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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Papers, 1895-1960 (continued)
Senate Office File, 1917-1948 (continued)
Military File, 1919-1946 (continued)
BOX I:C128 McN-Mo
BOX I:C129 Mu-Ol
BOX I:C130 O'M-Ph
BOX I:C131 Pi-Ran
BOX I:C132 Rap-Rot
BOX I:C133 Row-Sch
BOX I:C134 Sco-Sp
BOX I:C135 St-U
BOX I:C136 V-Wer
BOX I:C137 Wes-Z
BOX I:C138 1940-1943
BOX I:C139 Bj-Ch
BOX I:C140 Cl-Doo
BOX I:C141 Dor-Fri
BOX I:C142 Fro-G
BOX I:C143 Ha-Hol
BOX I:C144 Hom-J
BOX I:C145 K
BOX I:C146 L-Mat
BOX I:C147 Max-Mo
BOX I:C148 Mu-Pa
BOX I:C149 Pe-Pu
BOX I:C150 R-Sa
BOX I:C151 Sc-Sm
BOX I:C152 So-Sz
BOX I:C153 T-Wa
BOX I:C154 We-Z
BOX I:C155 Subject file
BOX I:C156 Draft files
BOX I:C157 1943-1944
BOX I:C158 Bo-Ci
BOX I:C159 Cl-De
BOX I:C160 Di-Fl
BOX I:C161 Fo-G
BOX I:C162 Ha-Hj
BOX I:C163 Ho-Ka
BOX I:C164 Ke-Lam
BOX I:C165 Lan-McD
BOX I:C166 McG-Neh
BOX I:C167 Nei-Pe
BOX I:C168 Pi-Ro
BOX I:C169 Ru-Si
BOX I:C170 Sl-Th
BOX I:C171 Ti-Wh
BOX I:C172 Wi-Z
BOX I:C173 Subject file
(4 folders)
Chaplains, navy
Cheesemakers' draft deferment
Conscientious objectors
BOX I:C174 Draft of eighteen-year-olds
Draft of fathers
Farm draft
(2 folders)
Farm unit
Individual draft cases
BOX I:C175 Mustering-out pay
Nurses' training
Prisoners of war
Selective Service System
Veterans Administration
War casualties
BOX I:C176 1945-1946
BOX I:C177 Be-Bra
BOX I:C178 Bre-Ch
BOX I:C179 Ci-Doo
BOX I:C180 Dow-Fl
BOX I:C181 Fo-Go
BOX I:C182 Gr-Har
BOX I:C183 Has-Hu
BOX I:C184 I-Kin
BOX I:C185 Kir-Lan
BOX I:C186 Lar-Mar
BOX I:C187 Mat-Moo
BOX I:C188 Mor-Ov
BOX I:C189 P-Ra
BOX I:C190 Re-San
BOX I:C191 Sat-Sc
BOX I:C192 Se-Sp
BOX I:C193 St-Te
BOX I:C194 Th-Wa
BOX I:C195 We-Win
BOX I:C196 Wis-Z
Subject files
Conscientious objectors
Draft cases
G.I. education
BOX I:C197 Japan
Levenick, Leo
Selective Service System
Subsistence payments
Veterans Administration
Wives' travel overseas
BOX I:C198 1944-1946, demobilization
BOX I:C199 Bo-Co
BOX I:C200 Cr-E
BOX I:C201 F-G
BOX I:C202 H-I
BOX I:C203 J-Kl
BOX I:C204 Km-Li
BOX I:C205 Li-Mi
BOX I:C206 Mo-Pa
BOX I:C207 Pe-Ri
BOX I:C208 Ro-Sc
BOX I:C209 Se-Sz
BOX I:C210 T-Wa
BOX I:C211 We-Z
I:CCI.Wisconsin “Bring Back Daddy Club,” correspondence
BOX I:C212 Pacific theater, soldier correspondence
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