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Part I: Belle Case La Follette Papers, 1849-1931 (continued)
BOX I:D38-D44 Speeches and Writings File, 1879-1930
Handwritten, typed, and printed copies of speeches, articles, and statements by Belle Case La Follette. Articles were chiefly written for publication in La Follette's (Weekly) Magazine or its successor, the Progressive.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:D38 Lists of articles by Belle Case La Follette, chiefly from La Follette's Magazine and Progressive, 1910-1927
1879, June 18, “Learning to See,” speech, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
1898, Samuel A. Harper, death
Mar., education speech, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
“Bobbie's Lesson”
9, “Reception to Mr. and Mrs. Taft”
16, “The White House Reception”
23, “First Calls in Washington”
Feb. 20, “Cabinet Day”
12, “Moral and Physical Habits”
19, “Another Word on Habit”
23, “Habit Again”
30, “Impressions of the Suffrage Convention”
May 28, “Another Phase of Habit”
June 17, “Woman Suffrage in Wisconsin”
Aug. 5, “Colored Folk of Washington”
Nov. 11, “What It Means to Be an Insurgent Senator's Wife,” The Housekeeper
“Twenty-Five Years of Woman's Progress,” Ladies' World
“I Married a Lawyer”
“A Thought for Today,” syndicated column
Printed copies
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX I:D39 (6 folders)
May 18, “Marching in a Suffrage Parade”
June 22, “Woman of the Hour, May Howard Jackson”
July, lessons for Lucius Brown
3, “A New Style of Shoe”
10, “Notes on the Suffrage Campaigns in the West”
17, “Roosevelt's Speech on Suffrage”
24, “Notes on the Suffrage Campaign in California”
31, “The Business of Being a Woman”
Sept. 7
“Cottage Cheese”
“Grand Junction”
Oct. 5, “Children's Bureau Begins Work”
Nov. 16, “The Vote on Woman Suffrage in Wisconsin”
“Men and Women of Wisconsin,” speech
“Woman's Suffrage,” speech, Wisconsin County Fair
Women's suffrage schools, interview, Washington Evening Star
Untitled speech
BOX I:D40 1913
Jan. 25
“In Washington”
“Child Labor Sunday”
8, “Mother Jones”
15, “In Washington”
22, “Society Needs Women's Votes”
29, “United States Senate and Woman Suffrage”
Apr. 26, Women's suffrage, speech before congressional committee
17, “Working Women and Prison Labor”
24, “Sermons in Democracy”
23, “The Color Line”
30, “Miss Murraye's Dismissal”
Sept. 13, “The Adverse Point of View on ’The Color Line'”
4, “An Appreciation of ’The Color Line'”
22, concerning La Follette, Sr., Huntington Hall, Boston, Mass.
25, “Disfranchised Women in Suffrage States”
Segregation, speech, Boston, Mass.
Dec., women's suffrage, speech, “Suffrage School,” Washington, D.C.
Miscellaneous statements and notes
5, segregation speech, NAACP, New York, N.Y.
13, women's suffrage speech, Philadephia, Pa.
24, “Color Line to Date”
9, “The Woman Movement: My Grandmother,” speech, New Harmony, Ind.
(6 folders)
20, “A Better Washington”
BOX I:D41 June-Sept., women's suffrage speeches
Chautauqua circuit, June-Aug.
Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 2
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept.
Dec., “Segregation in the Civil Service”
Women's movement, speech
Feb., “The Woman's Peace Party”
May, “Mr. Roosevelt's Attack on the Woman's Peace Party”
Nov., “A Notable Negro Pageant”
1916, Feb. 5,“Our Story: Personal and Political,” speech, League for Political Education, Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y.
Feb., “Do the People Want War?”
Mar., 2, “Vinnie Ream Hoxie,” speech, Woman's Club, Madison, Wis.
July, “Lady Barlow”
“Justice for Pickets”
“Patterns for War or Peace”
Oct., free speech statement
Dec., “Susan B. Anthony's Prophecy”
Peace speech
1920, Feb., “May the Women of the United States Vote in 1920?”
“A Glimpse of Professor Henry”
“Reverend Olympia Brown Honored”
Apr., “The Emperor Jones”
May, “Women United for Disarmament”
June, “Glimpses of Fola in Ancient Gaul”
“Disarmament Will Succeed”
“Household Pests”
Oct. 29, “Disarmament,” speech, Wisconsin Women's Progressive Association, Milwaukee, Wis.
“Address by Miss Julia O'Connor of the National Women's Trade Union League”
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