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Part I: Gilbert E. Roe Papers, 1887-1961 (continued)
BOX I:H13-H14 Speech and Article File, 1898-1929
Typed and printed copies of speeches and articles.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by title or topic.
BOX I:H13 Articles
1906, “The Gospel of Wealth” by Andrew Carnegie, letter to the editor
1908, “Senator La Follette and Representative Government,” Independent, Apr. 2
(2 folders)
1912, “The Truth about the Contests,” La Follette's Weekly Magazine, Aug.
“Repeal the Espionage Law,” Dial, Jan. 11
The Socialist Trial at Albany,” La Follette's Magazine, Apr.
“Gilbert E. Roe on the Espionage Act,” Woman Citizen, Nov. 20
“Why Senator La Follette Declined the Nomination”
1921, “Discriminations against Women in the Laws of New York”
1923, “One Cent Gas Raise Brings 40 Millions,” La Follette's Magazine, Nov.
1929, “Senator La Follette and the World War,” written for Belle Case La Follette in connection with biography of Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
(4 folders)
“The Case of James C. Garrison,” La Follette's Magazine
“Evils of Espionage”
“Pay American Claims and Return Property of German Nationals,” La Follette's Magazine, Dec.
“Supreme Court Progressivism”
“There Is Popular Dissatisfaction of the Courts”
BOX I:H14 Speeches
1898, party reform, Cronk's Opera House, Oregon, Wis., Nov. 4
1900, “Platform and Issues of 1900"
1905, “The Insurance Investigation and the Remedy for the Evils Disclosed,” Philosophical Society, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1908, “Domestic Relations,” American Correspondence School of Law, Chicago, Ill.
1910, Harman, Moses, tribute
circa 1911, “Railroad Taxation”
Enfranchisement of women, Albany, N.Y., Mar. 12
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), and the courts, notes
“The Recall of Judges,” Academy of Political Science, New York, N.Y.
“Roosevelt on Direct Primaries”
“Argument... before the Judiciary Committee of the Constitutional Convention,” on the election of judges, June 24
“Freedom of Assemblage,” American Sociological Society annual meeting, Princeton, N.J., Dec. 29
1917, free speech, First American Conference for Democracy in Terms of Peace, Garden Theater, New York, N.Y., May 31
1919, League of Nations
1920, Socialists, expulsion from New York state assembly, New Star Casino, New York, N.Y., and Morris High School, Bronx, N.Y., Sept. 9-10
1924, Judicial reform
1926-1929, La Follette, Robert M., Sr., tributes, address, and memorial
1928, endorsing presidential candidacy of Norman Thomas, “Thomas for President” Club, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., Nov. 2
Direct primaries
Equal suffrage
Espionage law
Free speech and Morris Hillquit
Free speech and the Post Office Department
Hugh Pentacost memorial address, notes
“India and the Menace of British Imperialism,” Eamonn De Valera dinner, New York, N.Y.
“Is the Right of Free Speech in Danger in America?” Liberal Club, New York, N.Y.
Legal profession, New York, N.Y.
“Maintain the Socialist Press”
“Reconstruction after the War”
“Referendum and Recall”
“Social Justice and the Courts”
The Constitution and home rule
“The Right of Suffrage” by Gwyneth K. (“Netha”) Roe (Mrs. Gilbert E.)
BOX I:H15-H18 Printed Matter, 1887-1927
Pamphlets, magazines, journals, and clippings.
Organized by type of material and arranged thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:H15 Pamphlets, magazines, and journals
(17 folders)
BOX I:H16 1917-1927, undated
(18 folders)
BOX I:H17 Proceedings and book
BOX I:H18 Clippings, 1899-1936, undated
(20 folders)
BOX I:H19 Miscellany, 1901-1929
(41 folders)
Speeches, articles, memoranda, and other miscellaneous material.
BOX I:I1 Part I: Alfred Thomas Rogers Papers, 1900-1928
Correspondence and campaign notes.
Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of person and thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:I1 Campaign notes and schedule, 1901
General, A-W
(21 folders)
Adams, Henry C., 1906
Blaine, John J., 1914
Borchsensius, George V., 1900-1901
Brown, Webster E., 1901
Cochems, Henry F., 1900-1901
Corrigan, Walter D., 1906
Dahlman, Louis A., 1900-1906
De Bower, Edward W., 1906
Dithmar, Edward F., 1906
Dunn, Nellie, 1906, 1912
Edmonds, E. A., 1900-1901
Ekern, Herman Lewis, 1906
Fox, Philip, 1902
Gittings, C. C., 1901-1914
Green, Harrison S., 1906
Kronsage, Theodore, 1906
La Follette, Belle Case, 1906
La Follette, Charles Sumner, 1905-1906
La Follette, Fred O., 1905
La Follette, Guy E., 1901
La Follette, Robert M., Sr.
La Follette, William T., 1900-1906
Lamoreux, C. W., 1901-1906
Lenroot, Irvine Luther, 1902-1906
McGee, Charles A. A., 1900-1906
Murphy, Jerre C., 1905
O'Leary, Paul A., 1928
Strange, John, 1900-1903
Walker, Samuel T., 1900-1902
BOX I:J1-J140 Part I: National Progressive Republican League Records, 1911-1912
BOX I:J1-J110 Political Correspondence, 1911-1912
Letters sent and received, chiefly correspondence of Walter L. Houser.
Arranged alphabetically by name of state, territory, or country and thereunder by name of individual.
BOX I:J1 Alabama
BOX I:J2 California
BOX I:J3 Dow-I
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