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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., Papers, 1844-1925 (continued)
BOX I:B263-B269 Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks, 1887-1925
Bound and unbound newspaper clippings, including typescripts of clippings.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:B263 Newspaper clippings
(13 folders)
BOX I:B264 1913-1915
(7 folders)
BOX I:B265 1916-1922
(9 folders)
BOX I:B266 1923-1925, undated
(8 folders)
BOX I:B267 Bound typescripts
BOX I:B268 Scrapbooks
(3 vols.)
BOX I:B269 1922-1924
(3 vols.)
BOX I:B270-B310 Printed Matter, circa 1844-1925
Bound copies of La Follette's Weekly Magazine and La Follette's Magazine, including the 1925 memorial edition, printed copies of presidential addresses, congressional hearings, government and industrial reports, pamphlets, leaflets, and magazines.
Arranged by type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:B270 La Follette's Magazine*
*Title varies. Issued weekly from Jan. 1909 to October 1914, then monthly. For issues beyond 1925, see Series C, Container I:C605 and Oversize .
(2 vols.)
BOX I:B271 1911-1912
(2 vols.)
1913-1925 See Oversize
BOX I:B272 Presidential messages, 1913-1922
BOX I:B273 Congressional hearings
BOX I:B274 1910-1912
BOX I:B275 1912-1914
BOX I:B276 1914-1917
BOX I:B277 1917-1918
BOX I:B278 1918-1919
BOX I:B279 1919
(3 vols.)
BOX I:B280 (4 vols.)
BOX I:B281 1920
BOX I:B282 1920-1921
BOX I:B283 1921
(6 vols.)
BOX I:B284 (6 vols.)
BOX I:B285 (7 vols.)
BOX I:B286 1921-1923
(6 vols.)
BOX I:B287 (15 vols.)
BOX I:B288 1923-1924
BOX I:B289 Miscellany
(1 vol.)
BOX I:B290 (4 vols.)
BOX I:B291 (6 vols.)
BOX I:B292 Post-1910
(10 vols.)
BOX I:B293 (8 vols.)
BOX I:B294 (8 vols.)
BOX I:B295 (4 vols.)
BOX I:B296 (1 vol.)
BOX I:B297 (1 vol.)
BOX I:B298 (4 vols.)
BOX I:B299 Softbound
(21 vols.)
BOX I:B300 (27 vols.)
BOX I:B301 Post-1910
(25 vols.)
BOX I:B302 (40 vols.)
BOX I:B303 (15 vols.)
BOX I:B304 (16 vols.)
BOX I:B305 (23 vols.)
BOX I:B306 (18 vols.)
BOX I:B307 (8 vols.)
BOX I:B308 (29 vols.)
BOX I:B309 (1 vol.)
BOX I:B310 (14 vols.)
BOX I:B311-B316 Miscellany, 1884-1925
Biographical material, certificates, diplomas, fragments, galley proofs of La Follette, Sr.'s Minnesota speech in 1917, lists, maps, medical records, memorials, newspaper clippings, notes, political posters, printed matter, quotations, scrapbooks, and statements and addresses by others.
Grouped by type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:B311 Biographical information, 1898-1925
(13 folders)
Blueprints See Oversize
Broadsides See Oversize
Cartoons See Oversize
Certificates See Oversize
Diplomas See Oversize
(2 folders)
Galley proof, Minnesota speech, 1917 See Oversize
BOX I:B312 Lecture quotations
(4 folders)
Medical records, 1922-1925, undated
(4 folders)
(2 folders)
Newspaper clippings See Oversize
Obituary, 1925
Newspapers See Oversize
BOX I:B313 Notes and quotations
1884-1925, undated
(22 folders)
BOX I:B314 Undated
(4 folders)
Printed matter See Oversize
Prints and reductions
Statements and addresses
(2 folders)
Wall charts
Silk production, 1914-1919 See Oversize
War costs, 1920-1921 See Oversize
Miscellaneous material
(1 folder)
BOX I:B315 (8 folders)
BOX I:B316 Memorabilia
BOX I:C1-C672 Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Papers, 1895-1960
BOX I:C1-C35 Personal Correspondence, 1895-1960
Letters received and copies of letters sent.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by name of correspondent. Letters of condolence, congratulations, printed invitations, and calling cards are grouped at the end of the series.
BOX I:C1 La Follette, Robert M., Jr.
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