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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Papers, 1844-1925 (continued)
BOX I:B210-B249 Speeches and Writings File, 1879-1925
Holograph and typed drafts of speeches, editorials, and articles.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by title, subject, or location. Also bound copies of addresses by La Follette, Sr., before the Wisconsin legislature and the United States Senate arranged chronologically, and a draft of his autobiography.
BOX I:B210 1879
“The Home” and the vagrancy question, Sun Prairie, Wis.
“Iago,” Inter-State Oratorical Contest, Iowa City, Iowa, May 7
“Opinion of the Press,” on “Iago” speech
1883, “The Locality Cry in Dane County,” on the gubernatorial candidacy of H. A. Taylor
Accepting congressional nomination, Dodgeville, Wis., Sept. 9
Congressional campaign and Willet Main
Memorial Day address, C. C. Washburn Post, Grand Army of the Republic, Madison [?], Wis., [May?]
1885, tribute to Ulysses S. Grant, July
1886, “Address to Howard University Law Class,” Washington, D.C., May 31
1888, Tariff Acts of 1846 and 1857, United States House of Representatives, July 14
1889, Republican Party
1890, tariff, United States House of Representatives, May 10
1890-1900, Hamlet lectures
(9 folders)
BOX I:B211 (4 folders)
“Dangers to Representative Government,” Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 24
“The Menace of the Political Machine,” University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., Feb. 22
1897-1899, primary election reform
“Primary Elections for the Nomination of All Candidates by Australian Ballot,” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., Mar. 12
Tribute to Samuel A. Harper
Acceptance of gubernatorial nomination
Campaign, Schlitz Park, Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 19
“Samuel Albert Harper,” Dane County Bar Association
Grand Army of the Republic speech
Inaugural message to the Wisconsin legislature
Address at the Sixth Annual Conference of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Address before the Wisconsin Agricultural Society
Chautauqua lectures, notes, schedule, and contract
(2 folders)
Tribute to Hester Harper
BOX I:B212 1904
Address at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., June 7
Address to members of the Wisconsin State Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition on “Wisconsin Day,” St. Louis, Mo., June 29
Address to the Young Men's Christian Association, Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 6
Chautauqua lecture schedule
“Granger Legislation and State Control of Railway Rates,” Milton Junction, Wis., Jan. 29
Wisconsin Republican Party state convention
Legislative messages
General legislative matters, special session, Dec. 5
Railroad rates, Jan. and May 16
(2 folders)
Response to notification of election to United States Senate, with related material including certificate of election, Jan. 25
Water power
Apr. 12
Tribute to Albert R. Hall
Tribute to John Bascom
Appointment of [Perry?] Wilder
In support of Irvine Luther Lenroot's gubernatorial nomination, Milwaukee, Wis.
Introduction of Nicolay Grevstad
Investigation of buying, elevating, and forwarding grain, United States Senate, June 25
Regulation of railway rates, United States Senate, Apr. 19-21
“What Is Wrong with Politics and Government,” Apr.
1907, government, Connorsville, Ind., Mar. 12
BOX I:B213 1908
Adoption of Aldrich-Vreeland Conference Report regarding Aldrich-Vreeland currency bill, United States Senate, includes edited stenographic transcript of La Follette protest, May 29
pp. 1-499
(6 folders)
BOX I:B214 pp. 500-582
Miscellaneous notes
Amendment to national banking law, United States Senate, Mar. 17-27
Campaign material, notes, and miscellany
Direct primary law
Election of William H. Taft (1857-1930), Nov. 4
Hours of service bill
Miscellaneous notes
Party platform statements
Eminent domain for municipalities
Employers' liability
Grain inspection
Income tax
Majority nominations
Public utility corporations, state regulation
Railroad rates
Stock watering
Trusts and combinations
Publication of La Follette's Weekly Magazine
1908-1916, 1922-1924, congressional remarks, list
circa 1908, “Hours of Service on Prussian Railways”
Congressional committee selection methods, United States Senate, Feb. 18
Direct primaries, Civic Forum, Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y., Mar. 13
Excessive rental costs for railway mail cars, United States Senate, Feb. 18
Tariff on zinc, United States Senate, May 7, June 16
“The Tariff,” United States Senate, June-July
“Declaration,” National Progressive Republican League
“Legal Status of Seamen,” United States Senate, May 19
“Memorandum on Some General Ideas about Proposed Series of Articles by Senator La Follette,” incomplete
Primary elections, Chicago Examiner, Jan. 24
Railway regulation, United States Senate, Apr. 12
Railway valuation, United States Senate, May 25-June 3
(2 folders)
“Alaska: The Nation's Storehouse,” United States Senate, Aug. 21
“Amend the Sherman Antitrust Law,” United States Senate, Aug. 19
“Call” to become candidate for Republican Party nomination for president as part of Progressive movement
BOX I:B215 “The Cotton Schedule,” United States Senate, Aug. 17
“Declaration of Principles” and “Constitution,” National Progressive Republican League
“Duties on Wool Provided in Conference Report,” United States Senate, Aug. 15
“Election of William Lorimer,” United States Senate, May-June
“The Indefensible Wool Schedule,” United States Senate, July 26
Lurton, Horace H., Jan.
On control of the government, New York World
“Practical Way to Revise Schedule K,” United States Senate, June 21
Progressive Republicans and Senate committee membership, United States Senate, Apr. 28
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