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Philip Roth papers, 1938-2001

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Writings File, 1944-2001 (continued)
“My Life As a Boy,” New York Times Book Review See Container 91, same heading
“Nature Boy,” Cosmopolitan See Container 231, Excerpt
“The New Jewish Stereotypes” (essay), American Judaism, 1961
For “The Sex Fiend,” “The Last Jew,” and others, 1962-1964
Miscellany, 1963
“Novotny's Pain” (story), The New Yorker, 1962
“On the Air” (story), New American Review, 1970
Copy A
Copy B
Copy C
Copy D
Copy E
Miscellaneous pages
BOX 247 Notes
“The Phenomenon of Alienation Is Not Approved from Above,” Partisan Review See Container 232, Excerpt
“Philip Roth Enters the Gentile World: An Autobiographical Vignette,” Moment See Container 91, same heading
“Philip Roth Talks to Teens” (essay), Seventeen, 1963
“Philip Roth Tells about When She Was Good” (essay), Literary Guild Magazine, 1967
“Pictures of Malamud” (essay), New York Times Book Review, 1986
“The Psychoanalytic Special” (story), Esquire, 1963
“Recollections from Beyond the Last Rope” (essay), Harper's, 1959
“Salad Days,” Modern Occasions See Container 155, same heading
“The Sex Fiend” (uncompleted story), 1954-1966
“Smart Money,” New Yorker See Container 243, Excerpts
“The Sorrows of Jaga,” Vogue See Container 62, Excerpts
“Speaking of Books: Seasons of Discontent” (review), New York Times Book Review, 1965
“The Student of Desire,” See Container 200, same heading
“A Success Story” (story), [1960]
“Susan,” Esquire See Container 155, same heading
“Totem and Taboo,” Soho Square See Container 91, same heading
“Ultimatum,” The New Yorker See Container 219, Excerpts
“Whacking Off,” Partisan Review See Container 188, same heading
“Writing about Jews” (essay/speech), Commentary, 1962-1964
(2 folders)
“Writing American Fiction” (essay/speech), Esquire symposium, 1960-1961
“Zuckerman Unbound,” Playboy See Container 243, Excerpts
Untitled, Esquire See Container 111, Excerpts
Untitled, Harper's See Container 200, same heading
BOX 248 Interviews and discussions, 1962-1987, 1998-2000, undated
(5 folders)
Acceptance speeches, 1960, 1988-2001
Letters to editors, 1954-1984, undated
Others, 1967-1986, undated
Plays, screenplays, and adaptations
“Buried Again” (one-act play), 1964
Copy A
BOX 249 Copy B
Copy C
Copy D
Copy E
Copy F
The Cherry Orchard, by Anton Chekhov (revised by Roth) 1969, 1981
“A Coffin in Egypt” (television play)
Copy A, undated
Copy B, 1959, Aug. 24
Copy C, undated
BOX 250 Copy D, 1959, Oct. 7
Copy E, undated
Copy F, undated
Copy G, 1959, Oct. 28
Notes and miscellaneous pages, undated
“The Fishwife” (one-act play), drafts
Second, 1964, May
Third, 1964, Dec. 16
Fourth, undated
Fifth, undated
Final, undated
The Ghost Writer See Container 98, Adaptation
“Greed, or the Egomaniacs” (play), undated
“Grimes Case” (movie scenario), 1963
BOX 251 Letting Go See Container 141, Adaptation
“The Nice Jewish Boy” (play)
Early versions
Copy A, 1963
Copy B, undated
(3 folders)
Copy C, undated
Copy D, undated
Later versions
Copy A, undated
Copy B, undated
Copy C, undated
Copy D, undated
BOX 252 Copy E, undated
Copy F, undated
Copy G, 1965, May
Copy H, undated
Copy I, undated
Copy J, undated
Copy K, undated
BOX 253 Copy L, undated
Copy M, undated
Miscellaneous pages, undated
Notes, undated
“The Penetrator” (unproduced movie), undated
The Prague Orgy See Containers 190-191, Adaptation
“The Pregnant Wife” (television play), undated
“Three by Roth” (plays adapted by Larry Arrick), undated
“A Woman in the House” (television series), with Alfred Alvarez, undated
BOX 254-255 Miscellany, 1939-1999
Appointment books, blueprints, clippings, photographs, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX 254 Appointment books, 1977-1987
Blueprints of real estate in Connecticut, 1980 See Oversize
(20 folders)
BOX 255 1970-1997, undated
(11 folders)
Mailing lists and guests lists, 1967-1993, undated
(2 folders)
Photographs, 1939, 1962, 1978, undated
Printed matter, 1949-1999, undated
(2 folders)
BOX OV 1-OV 5 Oversize, 1980-1997
Correspondence, book drafts, and blueprints.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Correspondence file
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