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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-1999

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Part V: Oversize, 1925-1993 (continued)
Background information
Maps, 1984-1985 (Container V:891)
BOX V:OV 9 Massachusetts
Barksdale v. Springfield School Comm.
Background information
Maps, 1959, 1970, undated (Containers V:931-932)
Nos. 14 and 16, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Nos. 21-22, 28, 30, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Nos. 34, 40, 48, 1959-1965, undated (Container V:933)
Miscellaneous, undated (Container V:933)
Boston school case
1975, Feb.
Exhibits to transportation study (Container V:956)
1980, Apr.
"A Program for Racial Peace: A Series of Editorials Appearing in The Boston Globe April 6 through April 13, 1980" (Container V:961)
1982, Sept.
Attachment to plaintiff's motion for a freedom of choice desegregation plan
Map (Container V:965)
1984, Dec.
Printout (Container V:973)
BOX V:OV 10 Michigan
Berry v. School Dist.
Coloma Community School District
No. 25 (blueprint), 1976 (Container V:996)
Bradley v. Milliken
Maps and photographs
Maps, 1971-1972 (Container V:1040)
Higgins v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Maps, 1969-1972 (Container V:1099)
Oliver v. Kalamazoo Bd. of Educ.
General case material
1980, Aug.
Maps (5), undated (Container V:1126)
Marshall v. Mayor of McComb
Background information
Map, 1964 (Container V:1197)
United States v. Harrison County
Background information
Maps, 1925, 1960 (Container V:1216)
Barnett v. McNary
Background information
Housing and Urban Development, Department of, projects
MacKenzie Manor
Blueprints, 1980 (Container V:1219)
Howard v. St. Louis-San Francisco Ry. Co.
Certificates, 1937-1939 (Container V:1229)
Interstate Commerce Commission hearings
Nos. H48-H57, H105, H110, undated (Container V:1233)
Missouri State Conference NAACP v. Bond
Background information
Maps, 1980 (Container V:1285)
BOX V:OV 11 New Jersey
Beaman v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Maps, undated (Container V:1308)
Elliot v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Map, 1963 (Container V:1325)
Jersey City redistricting case
Maps, 1982, undated (Container V:1342)
Rice v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Maps, 1962 (Container V:1349)
BOX V:OV 12 New York
Blackstone v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Map, 1964 (Container V:1418)
General case material
Exhibits to document dated 25 July 1966
Maps, 1961-1966, undated (Container V:1418)
Brody-Jones v. Macchiarola
Background information
1973, Oct.
Map (Container V:1437)
1975, Oct.
Maps (Container V:1439)
BOX V:OV 13 1977, Oct.
Printouts of annual school census (Container V:1443)
BOX V:OV 14 Undated
Map (Container V:1446)
Nos. 88-89, 93-95, 1977, undated (Container V:1452)
No. 243, 1977, undated (Container V:1453)
BOX V:OV 15 Collins v. Irving Place Child Dev. Center
State and Local Day Care Licensing Requirements, 1973 (Container V:1498)
Community School Bd. 29 and Department of Educ.
Community School Board
No. 119 (floor plans), 1970 (Container V:1500)
Cooper v. Power
Background information
Maps, 1942, 1951, 1961-1962 (Container V:1506)
Davis v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Maps, 1956-1959 (Container V:1512)
Dixon v. Board of Educ.
Background information
Map, 1960 (Container V:1516)
Erasmus Hall High School Parent-Teachers Ass'n v. Board of Educ.
Map, 1971 (Container V:1525)
Fair Hous. Dev. Corp. v. Burke
Background information
Report, 1968 (Container V:1525)
Maps, 1960, 1969-1978, undated (Container V:1527)
Hart v. Community School Bd.
Background information
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