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Edgar Ansel Mowrer Papers, 1910-1970 (continued)
Speech, Article, and Book File, 1914-1970 (continued)
BOX 70 1950-1959 See also Oversize
BOX 71 Book reviews
Movie script
Opera libretto
BOX 72 College papers
Radio broadcasts, 1944-1945, undated
Television programs
Miscellaneous writings
BOX 73 Books
Challenge and Decision (1950)
BOX 74 Chapter background
(5 folders)
BOX 75 (7 folders)
BOX 76 (5 folders)
BOX 77 (6 folders)
BOX 78 (7 folders)
BOX 79 (1 folder)
(3 folders)
BOX 80 Drafts
(4 folders)
BOX 81 An End to Make-Believe (1961)
(5 folders)
BOX 82 (6 folders)
Global War (1942), reviews
A Good Time to Be Alive (1959)
(1 folder)
BOX 83 (7 folders)
BOX 84 (2 folders)
"Murder and Mufti"
The Nightmare of American Foreign Policy (1948)
(4 folders)
BOX 85 (10 folders)
BOX 86 (8 folders)
BOX 87 (6 folders)
BOX 88 Sinon (1930)
"Soldiers of the Third Italy"
Triumph and Turmoil (1970)
(7 folders)
BOX 89 (9 folders)
BOX 90 (9 folders)
BOX 91 (9 folders)
BOX 92 (6 folders)
BOX 93 (7 folders)
BOX 94 (7 folders)
BOX 95 (7 folders)
BOX 96 (6 folders)
Unpublished manuscript
BOX 97 Miscellany
Biographical papers, photographs, printed matter, and other material.
Grouped by type of material.
BOX 97 Biographical material
Financial records
Printed matter
Scrapbooks See Oversize
BOX 98-130 Lilian T. Mowrer Papers, 1936-1969
BOX 98-101 General Correspondence, 1936-1965
Letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX 98 Acheson, Dean
"A" miscellaneous
Barkley, Alben William
Berlin, Isaiah
Best, Marshall A.
Blatnick, John A.
Bolton, Frances P.
Brannan, Charles F.
Bryant, Arthur
Burton, Harold H.
Butler, Hugh
"B" miscellaneous
Cafritz, Gwendolyn
Cavin, Patty
Canfield, Cass
Cannon, Clarence
Chavez, Dennis
Chesney, Chester A.
Cousins, Norman
Cowley, Malcolm
"C" miscellaneous
Davies, A. Powell
Donnell, Forest C.
Dorn, William Jennings Bryan
Doughton, Robert L.
Douglas, Helen Gahagan
Douglas, Paul Howard
Duell, Charles
“D” miscellaneous
Elliston, Herbert
Estabrook, Robert H.
“E” miscellaneous
Fahey, Charles
Farrar, John
Ford, Gerald R.
Fulbright, J. William
"F" miscellaneous
Gearhart, Bertrand W.
Gillette, Guy M.
Gold, Bill
"G" miscellaneous
BOX 99 Harriman, Florence Jaffray Hurst
Hatch, Carl A.
Hayes, Patrick
Hill, Lister
Hobson, Thayer
Hoffman, Paul G.
Hulme, Harold
"H-I" miscellaneous
Jackson, Donald L.
Johnson, Nelson Truslow
"J" miscellaneous
Kean, Robert W.
Knutson, Harold
Krock, Arthur
"K" miscellaneous
La Follette, Robert M.
Lewis, Fulton
Lindsay, Malonia
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