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Part I: Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Papers, 1895-1960 (continued)
Miscellany, 1902-1953 (continued)
Medical records
(5 folders)
BOX I:C645 1918, 1946
(6 folders)
Memorial book of La Follette, Jr., 1953
Memorial contributions to Heart Fund, 1953
Memorial resolutions, 1953
United States Senate
BOX I:C646 Sears, Roebuck and Co.
(2 folders)
United Fruit Co.
Memorial service for La Follette, Sr., United States Senate, copy from Congressional Record, 1926
Miscellaneous notes and lists
Navy Relief Society citation, 1942
Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., Centennial Award, 1951
BOX I:C647 Notebooks, 1921, 1923
Press releases, 1925-1946, undated
(20 folders)
BOX I:C648 La Follette, Rachel Young (Mrs. Robert M., Jr.)
(2 folders)
Scrapbook of clippings
Senate memoranda
Telephone directory, United States Senate
Teletype messages, 1944
Tour itinerary, Germany, 1937
Unidentified and fragmentary material
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., honorary doctor of law degree, 1938
Western High School, Washington, D.C., fiftieth anniversary program, 1940
BOX I:C649 Card index to condolence letters sent on death of La Follette, Jr., 1953
BOX I:C650 Card address file
Awards, certificates, and cartoons See Oversize
BOX I:C651-C672 Printed Matter, 1918-1953
Clippings, annotated books, and other printed matter.
Arranged by type of material and chronologically thereunder.
BOX I:C651 Clippings and printed matter
BOX I:C652 1925-1928
BOX I:C653 1929-1930
BOX I:C654 1930-1931
BOX I:C655 1931-1932
BOX I:C656 1932-1934
BOX I:C657 1935-1940
BOX I:C658 1941-1945
BOX I:C659 1945-1946
BOX I:C660 1946
BOX I:C661 1946
BOX I:C662 1946
BOX I:C663 1946
BOX I:C664 1946
BOX I:C665 1946-1953
BOX I:C666 Undated
BOX I:C667 Undated
BOX I:C668 Undated
BOX I:C669 Undated
BOX I:C670 Undated
BOX I:C671 Undated
BOX I:C672 Books
Scrapbooks of clippings, 1946 See Oversize
(2 vols.)
La Follette's Magazine, 1921 See Oversize
Miscellaneous printed matter, 1925-1928, 1937, 1946 See Oversize
BOX I:D1-D72 Part I: Belle Case La Follette Papers, 1849-1931
BOX I:D1-D8 General Correspondence, 1905-1931
Letters received. Also includes letters received by Belle Case La Follette's secretaries, Nellie H. Dunn, Grace C. Lynch, and Rachel Young.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by name of person.
BOX I:D1 1905-1912
(39 folders)
BOX I:D2 1913
(20 folders)
BOX I:D3 1914
(19 folders)
BOX I:D4 1915-1923
(59 folders)
BOX I:D5 1924
(11 folders)
(8 folders)
(14 folders)
BOX I:D7 1926-1928
(20 folders)
BOX I:D8 1929-1931
(20 folders)
(4 folders)
BOX I:D9-D23 Special Correspondence, 1901-1931
Letters received. Also includes correspondence received by Belle Case La Follette's secretaries.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by name of person.
BOX I:D9 1901, Kemp, May H.
1902, Curtis, Charles A. (1835-1907)
Bryant, George E.
Clark, Solomon H.
Stearns, Lutie E.
Bishop, Emily Montague Mulkin
Roe, Gilbert E.
Steffens, Lincoln
Stephenson, M. E. (Mrs. Isaac)
Hoard, William D.
Ladies Home Journal
Simpson, Jefferson B.
Thompson, Lucy Daniels (Mrs. J. David)
Jones, Ellen C. Lloyd
Rogers, Alfred Thomas
(2 folders)
Bishop, Emily Montague Mulkin
Hannan, John J.
Moore, R. A.
Roe, Gwyneth K. (“Netha”) (Mrs. Gilbert E.)
Rogers, Alfred Thomas
Thompson, Lucy Daniels (Mrs. J. David)
Bishop, Emily Montague Mulkin
Kennedy, Charles R.
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