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Part I: Belle Case La Follette Papers, 1849-1931 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1879-1930 (continued)
9, “The Woman Movement: My Grandmother,” speech, New Harmony, Ind. (continued)
(6 folders)
20, “A Better Washington”
BOX I:D41 June-Sept., women's suffrage speeches
Chautauqua circuit, June-Aug.
Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 2
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept.
Dec., “Segregation in the Civil Service”
Women's movement, speech
Feb., “The Woman's Peace Party”
May, “Mr. Roosevelt's Attack on the Woman's Peace Party”
Nov., “A Notable Negro Pageant”
1916, Feb. 5,“Our Story: Personal and Political,” speech, League for Political Education, Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y.
Feb., “Do the People Want War?”
Mar., 2, “Vinnie Ream Hoxie,” speech, Woman's Club, Madison, Wis.
July, “Lady Barlow”
“Justice for Pickets”
“Patterns for War or Peace”
Oct., free speech statement
Dec., “Susan B. Anthony's Prophecy”
Peace speech
1920, Feb., “May the Women of the United States Vote in 1920?”
“A Glimpse of Professor Henry”
“Reverend Olympia Brown Honored”
Apr., “The Emperor Jones”
May, “Women United for Disarmament”
June, “Glimpses of Fola in Ancient Gaul”
“Disarmament Will Succeed”
“Household Pests”
Oct. 29, “Disarmament,” speech, Wisconsin Women's Progressive Association, Milwaukee, Wis.
“Address by Miss Julia O'Connor of the National Women's Trade Union League”
“A Week in Wisconsin”
“Women's Mass Meeting”
“A Logical Thought”
“Outlawry of War”
Reelection of La Follette, Sr., to United States Senate, speech
Draft notes
Mar. 15, “Army Reorganization Act of 1920,” speech, Annual Meeting of the United States Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Washington, D.C.
Dec., “Russia”
“Josephine Peabody,” tribute
Daughters of the American Revolution
BOX I:D42 1924
8, public service record of La Follette, Sr., speeches, Machinists Temple, Philadelphia, Pa., and Mountain Lake, Md.
Endorsement of La Follette-Wheeler ticket, RCA radio, New York, N.Y.
“Why the Homemaker Should Vote for La Follette,” WJY and WJZ radio, New York, N.Y.
18[?], endorsement of presidential candidacy of La Follette, Sr., speech, Women's University Club, New York, N.Y.
La Follette, Robert M., Sr., and progressivism speech
“Women Voters,” The Signalmen's Journal
Speaking schedule
“Why I Am a Progressive,” statement
(4 folders)
July, “The Magazine Will Go On”
Aug., “Mrs. La Follette Not a Candidate”
Dec., “Glimpses of a Gifted Reader”
Endorsement of La Follette, Jr.'s candidacy to succeed father in United States Senate, statement
July, “Segregation in Washington”
Feb., “Caroline Hunt”
Mar., “Would Destroy Maternity Law Work”
“Milwaukee Student Conference”
“Outlawry of War”
Nov., subscription appeal, Capital Times, Madison, Wis.
Sept., endorsing election of La Follette, Jr., to United States Senate, radio address, Poynette, Wis.
“Greed Over-Reaches Itself”
Tribute to Walter Durand
Brown, Olympia, tribute, “Honor Wisconsin's Pioneer Suffragist”
Foster, Alla W., tribute
Gale, Charles F., tribute
“Gandhi's Program in India”
Gilbert, Susan Brandeis (Mrs. Frank B.), introduction to her article
Harris, Martha Anstice, tribute
James, William
Ladd-Franklin, Christine, tribute, “A Pioneer Woman Educator”
New magazine format
Norris, George W., endorsement
“Save the Children's Bureau”
Stearns, Lutie E., tribute
Summary of Caroline Pratt's article “Two Basic Principles of Education,” New Republic, July 2
(2 folders)
“A Woman Blazes Agricultural Trail,” tribute to Charlotte Barrell Ware
“Women and the Naval Conference”
Abbott, Grace, tribute
“Art in America” by Suzanne (“Clara”) La Follette, book review
“Ceramic Art in Germany”
“Clifton F. Hodge”
“Continental Europe Balkanized”
“In Washington”
“New Solution of Help Problem”
“Paul Robeson in Role of Othello”
“Progress in Outlawry of War”
“Ramsay MacDonald”
“Remembering Names”
“Results of a Fly Campaign”
“School Centers,” speech
“A Southern Mountain Folk School”
“Standards,” speech concerning Ida Tarbell's article, “Uneasy Women”
“A Tribute to Vinnie Ream Hoxie”
“What Is Progressive Education?”
“Women and War”
“Work-Study Play Plan Operating under Difficulties”
BOX I:D43 Undated and untitled
(28 folders)
BOX I:D44 (17 folders)
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