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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Papers, 1844-1925 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1879-1925 (continued)
“The Reciprocity of Blaine and McKinley,” United States Senate, July 21
“Sham Reciprocity and the Record of the Taft Administration,” United States Senate, July 13
“Standard Oil”
“Suggestions on Standard Oil Decision”
Tribute to John Bascom, Oct.
Acceptance speech of William H. Taft (1857-1930), June
Acceptance speech of Woodrow Wilson, June 2
Candidacy for Republican presidential nomination
Candidacy, review
“The Case of Mr. Roosevelt,” La Follette's Weekly, July 13
Introduction to Gilbert E. Roe's Our Judicial Oligarchy
North Dakota presidential primary campaign speeches, Mar. 13-18
(2 folders)
Political parties
Presidential campaign file, background material on candidates, chiefly Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), including notes and copies of correspondence
Progressive movement
Representative government, Orchestra Hall, Jan. 3
“Roosevelt and Reciprocity”
“Roosevelt and the Tariff”
“To the Republicans of North Dakota,” Mar.
’The Undermining of Democracy,” annual banquet of the Periodical Publishers' Association, Philadephia, Pa., Feb. 2
Women's suffrage
BOX I:B216 1913
Confidentiality of new ship construction
Earnings and hours worked of women employees in District of Columbia
Editorials in La Follette’s Weekly, list
Railroads and the Panama Canal
“The Seamen's Bill,” United States Senate, Oct. 2-28
(2 folders)
“The Seven-Year Fight for Physical Valuation of the Nation's Railroads”
“Why I Voted for the Tariff Bill,” La Follette's Weekly, Sept. 20
Bristow, Joseph L., La Follette ’s Magazine, July 13
“Congressman George M. Young”
Editorials in La Follette's Magazine, list
Editorials, miscellaneous
Election of Emanuel L. Philipp
“Honorable Joseph W. Folk on the Job,” La Follette's Magazine, May 23
“The House of Esau,” La Follette's Magazine, Oct. 24
“Make a Beginning, Gentlemen,” autumn
“A Man with an Issue,” La Follette's Magazine, May 30
“A Policy of Silence,” La Follette's Magazine, Mar. 14
“The Railroad Commission of Wisconsin and Emanuel L. Philipp,” La Follette's Magazine
Railroads, memoranda and notes
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), La Follette's Magazine
Travel on belligerent ships, United States Senate, Mar. 10
Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign, autumn
“Conference of Neutral Powers to Secure World Peace,” United States Senate, Feb. 12
Editorials in La Follette's Magazine, incomplete list
“Federal Trade Commission”
Establishment of a merchant marine, United States Senate
Immigrants, Oconomowoc, Wis., Dec. 30
Neutrality, La Follette's Magazine, Sept.
BOX I:B217 Philipp, Emanuel L., administration, transcript of extended dictation
Administration of law by courts
Commissioner George J. Weigle
Cost of state government
Crippling progressive government by admendment
Dairy and food department
(2 folders)
Industrial commission
Philipp's charges in campaign for nomination
Regulation of railroads and all public utilities
Tax commission
BOX I:B218 Miscellaneous notes
(2 folders)
Reactionary forces in Wisconsin and New York
Resignation of William Jennings Bryan, June
Shipping bill, United States Senate
Announcing candidacy for presidential nomination, Madison, Wis., Feb. 22
Carrier rates
“Congress Dodges Responsibility,” La Follette's Magazine, Mar.
“Congress Has a Right... in Declaring and Prescribing the Foreign Policy of the United States ,” United States Senate, Mar. 10
“Destruction of State Insurance”
Editorials in La Follette's Magazine, list
“Military and Naval Appropriations,” United States Senate, July 19-20
Patriotism, Mt. Vernon, Wis., May 6
Peace, Mt. Vernon, Wis., Arbor Day, [Apr. 28?]
Pre-convention speech, Madison, Wis., Feb. 22
Underwood Tariff bill [Sun Prairie, Wis., Aug. 14?]
Against declaration of war on Austria-Hungary
Against resolution declaring war
BOX I:B219 Armed ship bill
(4 folders)
Arming the merchant marine, United States, Feb.
Committee on Privileges and Elections, United States Senate, speech concerning hearings on the expulsion of La Follette, Sr., Oct. 16
Conscription, United States, Apr. 27
“Declaration of War Aims,” Dec.
“Financing the War,” La Follette's Magazine, Dec.
Food control bill, July
“Free Speech and the Rights of Congress to Declare the Objects of the War,” Oct. 6
Income tax, United States Senate, Aug. 21
The making of America
St. Paul, Minn., speech, Nonpartisan League, Municipal Auditorium, Sept. 20, and attempt to expel La Follette, Sr., from United States Senate
(2 folders)
BOX I:B220 (2 folders)
“A Statement”
Tribute to Harry Lane, United States Senate
“Where I Stand”
War financing, Dec.
War, free speech, and Congress
War revenue bill
“Increase Pay of Soldiers Who Are Required to Serve in Foreign Countries” and “Vital Votes on Taxation of Incomes and War Profits,” United States Senate, Sept. 10
Minority report, United States Senate, Aug. 13
“Statement to the Press,” Oct. 21
“Taxation of Surplus Incomes,” United States Senate, Aug. 21
“War Profits Tax,” United States Senate, Sept. 1
War, Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 23
“War with Germany,” United States Senate, Apr. 4
World War I
BOX I:B221 1918
“The Finance Bill,” La Follette's Magazine, Dec.
“Peace Terms,” La Follette's Magazine, Jan.
“Revenue Bill of 1918: Minority Views,” United States Senate, Dec. 6
Russia, notes on discussions with Raymond Robins, Aug.
War revenue bill, United States Senate
“The Wisconsin Primary,” La Follette's Magazine, Mar.
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