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Part I: National Progressive Republican League Records, 1911-1912 (continued)
BOX I:J115-J118 Financial Records, 1911-1912
Invoices, bills, check stubs, and canceled checks.
Arranged by type of material or name of institution.
BOX I:J115 Adams Express Co.
(2 folders)
Andrews Stationery Co.
Capital News Co.
Catalia Spring Water Co.
C. & P. Telephone Co.
Dunster, George H.
Edmonston Studio
Evans, Daniel S.
Fowler Manufacturing Co.
Gertman, Leo A.
Harris and Ewing
Holtzclaw, W. B.
Interstate Commerce Commission
Journal Newspaper Co.
Kansas City Star
Lamb & Tilden
Lanman Engraving Co.
Mathers-Lamn Paper Co.
Maurice Joyce Engraving Co.
Moore, Thomas P.
Morrison Paper Co.
Morrison Stationery Co.
Moses and Sons
National Publishing Co.
National Supply Co.
BOX I:J116 Newspapers
O'Bryon Sign Co.
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.
Public printer
Remington Typewriter Co.
Roberts Co.
Rotary Photogravure Co.
Smith and Bros.
Southern Printers Supply Co.
Stenographers' Exchange
Taylor, E. P.
Thurston and Brown
Towles Studio
Typewriter and Office Supply Co.
Underwood Typewriter Co.
United States Express Co.
Western Union
Willards Hotel Co.
Wylie, Fred M., receipts
(2 folders)
Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Co.
BOX I:J117 Bids for printing
Check stubs
BOX I:J118 Canceled checks
BOX I:J119-J140 Card File
Address cards. Includes an index for the State File with abstracts of some of the letters.
Grouped chiefly by name of person and name of state and thereunder alphabetically.
BOX I:J119 Addresses
BOX I:J120 Bri-Cro
BOX I:J121 Cru-Fo
BOX I:J122 Fr-Heh
BOX I:J123 Hei-Ke
BOX I:J124 Ki-McM
BOX I:J125 McN-Os
BOX I:J126 Ou-Sam
BOX I:J127 San-Tho
BOX I:J128 Thr-Z
BOX I:J129 Clubs, Alabama-Wisconsin
BOX I:J130 States
Alabama-Illinois, Twelfth District
BOX I:J131 Illinois, Thirteenth District-Iowa, Seventh District
BOX I:J132 Iowa, Eighth District-Massachusetts
BOX I:J133 Michigan-New York, Thirty-first District
BOX I:J134 New York, Thirty-second District-North Dakota
BOX I:J135 Ohio-Pennsylvania, Ninth District
BOX I:J136 Pennsylvania, Tenth District-South Dakota, Second District
BOX I:J137 South Dakota, Third District-Washington
BOX I:J138 Miscellaneous addresses
BOX I:J139 Letter index
BOX I:J140 D.C. News Bureau request file
BOX I:OV 1-OV 22 Part I: Oversize, 1913-1945
Blueprints, broadsides, cartoons, certificates, clippings, galleys, maps, notes, printed material, scrapbooks, and wall charts.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX I:OV 1 Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Papers
Printed matter
La Follette's Magazine
1913-1914 (Container I:B271)
(2 vols.)
BOX I:OV 2 1915-1918 (Container I:B271)
(4 vols.)
BOX I:OV 3 1919-1922 (Container I:B271)
(4 vols.)
BOX I:OV 4 1923-1925 (Container I:B271)
(4 vols.)
BOX I:OV 5 Miscellany
Blueprints (Container I:B311)
Broadsides (Container I:B311)
Cartoons (Container I:B311)
Certificates (Container I:B311)
Diplomas (Container I:B311)
Galley proofs, Minnesota speech, 1917 (Container I:B311)
Newspapers and clippings (Container I:B312)
(1 folder)
(1 vol.)
Printed matter (Container I:B314)
BOX I:OV 8 Wall charts
Silk production, 1914-1919 (Container I:B314)
BOX I:OV 9 War costs, 1920-1921 (Container I:B314)
BOX I:OV 10 Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Papers
Senate office file
Special case file
Tariff Bill of 1930, Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
Printed matter, including statements and speeches (Container I:C457)
BOX I:OV 11 Speeches and writings file
Speeches and articles
1945, May 31, foreign policy, Senate speech
Maps (Container I:C564)
BOX I:OV 12 Progressive (magazine)
Bound volumes
La Follette's Magazine and the Progressive
1925-1929 (Container I:C605)
BOX I:OV 13 1929, Dec.-1932 (Container I:C605)
BOX I:OV 14 Progressive
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