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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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Part X: Administrative File, 1911-2019 (continued)
Board of Directors, 1920-2017 (continued)
1978-1979 (continued)
(8 folders)
BOX X:55 1980-1982
(8 folders)
BOX X:56 1983-1985
(10 folders)
BOX X:57 1985-1986
(7 folders)
BOX X:58 1986-1987
(8 folders)
BOX X:59 1987-1988
(10 folders)
BOX X:60 1989-1990
(9 folders)
BOX X:61 1990-1991
(8 folders)
BOX X:62 1991-1992
(12 folders)
BOX X:63 1992-1993
(10 folders)
BOX X:64 1993
(10 folders)
BOX X:65 1993-1994
(9 folders)
BOX X:66 1994-1995
(8 folders)
BOX X:67 1995-1997
(7 folders)
BOX X:68 1998-2011
(6 folders)
BOX X:68 Members
BOX X:68 Alexander, Kelly M., Jr., 1977-1979
BOX X:68 Alexander, Kelly M., Sr., 1978, 1984-1985
BOX X:68 Bond, Julian, 1991, 1998-2000, 2006-2015 See also Container X:OV 1, same heading
BOX X:68 Brock, Roslyn M., 2010
BOX X:68 Cobb, W. Montague, 1946-1962, 1968, 1970-1987
BOX X:69 Cobb, W. Montague, 1946-1962, 1968, 1970-1987
(3 folders)
BOX X:69 Colley, Nathaniel S., Jr., 1975-1977
BOX X:69 Craft, Silas E., 1976-1979
BOX X:69 Douglas, Emmitt J., 1979
BOX X:69 Dukes, Hazel N., 1990-1994
BOX X:69 Evers-Williams, Myrlie
BOX X:69 1995-1997
(6 folders)
BOX X:70 2009
DF 2009
Digital ID: mss34140_261_011
BOX X:70 Gibson, William F., 1986-1995
(4 folders)
BOX X:70 Haupt, Ira, II, 1977-1978
BOX X:70 Hudson, Claude H., 1979
BOX X:70 Lewis, Alfred Baker, 1963, 1969-1980
(3 folders)
BOX X:70 Oliver, William H., 1977-1979
BOX X:70 Perry, Matthew J., 1976-1978
BOX X:70 Pickens, William, III, 1975-1978
BOX X:70 Spottswood, Stephen Gill, 1972
BOX X:70 Starr, Robert E., 1989-1991
BOX X:71 Wilson, Margaret Bush, 1975-1984
(8 folders)
BOX X:71 Miscellany, 1981-1983, 1989-1994, undated
BOX X:71 "NAACP Board of Directors: A Snapshot, with Suggestions for a Full Portrait" by Robert C. Smith, 1997
BOX X:72 Orientation, 1993-1994, 2002-2007
(3 folders)
BOX X:72 Profiles and biographies, 1983-1994
(2 folders)
BOX X:72 Questionnaire on comprehensive long-range planning, 1985
BOX X:72 Reports
BOX X:72 1946-1947
(2 folders)
BOX X:73 1948-1949, 1958-1977
(9 folders)
BOX X:74 1978-1983
(9 folders)
BOX X:75 1984-1988
(7 folders)
BOX X:76 1989-1992
(8 folders)
BOX X:77 1993-1996
(8 folders)
BOX X:78 1997-2001
(7 folders)
BOX X:79 2002-2005
(5 folders)
BOX X:80 2007-2009
(2 folders)
BOX X:80 Retreat
BOX X:80 2003-2004
(6 folders)
BOX X:81 2005
BOX X:81 Self-assessment, 2002, May
BOX X:81 Support staff, 1995-1996
BOX X:81 Tenure of board members, 1966-1983, 1977-2005, 2014-2016
(2 folders)
BOX X:81 Thousandaire Club, 1992-1994
BOX X:81-233 General Office File, 1911-2019
The General Office File documents the broad range of activities administered by the national staff concerning energy policy, international affairs, religious affairs, health, housing, and fundraising, and is focused mostly between 1977 and 2009. The subseries features correspondence, speeches, writings, biographical information, and other files of executive director Roy Wilkins and chief executive officers Benjamin L. Hooks, Ben Chavis, Kweisi Mfume, and Ben Jealous, as well as various executive secretaries and assistants. The subseries includes documentation of events, including conferences, summits, and the NAACP Image Awards. Records featuring celebrations include various anniversaries, mostly notably the NAACP centennial in 2009. Many files relate to the annual Spingarn Medal, including event ceremonies and award committee meetings. Other administrative matters represented include the association's constitution and bylaws, organizational histories, strategic planning, staff meetings, and personnel issues. The subseries also includes a range of NAACP publications and printed matter, including annual reports, handbooks, manuals, brochures, and pamphlets.
Material types include correspondence, memoranda, press releases, spreadsheets, speeches, news clippings, awards, event programs, contracts, notes, petitions, forms, directories, photographs, proposals, reports, minutes, resolutions, manuals, handbooks, interviews, and printed matter. Some textual and visual material, as well as audio and video material are in digital formats.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, name of person, or type of material. The file structure of the digital content maintained as received.
BOX X:81 Africa
BOX X:81 Africare, 1984-1989
BOX X:81 General, 1957, 1965-1981, 1988-1992, circa 2000
BOX X:82 General, 1957, 1965-1981, 1988-1992, circa 2000
(2 folders)
BOX X:82 NAACP Task Force on Africa, 1976-1978
(3 folders)
BOX X:82 South Africa
BOX X:82 1927, 1972, 1984-1994, undated
(3 folders)
BOX X:83 1985, 1994
(4 folders)
BOX X:83 TransAfrica, 1981-1987
BOX X:83 African American research institutions, 1984-1991
BOX X:83 Agreements, 1980-1982, 1999, undated
BOX X:84 AIDS (disease), 1986-1987
BOX X:84 Airlines, 1968-1979
BOX X:84 "Alternative Policies in the Public Interest for Economic Growth" (report), 1981
BOX X:84 American Federation of Jews from Central Europe, 1984
BOX X:84 American Indians, 1970
BOX X:84 Anheuser-Busch boycott, 1982
BOX X:84 Anniversaries
BOX X:84 50th, 1959
BOX X:84 73rd and 74th, 1982-1983
BOX X:84 75th (Diamond Jubilee)
BOX X:84 1983-1984
(4 folders)
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