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BOX I:1-3 Part I: Diaries and Appointment Books, 1923-1980
Appointment books, diaries, and diary notes containing occasional literary and miscellaneous notes, an unidentified diary kept during Rukeyser's 1936 trip to Spain, and Denise Levertov's diary of her 1972 trip to Hanoi.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:1 Diaries and appointment books
1923-1936, 1944-1967
(9 folders)
BOX I:2 1966-1980
(8 folders)
BOX I:3 Levertov, Denise, diary of trip to Hanoi, North Vietnam, 1972
BOX I:3 Unidentified, 1936, July 9-30
BOX I:3 Part I: Family Papers, 1926-1980
Letters sent and received including correspondence of family members and miscellaneous items and enclosures.
Arranged alphabetically by name of family member and chronologically therein.
BOX I:3 Collins, Glyn (husband), 1945, undated
Rukeyser, Flora Lyons (aunt and stepmother), 1944-1965, undated
Rukeyser, Lawrence and Myra Lyons (father and mother), 1926-1957, undated
Rukeyser, Allison and William Laurie (daughter-in-law and son)
Correspondence, 1950-1980, undated
Miscellany, 1956-1961, 1971-1976, undated
Rukeyser family members, 1962-1978, undated
Sussman, Frances Rukeyser and Leonard (sister and brother-in-law), 1935-1979, undated
BOX I:3-16 Part I: General Correspondence, 1931-1980
Letters received, copies of letters sent, postcards, telegrams, and miscellaneous items and enclosures.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and chronologically therein.
BOX I:3 Academy of American Poets, 1977-1978
American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, 1977-1979
Arenal, Electa, 1978-1979
BOX I:4 "A" miscellaneous, 1933-1979, undated
Balaban, John, 1972-1976, undated
Beck, Maeve, 1971-1973
Berg, Jan, 1977-1979
Berg, Steve, 1973-1979
Berge, Carol, 1971, undated
Berger, Elizabeth, 1964-1979
Bernikow, Louise, 1978, undated
Biddle, Katherine, 1963-1978, undated
Blanding, Henriette de S. See Containers I:7 and II:2, Lehman, B. H. and Henriette Blanding
Blumenfeld, Sylvan, 1971-1973
Boch, Otto, 1936-1938, undated
Boyle, Kay, 1968-1979, undated
Bush, Clive, 1972-1979, undated
"B" miscellaneous, 1939-1980, undated
(2 folders)
Caldwell, Katherine, 1971-1975
Carr, Virginia S., 1970-1974
Carter, Dan, 1966
Cerney, Isobel M., 1937-1946, undated
Chevalier, H. M., 1950-1975, undated
BOX I:5 Chute, Joy and Marchette, 1971-1977, undated
Ciardi, John, 1951-1978
Clark, Eleanor See Container I:13, Warren, Eleanor Clark and Robert Penn
Cobb, Edith, undated
Coe, Elizabeth, 1968-1974, undated
Cooper, Jane, 1969-1978, undated
Costain, Thomas B., 1941, 1951
Cowley, Malcolm, 1969-1971
Cunningham, Imogen, 1950-1978
Curtis Brown, Ltd., 1939-1959
"C" miscellaneous, 1936-1979, undated
Dalziel, Donna, 1971-1974
Davis, Christopher, 1964-1972
Davis, Hallie Flanagan, 1936-1964, undated
Deutsch, Babette, 1944-1978
Dolci, Danilo, 1972-1975, undated
Doubleday and Co., inc., 1946-1976, undated
"D" miscellaneous, 1935-1979, undated
Eberhart, Betty and Richard, 1946-1979, undated
Edelman, Elaine, 1971-1979, undated
Edmiston, James, 1943-1947, undated
Eidlitz, Elizabeth, 1971-1972
Eisler, Miriam, 1952-1978, undated
Engler, Robert, 1972-1978, undated
BOX I:6 "E" miscellaneous, 1933-1979, undated
Feibleman, Peter S., 1966-1969, undated
Feminist Press, 1971-1977
Field, Sara Bard, 1947-1955, undated
Fong, Monique, 1969-1977, undated
Fox, Siv Cedering, 1976-1979
Fried, John H. E., 1978-1979
"F" miscellaneous, 1947-1979, undated
Gabriel, Daniel, 1968-1980
Gardening Centre Ltd., Brentford, Great Britain, 1970
Gascó, Jacques, 1937
Geiger, Nicola, 1975-1979, undated
Gontarek, Leonard, 1973-1974, undated
Goodman, Nikolai, 1976-1978
Gould, Jean, 1969-1977
Gregory, Horace and Marya Zaturenska, 1971-1972, undated See also Container I:15, Zaturenska, Marya
Gresham, Philip, 1952-1978, undated
Griffith, Anne and Richard, 1966-1969, undated
"G" miscellaneous, 1952-1956, 1963-1980, undated
Halpern, Daniel, undated
Harper & Row, Publishers, 1954-1979, undated
Harrault, Jeannine, undated
Hartmann, René R., 1978-1980
Hegt, Saskia N., 1978-1979, undated
Heinemann, Katherine, 1972-1979
BOX I:7 Heriot, Elizabeth and Mary, 1968-1979
"H" miscellaneous, 1940-1945, 1951-1979, undated
"I" miscellaneous, 1958, 1965, 1972-1980, undated
Jablonower, Joseph, 1940, undated
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1962-1975
"J" miscellaneous, 1942-1979, undated
Koblick, Freda, 1949-1979, undated
Koenigsberg, Lisa, undated
Kroll, Fredric, 1972-1978
"K" miscellaneous, 1942-1979, undated
Langley, Robin, 1942-1968, undated
Lasky, Cynthia, 1977-1978
Laughlin, James, 1939-1973
Lehman, B. H. and Henriette Blanding, 1950-1971, undated
Levertov, Denise, 1964-1978, undated
Library of Congress, 1942-1975, undated
Little, Brown and Co., 1951-1972
Lynd, Helen Merrell and Staughton
1955-1973, June
BOX I:8 1973, July-1979, undated
(3 folders)
Lyons, Richard, 1965, 1971, undated
"L" miscellaneous, 1944-1979, undated
Malanga, Gerard, 1969-1973
Mansell, Kathryn, 1959, undated
Marshall, Betty and George, 1950-1979, undated
Marshall, James, 1967-1979
Marshall, Lenore G., 1954-1977, undated
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