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Part I: Fola La Follette Papers, 1781-1970 (continued)
Financial Records, 1929-1970 (continued)
BOX I:E139 Personal
(11 folders)
BOX I:E140 1966-1970
(13 folders)
BOX I:E141 Bank statements and canceled checks, 1960-1970
(9 bundles)
BOX I:E142 (5 bundles)
BOX I:E143-E150 Printed Matter, 1879-1969
Books, plays, programs, radio scripts, pamphlets, and leaflets.
Arranged by type of material and alphabetically or thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:E143 Books
(4 folders)
BOX I:E144 (5 folders)
BOX I:E145 Plays
(7 folders)
BOX I:E146 Programs
(26 folders)
BOX I:E147 1960-1966, undated
(6 folders)
American Story, radio series, 1958
High Mowing School, Wilton, N. H., bulletins and brochure, 1953-1969
BOX I:E148 Pamphlets and leaflets
(40 folders)
BOX I:E149 L-N
(37 folders)
BOX I:E150 O-W
(33 folders)
BOX I:E151-E161 Miscellany, 1897-1970
Personal writings, engagement calendars, notes, and clippings.
Grouped by type of material or subject.
BOX I:E151 Writings by Fola La Follette, 1897-1954, undated
(27 folders)
BOX I:E152 Engagement calendars, 1931-1967
BOX I:E153 Notes, personal material, and will
(25 folders)
BOX I:E154 Russia trip, 1928, undated
(12 folders)
BOX I:E155 Memorials, tributes, and resolutions concerning Robert M. La Follette, Sr., 1925-circa 1957
(22 folders)
BOX I:E156 Inventories
(7 folders)
Articles and statements by friends
(16 folders)
BOX I:E157 “Portrait in Isolationism: The La Follettes and Foreign Policy, “ by Alan E. Kent, dissertation, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1956
BOX I:E158 Index of library of Fola La Follette and George Middleton
BOX I:E159 General material, A-W
(39 folders)
BOX I:E160 Clippings
(36 folders)
BOX I:E161 1950-1970, undated
(24 folders)
BOX I:F1-F2 Part I: Philip Fox La Follette Papers, 1911-1971
Letters received and sent, diary and journal entries, newspaper clippings, school and university papers, notes, proclamations, and statements.
Arranged by type of material. Correspondence is grouped in a chronological general file and an alphabetical special file.
BOX I:F1 Diary
General, 1911-1971, undated
(4 folders)
Photograph request file, B-W, 1914-1918
Barlow, Anna Maria Heywood Denman, Lady, 1918, 1924
Bernstorff, Johann-Heinrich, 1916
Blaine, John J., 1920
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1916
Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925), 1914
Clapp, Analoyce, 1966
Colcord, Lincoln, 1920
Colean, Miles L., 1918-1920
Evjue, William Theodore, 1929
Farrington, Joseph R., 1918-1920
Fairbank, Lorena King (Mrs. Arthur B.), 1920
Fox, Phillip, 1911
Frankfurter, Felix, 1918
Gale, Zona, 1918
Hannan, John J., 1918-1919
Harris, Frank, 1918
Hornbeck, Stanley K., 1965
Keating, Edward, 1920
Kemp-Hopper, Rosamund, 1916-1919
Kemp-Hopper, T., 1914-1915
Link, Carl, 1919
Lynch, Grace C., 1922-1925
BOX I:F2 MacDonald, James Ramsay, 1917-1918
MacKenzie, Fred W., 1917
Mackenzie, Nellie Dunn (Mrs. Fred W.)
Manly, Basil Maxwell, 1927
Meyers, Paul D., 1918-1919
Pringle, Henry F., 1930
Roe, Gilbert E., 1920, 1926
Rubin, Morris H., 1959
Stevens, E. Ray, 1925
Van Hise, Charles R., 1912-1914
Volstead, Laura, 1920, undated
Wood, Alice, 1918-1920
Wurlitzer, Raymond B. (“Bugs”), 1918-1920
School and university papers
(3 folders)
Notes, proclamations, and statements
Speeches, printed, 1931-1944
BOX I:G1 Part I: Mary Josephine La Follette Papers, 1924-1971
Correspondence, reports, financial records, and printed matter.
Organized by type of material.
BOX I:G1 Correspondence
Condolence letters
Death of Robert M. Follette, Jr., 1953
(2 folders)
Death of Fola La Follette, 1970
(2 folders)
General, 1946-1971
Reference letters, 1947-1966
Lynch, Grace C., 1954
Roe, Gwyneth K. (“Netha”) (Mrs. Gilbert E.), 1924-1926
Voigt, William R., 1952
Reports, 1946-1948
BOX I:H1-H19 Part I: Gilbert E. Roe Papers, 1887-1961
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