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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Papers, 1844-1925 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1879-1925 (continued)
Legislative messages
(3 vols.)
State regulation of railroad rates
“Argument in Opposition to the Contest of Robert M. La Follette ... for Seats in the National Republican Convention...”
“Argument of H. W. Chynoweth ... in Behalf of Robert M. La Follette”
“Notice and Statement in Behalf of ... Robert M. La Follette ...”
“Record Evidence ... Filed in Behalf of Robert M. La Follette ...”
BOX I:B234 1905
Legislative messages
(3 folders)
Railway regulation
Regulation of railroad rates
Senate journal, special session
BOX I:B235 1905-1909, personal record, 59th and 60th Congresses
1906-1919, addresses delivered in the United States Senate
(1 vol.)
BOX I:B236 (6 vols.)
BOX I:B237 1909, tariff
1909-1911, personal record, 61st Congress
BOX I:B238 1909-1912, miscellaneous bills and resolutions
1911-1913, personal record, 62nd Congress
BOX I:B239 1913-1915, personal record, 63rd Congress
Congressional Record, H.R. 20471, government ownership of electrical means of communication, letter from the postmaster general, hearing on H.R. 20471 in notebook form
Speech, United States Senate
BOX I:B240 1915-1917, personal record, 64th Congress
1917, against United States entry into the World War
1917-1918, hearings on expulsion, United States Senate
BOX I:B241 Personal record, 65th Congress
Personal record, 66th Congress
BOX I:B242 “The Railroad”
1921-1923, personal record, 67th Congress
BOX I:B243 1921-1923, bills and resolutions introduced by La Follette, 67th Congress
1921, remarks, Congressional Record, 67th Congress, 1st Session
1922, speeches, 67th Congress, 2d Session
1923-1925, personal record, 68th Congress
BOX I:B244 Autobiography
Chapters 1-7
(19 folders)
BOX I:B245 Chapters 8-13
(8 folders)
BOX I:B246 Revisions
(10 folders)
BOX I:B247 Chapter fragments, pp. 20-22, 47-686
(16 folders)
BOX I:B248 Galley and page proofs
(10 folders)
BOX I:B249 Miscellany
Contract with American Magazine
Copyright certificate
Draft pages lent to Ray Stannard Baker
House of Representatives service, draft
Inscriptions for gift copies
Memorandum relating to serial publication
Notes and captions
Photograph list
Portrait list
Sales records
Speech list
Unpublished pages
BOX I:B250-B262 Financial and Legal Records, 1879-1925
Correspondence, ledger, deeds, income tax statements, leases, mortgages, bills, receipts, canceled checks, briefs, trial transcripts, photographs, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX I:B250 Financial records
Bills and receipts
(20 folders)
BOX I:B251 1917-1924
(7 folders)
BOX I:B252 Canceled checks, 1918-1924
(4 folders)
Checkbooks, 1882-1925
BOX I:B253 Correspondence, 1881-1923
(4 folders)
Ledger, 1895-1897
Income tax statements
Insurance policies
BOX I:B254 Miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX I:B255 Legal records
Bacon v. Goodyear
Correspondence, 1885-1893
Case v. Hoffman
Correspondence, 1889-1895
(7 folders)
BOX I:B256 Briefs
(3 folders)
BOX I:B257 Transcripts
BOX I:B258 Finkelston v. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
La Follette v. Journal Printing Co. See also Container I:B64, Jones, Richard Lloyd
BOX I:B259 Otte v. McDonald
Schillinger v. Town of Verona
(4 folders)
BOX I:B260 (4 folders)
BOX I:B261 Transcripts
(3 folders)
State of Wisconsin v. Obrecht
Sturm v. Provident Fund Society
Zolesky v. Briggs Loading Co.
Exhibits, photographs
BOX I:B262 General correspondence, 1879-1898
(16 folders)
Letterbook, 1889-1893
(2 folders)
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