979
Zindel, Paul, Ladies at the Alamo, 1976
Unidentified, undated
(2 folders)
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