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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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BOX II:K1-K20 Part II: Printed Matter, 1940-1955
BOX II:K1-K11 NAACP, 1940-1955
Annual reports, Crisis magazine issues, newsletters, articles, broadsides, legal documents, programs, reports, resolutions, manuals, and posters published by or pertaining to the NAACP.
Grouped by title or type of material. The NAACP Bulletin is available on microfilm.*
*Shelf no. 19,141
BOX II:K1 Articles, staff, 1947-1955
(2 folders)
Annual reports, 1940-1955
BOX II:K2 Annual conference programs and resolutions, 1940-1955
(2 folders)
Conferences, programs, and reports, 1943-1954
BOX II:K3 Crisis, 1940-1955
BOX II:K4 Broadsides and posters, 1941-1955, undated See also Oversize
Programs, 1942-1944
Regions III and IV, newsletters, 1947
West Coast Region, reports and manuals, 1948-1955
BOX II:K5 Youth Bulletin, 1940-1941
Youth council publications, 1940-1949
BOX II:K6 Miscellaneous publications, 1940-1955
(1 folder)
BOX II:K7 (1 folder)
NAACP Bulletin, 1940-1948 See Oversize
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 19,141
BOX II:K8 Legal material
BOX II:K9 1947-1948
BOX II:K10 1948-1955
BOX II:K11 Undated
BOX II:K12-K20 Non-NAACP, 1941-1955
Leaflets, pamphlets, monographs, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines published by organizations other than the NAACP.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:K12 Leaflets, pamphlets, monographs, and newsletters
BOX II:K13 1943-1955
BOX II:K14 1941-1955
BOX II:K15 1940-1953
BOX II:K16 General, 1943-1955
(3 folders)
Hate literature, 1947-1955
BOX II:K17 Southern Patriot and American Unity, 1950-1955
United Nations publications, 1953-1955
Newspapers and magazines, 1951-1955
BOX II:K18 Newspaper clippings
Alabama, Montgomery, bus boycott, 1955
"Amos 'n' Andy," 1951
Annual conferences, 1946-1950
Antilynching, 1940-1955
Desegregation, 1947-1954
Arkansas, Little Rock, 1953-1955
General, 1947-1955
Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1947-1955
Ford Motor Co., strike, 1941
General, 1940-1955
George VI, King of Great Britain, death, 1952
Gregory, Yvonne, stories by, 1943-1944
Jim Crow, 1941
BOX II:K19 Michigan, Detroit, riot, 1943
Mississippi, Yazoo City, integration petition, 1955
Morrow, E. Frederic, column, 1940
General, 1942-1949
New Jersey, 1947
National preparedness, 1948
Negro aviation, 1942
Politics, 1946-1955
Presidents, 1940-1948
South Carolina
Politics, 1948-1955
Primary, Elmore v. Rice, 1947
Sports, 1942-1953
Tennessee, Columbia, riot, 1946
BOX II:K20 Virgin Islands, United States, 1947-1953
White, Walter Francis
Foreign language, 1951
General, 1946-1950
(2 folders)
Death, 1955
General, 1946-1949
Speeches, 1945-1948
Wilkins, Roy
General, 1942-1955
Speeches, 1943-1949
Willkie, Wendell L., 1944
Youth, 1944-1948
BOX II:L1-L277 Part II: Addition, 1910-1969
BOX II:L1-L33 General Office File, 1910-1948
Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, reports, articles, book reviews, bequests, newspaper articles, and press releases.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, organization, subject, type of material, or locale and thereunder chronologically.
BOX II:L1 "A" miscellaneous, 1922-1939
(2 folders)
Agricultural Adjustment Administration, 1939
Akers, Elmer, 1938
American Bar Association, 1938
American Committee for West Indian Federation, 1939
American Council on Race Relations, 1938
American Fund for Public Service
Clippings, 1922-1923
General, 1922-1939
(4 folders)
Margold, Nathan R., report, 1930
Minutes of meetings, 1922
American Jewish Congress, 1934
American Teachers Association, 1939
American Welfare Association, 1939
Anderson, Marian
Benefit, 1938
Central High School, Washington, D.C., conflict, 1939
BOX II:L2 Daughters of the American Revolution
Banning from Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C., protests by artists, 1939
Conflict, 1939
General, 1938-1939
Life Membership, 1939
Mural Fund, 1939
Press releases, 1939
Annual conferences
1910, New York, N.Y.
Program and other material
1911, Boston, Mass.
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