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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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Part II: Miscellany, 1940-1955 (continued)
BOX II:J57-J63 Telegrams, 1951-1955
Incoming and outgoing telegrams.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:J57 1944-1952, Nov.
(9 folders)
BOX II:J58 1952, Dec.-1953, May
(6 folders)
BOX II:J59 1953, June-Dec.
(6 folders)
BOX II:J60 1954
(6 folders)
BOX II:J61 July-Dec.
(6 folders)
BOX II:J62 1955
(6 folders)
BOX II:J63 Aug.-Nov.
(4 folders)
BOX II:J64-J70 Subject File, 1940-1955
Minutes, notes, charts, songs, anecdotes, affidavits, reports, photographs, press releases, scripts, and biographical sketches.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, subject, organization, or type of material and thereunder chronologically. Some files are organized by type of material or by subject.
BOX II:J64 Affidavit, donation to NAACP, 1949
Anecdotes, 1944
Annual conference and convention sites, circa 1951
Biographical sketches of staff, 1947-1955
Board of Directors minutes, incomplete, 1950-1955
Boarding schools admitting Negroes, 1947-1951
Brown, Doris, notebook and correspondence, 1942-1944
General, 1946-1955
(2 folders)
Voting records
Members of Congress, 1940-1955
BOX II:J65 Nebraska-Oregon
Miscellany, 1950
Tabulations, 1943-1954, undated
Congressmen and the Taft, Ellender, and Wagner Housing Bill, 1948
Not signing the discharge petition
Signing the discharge petition
Dramas by and about Negroes, list, undated
Floor plans, 20 West Fortieth St., New York, N.Y., 1945
BOX II:J66 Housing, NAACP Research Department, 1944-1946
Index to NAACP records, 1940-1953
(3 folders)
Inventions by Negroes, undated
James Weldon Johnson Memorial, New Haven, Conn.
Memorial Committee, 1940-1943
Solicitation lists, 1940-1941
(2 folders)
BOX II:J67 Legal and foreign policy monographs, 1945-1949
Loyalty statement, blank, 1948
(4 folders)
BOX II:J68 1948-1952
Notes, 1947
Mailing lists, 1940-1951, undated
(2 folders)
Minority group training manual, United States Employment Service, 1946
Miscellany, 1944-1948
NAACP, history and structure, 1943-1954
BOX II:J69 Negro personalities, 1946-1955
Negro vote in presidential elections, 1940-1952
Negro voting information, 1940-1952
Notes for publications, undated
Parliamentary law desk chart, undated
"Passers," interracial children, 1946-1948
Press releases
1946-1947, June
(3 folders)
BOX II:J70 1947, July-Dec.
Radio scripts, 1944-1950
Report to president on nation's health, 1948
(2 folders)
Songs, 1947
Tennessee Johnson, audience reaction postcards, 1943
United Sons of Dixie, rituals, undated
BOX II:K1-K20 Part II: Printed Matter, 1940-1955
BOX II:K1-K11 NAACP, 1940-1955
Annual reports, Crisis magazine issues, newsletters, articles, broadsides, legal documents, programs, reports, resolutions, manuals, and posters published by or pertaining to the NAACP.
Grouped by title or type of material. The NAACP Bulletin is available on microfilm.*
*Shelf no. 19,141
BOX II:K1 Articles, staff, 1947-1955
(2 folders)
Annual reports, 1940-1955
BOX II:K2 Annual conference programs and resolutions, 1940-1955
(2 folders)
Conferences, programs, and reports, 1943-1954
BOX II:K3 Crisis, 1940-1955
BOX II:K4 Broadsides and posters, 1941-1955, undated See also Oversize
Programs, 1942-1944
Regions III and IV, newsletters, 1947
West Coast Region, reports and manuals, 1948-1955
BOX II:K5 Youth Bulletin, 1940-1941
Youth council publications, 1940-1949
BOX II:K6 Miscellaneous publications, 1940-1955
(1 folder)
BOX II:K7 (1 folder)
NAACP Bulletin, 1940-1948 See Oversize
Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 19,141
BOX II:K8 Legal material
BOX II:K9 1947-1948
BOX II:K10 1948-1955
BOX II:K11 Undated
BOX II:K12-K20 Non-NAACP, 1941-1955
Leaflets, pamphlets, monographs, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines published by organizations other than the NAACP.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:K12 Leaflets, pamphlets, monographs, and newsletters
BOX II:K13 1943-1955
BOX II:K14 1941-1955
BOX II:K15 1940-1953
BOX II:K16 General, 1943-1955
(3 folders)
Hate literature, 1947-1955
BOX II:K17 Southern Patriot and American Unity, 1950-1955
United Nations publications, 1953-1955
Newspapers and magazines, 1951-1955
BOX II:K18 Newspaper clippings
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