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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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BOX X:OV 1-OV 7 Part X: Oversize, 1949-2016
Material types include resolutions, blueprints, posters, tributes, newspapers, calendars, newsletters, maps, financial materials, charts, and souvenirs.
Listed and described according to the series, subseries, and folders from which the items were separated.
Administrative File
Annual Convention
BOX X:OV 1 1967, Boston, Mass., resolution, City of Los Angeles, Calif., 1967 (Container X:3, same heading)
BOX X:OV 3 1979, Louisville, Ky., blueprint, exhibit, 1979 (Container X:9, same heading)
BOX X:OV 3 1985, Dallas, Tex., Dallas Post Tribune, 1985, June 22 (Container X:13, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 2013, Orlando, Fla., poster, NAACP Health Department Total Body Health and Wellness Expo, 2013 (Container X:29, same heading)
Board of Directors
BOX X:OV 3 Committees, Executive Committee, blueprints, office building, Washington, D.C., circa 1982 (Container X:38, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 Members, Bond, Julian, tribute, 2015-2016 (Container X:68, same heading)
General Office File
Anniversaries, 100th (centennial)
BOX X:OV 1 Amsterdam News, Special NAACP Centennial Supplement, 2009
BOX X:OV 1 Commemorative calendars, 2007-2008 (Container X:86, same heading)
BOX X:OV 7 Commemorative mug, 2009
BOX X:OV 1 Congressional resolution, 2000, Feb. 13
BOX X:OV 4 Annual meeting logbook, 1949-1974
Brown v. Board of Education, anniversaries
BOX X:OV 1 10th, "NAACP Freedom Journal Dedicated to the Hearts and Minds of Children," 1964 (Container X:101, same heading)
BOX X:OV 2 50th, courier bag, 2004
BOX X:OV 1 Calendars, 2000 (Container X:102, same heading)
BOX X:OV 3 Division of Information and Research, spreadsheets, 1950-1953 (Container X:115, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 Image Awards, Daily Variety, 2002, Feb. 21 (Container X:153, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 Parks, Rosa, proclamation and act, 2005 (Container X:196, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 Proclamations, NAACP Week, Maryland, 1986 (Container X:204, same heading)
Relocation of NAACP headquarters to Baltimore, Md., general
BOX X:OV 1 Baltimore Afro-American, NAACP supplement, "Welcome NAACP," 1986, June 28
BOX X:OV 1 Resolution, 1986
BOX X:OV 1 Wilkins, Roy, awards and honors, resolution, 1981 (Container X:228, same heading)
BOX X:OV 1 Women in NAACP (WIN), newsletter, 1992 (Container X:232, same heading)
NAACP Special Contribution Fund
BOX X:OV 1 Roxborough, Mildred Bond, calendars, 2006-2007
Branch Department
General Office File
BOX X:OV 3 Conference on the Present Crisis, posters, 1989 (Container X:299, same heading)
Reorganization of urban branches into multiple branches
BOX X:OV 6 Birmingham, Ala., map, 1966 (Container X:335, same heading)
BOX X:OV 6 Houston, Tex., maps, 1973, 1990, undated (Container X:336, same heading)
BOX X:OV 6 Queens, New York, N.Y., maps, 1968 (Container X:337, same heading)
Crisis File
BOX X:OV 7 Candy, undated
BOX X:OV 5 Cash receipts, 1969-1973
BOX X:OV 7 Drinking cup, undated
Education Department and Programs
BOX X:OV 3 Back to School/Stay in School, brochures and printed matter, posters, circa 1986-circa 1995 (Container X:803, same heading)
BOX X:OV 5 Black History Month; Black History Week, calendars, 1985-1987 (Container X:815, same heading)
BOX X:OV 5 Personnel, certificate, 1975 (Container X:848, same heading)
Financial File
BOX X:OV 4 Financial statements and balance sheets, NAACP Special Contribution Fund financial report, 1976 (Container X:914, same heading)
Gilbert Jonas Co.
BOX X:OV 4 Contributors, $150-$999, undated
BOX X:OV 5 Events, Sold on Soul: A Royal Tribute to Duke Ellington, program, 1970 (Container X:995, same heading)
Legal Department
General Office File
BOX X:OV 6 Property and leases, general, floor plans, 1976, 1982 (Container X:1321, same heading)
Mississippi Papers
BOX X:OV 6 Geographical file, Forrest County; Hattiesburg, poster, "Vernon Dahmer Can't Vote Now," circa 1966 (Container X:1481, same heading)
BOX X:OV 3 Jackson Movement, poster, 1962 (Container X:1498, same heading)
BOX X:OV 3 Mississippi State Conference, miscellany, Mississippi state flag alternate designs, undated (Container X:1510, same heading)
Region V
BOX X:OV 1 Georgia, Savannah, poster, 1960 (Container X:1828, same heading)
Legal Department
BOX X:OV 6 Case files, NAACP v. Spartanburg County Bd. of Educ., posters, 1992 (Container X:1890, same heading)
Staff files
BOX X:OV 6 Rivers, Nelson B., III, Southern Regional Council, posters, 1993
Voter Education and Empowerment
Chronological file
BOX X:OV 7 Drinking cups, undated
BOX X:OV 7 Pen, undated
BOX X:OV 3, OV 6 NAACP publications and printed matter, posters, circa 1980-circa 2004 (Container X:2170, same heading)
BOX X:OV 5 T-shirt, "Arrive with 5," 2006
BOX X:OV 3 Volunteer chart, undated
Washington Bureau
General Office File
BOX X:OV 3 Congressional Black Caucus, poster, circa 1987 (Container X:2283, same heading)

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