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James P. McGranery and Regina Clark McGranery papers, 1909-1975

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Office Files, 1930-1974 (continued)
U.S. District Judge, 1930-1953 (continued)
Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover, 1946-1953 See also Formerly Classified
Federal Communications Commission, 1947-1950
Folsom, Frank M., 1949-1951
Foreign circulars
Fox, M. James, 1939-1952
Fraternal Order of Police, 1950-1951
BOX 55 "G" miscellaneous
Gallagher, Joseph F., 1946-1952
Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank Fiduciary Review, 1950-1951
"H-I" miscellaneous
BOX 56 Immaculata College, Immaculata, Pa., 1944-1953
Immigration and naturalization and visa extensions, 1947-1952
"J" miscellaneous
J. Russell Young School of Expression, 1945-1948
Johnson, Louis, United States v. U.S. Cartridge Co., 1952
Judge's pension and/or retirement proposals, 1949-1952
Judicial Conferences of the Third Judicial Circuit, 1946-1952
Jupiter Island Club, Hobe Sound, Fla., 1951
BOX 57 Juristic Society, 1947
Examination of jury panel by Judge Thomas J. Clary, 1950
Grand jury, remarks to, 1947-1952
Lists and report of administrative costs, 1947-1952
Selection of jurors in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Justice Department, 1946
Juvenile delinquency, 1946-1949
"K" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Knights of Columbus, 1947-1951
BOX 58 "L" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1946-1952
Law, Frank, 1948-1950
Lawyers' changes of address
Lawyers' Club of Philadelphia, Pa., 1946-1952
Laymen's Week-end Retreat League, Malvern, Pa., 1947-1952
Lefton, Al Paul, 1947-1951
Legal Aid Society of Philadelphia, Pa., 1951
BOX 59 "M" miscellaneous
McCarran, Pat, 1949-1951
McColloch, Claude, 1948-1951
McCormack, John W., 1948-1951
McGranery, James P.
Induction into office, 1946
BOX 60 Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, 1947
La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pa., honorary degree, 1951
Private Chamberlain of the Cape and Sword, 1951
McShain, John, 1948-1952
McShea, Joseph M., 1952
Manhattan Club, New York, N.Y., 1948-1952
Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, Purchase, N.Y., 1951-1952
Matthews, Francis P., 1951
"N" miscellaneous
Narcotics, 1951
National Catholic Welfare Conference, 1951
National Freedom Day, 1949
Naturalization, 1946-1950
"O" miscellaneous
O'Connor, Martin J., 1950-1952
O'Hara, John F., 1951-1952
"P" miscellaneous
BOX 61 Pasteur Society, 1951-1952
Paul Revere Messages, 1949-1950, undated
Pennsylvania Bar Association, 1946-1951
Pennsylvania Company for Banking and Trusts, 1946-1950
Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association, 1950-1952
Perlman, Philip B., 1952
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, 1947-1952
Philadelphia, Pa., Boosters Association, 1949-1951
Philadelphia, Pa., Bulletin Forum, 1948-1950
Philadelphia, Pa., Club of Printing House Craftsmen, 1947-1951
Philadelphia, Pa., Electrotypers' and Finishers Union No. 72, 1944-1952
Philadelphia, Pa., Federal Bar Association, 1949-1951
Pope Pius XII, 1947-1951
Prentice-Hall, inc., 1947-1952
Probation office reports and correspondence, 1947-1952
Provident Trust Co. of Philadelphia, Pa., 1949-1951
Pryor, Samuel F., 1947-1951
BOX 62 "Q-R" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Randall, John S.
Receipts, 1943-1952
Reciprocity Club of Philadelphia, 1950-1951
Reynolds & Co., 1951-1952
Roman Catholic High School Alumni Association, Philadelphia, Pa., 1947-1951
"S" miscellaneous
St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1951
St. Thomas More Society, 1950
Shipley, Ruth H., 1947-1951
Sokolsky, George E., 1950
BOX 63 "T" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1946-1952
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1951
Tobey, Charles W., 1952
Truman, Harry S., 1950-1952
"U" miscellaneous
United States Commissioners for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
United States District Court employees
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., 1947-1948
"V" miscellaneous
Vaughan, Harry H., 1949
Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 1949-1951
BOX 64 "W" miscellaneous
Wechsler, Herbert, 1946-1952
West Publishing Co., 1947-1951
Whalen, Francis D., 1948
"Y-Z" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 65-85 U.S. Attorney General, 1948-1955
Correspondence, congratulations, and subject file. Arranged by type of file and thereunder alphabetically by name of correspondent or subject.
BOX 65 General correspondence
(6 folders)
BOX 66 C
(3 folders)
Crank letters
(3 folders)
BOX 67 D-Fol See also Formerly Classified
(4 folders)
BOX 68 For-H See also Formerly Classified
(7 folders)
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