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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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BOX V:OV 1-OV 20 Part V: Oversize, 1925-1993
Oversize material consisting of maps, blueprints, and exhibits.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX V:OV 1 Case File
NAACP v. Alabama
Transcripts, 1956-1961 (Container V:24)
(3 vols.)
BOX V:OV 2 (1 vol.)
BOX V:OV 3 California
Crawford v. Board of Educ.
Maps, 1976-1979, undated (Container V:81)
Central Del. Branch NAACP v. City of Dover
Background information
Maps, 1980, undated (Container V:208)
Johnson v. De Grandy
1992, Aug.
Map (Container V:614)
Palm Beach County cases
Background information
Map, undated (Container V:623)
BOX V:OV 4 Smith v. McFatter
Printouts, 1981 (Container V:634)
BOX V:OV 5 Warren v. Krivanek
Maps, 1980, undated (Container V:650)
BOX V:OV 6 Georgia
Banks v. Lockheed-Georgia Co.
No. 43-01, 1971 (Container V:663)
BOX V:OV 7 Nos. 146d, 146d-1, 1972 (Container V:666)
No. 420, 1972 (Container V:669)
Toombs County Branch NAACP v. Culpepper
General case material
Maps, 1983 (Container V:718)
Maps, 1983 (Container V:719)
BOX V:OV 8 Indiana
Collier v. Kokomo-Center Township Consol. School Corp.
Background information
Map, 1967 (Container V:782)
Map, 1967 (Container V:783)
Copeland v. South Bend Community School Corp.
Background information
South Bend schools
Map, circa 1966 (Container V:787)
Movement for Opportunity & Equality v. General Motors Corp.
Nos. 85-87, 91a-b, 92, 93c, 94c, 1966-1977 (Container V:810)
United States v. Board of School Comm'rs
Maps, 1975, undated (Container V:820)
United States v. South Bend Community School Corp.
Background information
School records
Position papers, statements, and printed matter
Map, undated (Container V:838)
NAACP v. Caddo Parish School Bd.
Background information
Maps, 1984-1985 (Container V:891)
BOX V:OV 9 Massachusetts
Barksdale v. Springfield School Comm.
Background information
Maps, 1959, 1970, undated (Containers V:931-932)
Nos. 14 and 16, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Nos. 21-22, 28, 30, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Nos. 34, 40, 48, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Miscellaneous, undated (Container V:933)
Boston school case
1975, Feb.
Exhibits to transportation study (Container V:956)
1980, Apr.
"A Program for Racial Peace: A Series of Editorials Appearing in The Boston Globe April 6 through April 13, 1980" (Container V:961)
1982, Sept.
Attachment to plaintiff's motion for a freedom of choice desegregation plan
Map (Container V:965)
1984, Dec.
Printout (Container V:973)
BOX V:OV 10 Michigan
Berry v. School Dist.
Coloma Community School District
No. 25 (blueprint), 1976 (Container V:996)
Bradley v. Milliken
Maps and photographs
Maps, 1971-1972 (Container V:1040)
Higgins v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Maps, 1969-1972 (Container V:1099)
Oliver v. Kalamazoo Bd. of Educ.
General case material
1980, Aug.
Maps (5), undated (Container V:1126)
Marshall v. Mayor of McComb
Background information
Map, 1964 (Container V:1197)
United States v. Harrison County
Background information
Maps, 1925, 1960 (Container V:1216)
Barnett v. McNary
Background information
Housing and Urban Development, Department of, projects
MacKenzie Manor
Blueprints, 1980 (Container V:1219)
Howard v. St. Louis-San Francisco Ry. Co.
Certificates, 1937-1939 (Container V:1229)
Interstate Commerce Commission hearings
Nos. H48-H57, H105, H110, undated (Container V:1233)
Missouri State Conference NAACP v. Bond
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