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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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Part VI: Administrative File, 1910-1992 (continued)
General Office File, 1910-1992 (continued)
BOX VI:A54 Reports, annual, 1968-1976
(5 folders)
BOX VI:B1-B6 Part VI: Armed Services and Veterans Affairs, 1952-1978
Correspondence, memoranda, legal material, reports, and daily mail sheets.
Organized as a case file and a general office file, then alphabetically by name of person, type of material, or subject, and thereunder chronologically.
BOX VI:B1 Cases
Lists, 1978, undated
United States Air Force
Civilian cases, 1972-1978
Craddock, Edwin K., 1972
Graham, Jerry C., 1977, undated
Gregory, Laurence, undated
Hanks, Hasan H., 1976
Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., 1972-1975, undated
Kornegay, Lawrence R., 1973
McCoy, Edward Bruce, 1970-1977, undated
Miles, Shirley M., 1978
Mosley, Rufus C., 1972-1975, undated
Snow, Henry, 1976
United States Army
Adams, David, 1978
Ayers, Frederick William, 1978, undated
Brown, Alta Lee, 1976-1977
Carter, Hoover D., 1978
Chaney, Larry, 1973
Fort Hood, Tex., 1978
Germany (West), 1973-1978
Lane, Robert, Jr., 1976
Maddox, Richard O., 1975
Morris, Joyce A., 1977
Moseley, Edward L., 1976
BOX VI:B2 Nelson, Kenneth, 1976
Nottage, Theodore N., 1973
Phillips, John, 1978
Preston, Frank J., 1973-1975
Saunders, Richard D., 1952-1976
Shaw, Stephen, 1973
Smith, Maurice L., 1972
Thomas, Shirley R., Jr., 1975-1976, undated
Wade, James, 1973
Williams, James, 1972
United States Coast Guard, Arthur D. Brown, 1972
United States Marine Corps
Bradley, David Louis, 1978
Camp LeJeune, N.C., 1973-1976, undated
Carter, Terry, 1977
Doyle, Alfred D., 1973
Hall, Earnie L., 1976
Moyd, Wilbur, 1978
Russell, Ronald S., 1976
Singletary, Larry B., 1978
Thompson, Jerry O., 1977-1978
United States National Guard Bureau
Henry, Calvin O. L., 1973-1974
Long, Raymond A., 1978
Ridgley, Thomas W., 1977
United States Navy
Alvarez, Frank, 1972-1977, undated
Barclay, Peter G., 1978
Betts, Stephen, 1973
Briscoe, Theodore F., 1972
Caldwell, Gregory L., 1972
Denkins, Adam, 1978, undated
Griffin, David A., 1978
Hartley, Alvin W., 1974-1977, undated
Jones, Ned Vaughn, 1973
BOX VI:B3 Kitty Hawk (aircraft carrier), 1972-1973
Manning, L. E., and Robert L. Pollard, 1976
Oliver, Stanley S., 1978
Patterson, Joseph, and Kevin West, 1973
Ragler, William Franklin, 1977
Roosevelt Road Naval Base, P.R., 1978, undated
Stewart, Carl M., 1977
Veterans Administration
Ford, Earl E., 1972
Lapkin, Eleanor, 1976-1977
Laurence, Charles T., 1975-1977
Lewis, Charles L., 1975-1976
Owens, Uriel (Eurel) E., 1978
Ramsey, Thomas W., 1973
Rawls, Joseph G., 1978
Siegal, Myrna, 1962, 1968-1978, undated
Simmons, Joseph L., 1973
General office file
Activities schedule, 1978
Affirmative action
General, 1967, 1975-1978, undated
NAACP affirmative action program, 1977-1978, undated
Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 1978
United States Air Force, 1976-1978
United States Navy plan, 1968, 1976-1978
BOX VI:B4 Africa, 1977-1978
American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, 1972-1973
Annual meeting, Jan. 1978, 1975-1978, undated
Association of the United States Army, New York Chapter, 1974-1978
Board of Directors, 1972-1977
Bradshaw, William C., "Report on 'Racism in the Military,' One Man's Critique," 1973
Budget and expenditures, 1976-1977
Civil Service Commission, 1978, undated
Commanders Digest, Military Justice Task Force report, 1973
Correspondence, 1971-1978, undated
Daily mail sheets, 1970-1978, undated
(2 folders)
Defense Department, 1977-1978, undated
Departmental information and writings, 1976, undated
Education, 1975-1977
Equal opportunity and equal employment opportunity
National Guard Bureau program, 1973-1977
United States Army program, 1975-1978
United States Marine Corps program, 1977-1978
United States Navy programs, 1973-1978, undated
(2 folders)
BOX VI:B5 General office file
Foreign branches, 1972-1973
Health, Education and Welfare, Department of, 1977, undated
James, Daniel (“Chappie”), Jr., death, 1978
Job description, undated
Legislation, 1974-1977, undated
Manuals, 1975, undated
Mayor's Office for Veteran Action, New York, N.Y., 1973-1977, undated
Minutes, 1976-1977
Miscellany, 1974-1978
General, 1973-1974, undated
Region I, 1974
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