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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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BOX II:D1-D188 Part II: Financial File, 1938-1959
BOX II:D1-D110 Journals and Ledgers, 1938-1959
Account books organized by organization, region, branch, and Crisis and Crisis Publishing Co. and thereunder by type of account book.
BOX II:D1 General organizational records
Cash disbursements journals and books
BOX II:D2 1947
BOX II:D3 1948
BOX II:D4 1950
BOX II:D5 1951
BOX II:D6 1952
BOX II:D7 1953
BOX II:D8 1954
BOX II:D9 1955
BOX II:D10 Income ledgers For additional material see Container II:D109, Income
1945, July-Dec.
BOX II:D11 1946
BOX II:D12 1947
BOX II:D13 July-Dec.
BOX II:D14 1948
BOX II:D15 1949
BOX II:D16 July-Dec.
BOX II:D17 1950
BOX II:D18 July-Dec.
BOX II:D19 1951
BOX II:D20 July-Dec.
BOX II:D21 1952
BOX II:D22 July-Dec.
BOX II:D23 1953
BOX II:D24 July-Dec.
BOX II:D25 1954
BOX II:D26 July-Dec.
BOX II:D27 1955
BOX II:D28 July-Dec.
BOX II:D29 Adjustment journal, 1953-1959
BOX II:D30 Accounts payable ledger, 1947-1949
BOX II:D31 General ledgers
BOX II:D32 1951-1954
BOX II:D33 1955-1957
BOX II:D34 Petty cash book, 1942-1946
BOX II:D35 Petty cash and accounts payable, 1950-1954
BOX II:D36 Trial balance
circa 1944-1948
BOX II:D37 1948-1954
BOX II:D38 1955-1957
BOX II:D39 Regional records
Cash disbursements journal, 1949
BOX II:D40 Income ledger, cash receipts, 1945-1946
BOX II:D41 Cash receipts and disbursements ledger, 1954
BOX II:D42 Branch records
Cash disbursements journal
1940-1941, June
BOX II:D43 1941, June-1942, June
BOX II:D44 1941, Dec.-1946
BOX II:D45 Income ledgers
1942-1943, July
BOX II:D46 1943, July-1944, May
BOX II:D47 1944, May-Dec.
BOX II:D48 1945
BOX II:D49 Crisis and Crisis Publishing Co. records
Accounts payable
BOX II:D50 1942-1943
BOX II:D51 1943-1946
BOX II:D52 1944-1946, June
BOX II:D53 1946, July-1948
BOX II:D54 1949-1950
BOX II:D55 1951-1953
BOX II:D56 1954-1958
BOX II:D57 Mixed accounts
BOX II:D58 1943
BOX II:D59 1944
BOX II:D60 1945
BOX II:D61 Adjustments, 1951-1953
BOX II:D62 Cash receipts and disbursements
BOX II:D63 1943
BOX II:D64 1947-1948
BOX II:D65 1949-1950
BOX II:D66 1951-1952, May
BOX II:D67 1952, June-1953
BOX II:D68 1953-1954
BOX II:D69 1955
BOX II:D70 Petty cash books
BOX II:D71 1951-1953
BOX II:D72 1954-1958
BOX II:D73 General ledger entries, 1940-1949
BOX II:D74 Accounts receivable
BOX II:D75 1943-1945
BOX II:D76 1946-1948
circa 1947
BOX II:D77 1949-1950
Subscriptions, advertisements, and agent returns
BOX II:D78 Postage, cash paid
BOX II:D79 1951-1953
BOX II:D80 1954-1955
BOX II:D81 Book sales
BOX II:D82 1946-1948
BOX II:D83 1949-1950
BOX II:D84 1951-1953
BOX II:D85 Cash books
BOX II:D86 1945-1946
BOX II:D87 Journals
1938, May-1943, Dec.
BOX II:D88 1941, Dec.-1945, Dec.
BOX II:D89 1944, Jan.-1948, Dec.
BOX II:D90 1945, Dec.-1950, Dec.
BOX II:D91 1949, Jan.-1953, Dec.
BOX II:D92 1954, Dec.-1959, Jan.
BOX II:D93 Trial balances
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