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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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Part X: Branch Department, 1940-2018 (continued)
Youth and College Division, 1945-2011 (continued)
BOX X:742 Miscellany, 1971-1993
BOX X:742 Illinois
BOX X:742 Chicago youth councils and college chapters, 1954, 1992-1998
BOX X:742 Lake County Youth Council, 1951-1966
BOX X:742 Miscellany, 1970-1994
BOX X:742 Southern Illinois University Chapter, 1989
BOX X:742 Indiana, miscellany, 1971-1993
BOX X:742 Iowa
BOX X:742 Des Moines Youth Council, 1946-1950
BOX X:742 Miscellany, 1964-1993
BOX X:742 Waterloo Youth Council, 1946-1979
BOX X:742 Kansas, miscellany, 1971-1994
BOX X:742 Kentucky, miscellany, 1978-1994
BOX X:742 Louisiana
BOX X:742 Miscellany, 1968-1972, 1993-1994
BOX X:742 New Iberia Youth Council, 1970-1971
BOX X:743 New Orleans Youth Council, 1968-1990
(3 folders)
BOX X:743 Maryland
BOX X:743 Baltimore youth councils, 1967-1972, 1989-1994
BOX X:743 Bowie State University Chapter, 1993-1994
BOX X:743 Miscellany, 1971-1977, 1992-1994
BOX X:743 Massachusetts, miscellany, 1959-1986
BOX X:743 Michigan
BOX X:743 Battle Creek Youth Council, 1969-1970
BOX X:743 Detroit Central Youth Group, 1974-1994
BOX X:743 Flint Youth Council, 1967-1982
BOX X:743 Macomb County Youth Council, 1949-1959
BOX X:743 Miscellany, 1970-1982, 1993
BOX X:744 Van Buren County Youth Council, 1960-1966
BOX X:744 Miscellany, 1971-1994
BOX X:744 Mississippi, miscellany, 1960-1994
BOX X:744 Missouri, miscellany, 1949-1976
BOX X:744 Nebraska, Omaha Youth Council, 1979-1994
BOX X:744 New England Region Volunteers (NERV), 1964
BOX X:744 New Jersey
BOX X:744 Burlington County Youth Council, 1959-1968
BOX X:744 Miscellany, 1969-1993
BOX X:744 Montclair Youth Council, 1946-1960
BOX X:744 Morris County Youth Council, 1982-1993
BOX X:744 Oranges and Maplewood Youth Council, 1947-1960
(2 folders)
BOX X:744 Paterson Youth Council
BOX X:744 1982-1986
BOX X:745 1992-1993
BOX X:745 New Mexico, miscellany, 1971-1979
BOX X:745 New York
BOX X:745 Auburn-Cayuga Youth Council, 1989-1990
BOX X:745 Brooklyn Youth Council, 1986-1994
BOX X:745 Hempstead Youth Council, 1989-1994
BOX X:745 Jamaica Youth Council, 1977-1982
BOX X:745 Miscellany, 1964-1994
BOX X:745 New York Branch (Harlem) Youth Council, 1985-1986
BOX X:745 New York City Transit Youth Council, 1986
BOX X:745 New York State Youth Conference, 1967, 1986
BOX X:745 Nyack Branch Youth Council, 1986, 1993
BOX X:745 North Carolina, miscellany, 1961-1978
BOX X:746 Ohio
BOX X:746 Akron Youth Council, 1947-1968
BOX X:746 Cleveland State University, 1989-1993
BOX X:746 Columbus Youth Council, 1971-1993
BOX X:746 Dayton Youth Council, 1946-1958, 1990
BOX X:746 Lorain Youth Council, 1969-1971
BOX X:746 Miscellany, 1966-1986
BOX X:746 Wellsville-East Liverpool Youth Council, 1979
BOX X:746 Oklahoma
BOX X:746 Miscellany, 1971-1989
BOX X:746 Oklahoma City Youth Council, 1970-1971
BOX X:746 Oregon, Portland Youth Council, 1946-1959
BOX X:746 Pennsylvania
BOX X:746 Coatesville Youth Council, 1961-1972
BOX X:746 Harrisburg youth councils, 1960, 1988-1994
BOX X:747 Johnstown Youth Council, 1945-1960
BOX X:747 Miscellany, 1958-1994
BOX X:747 North Philadelphia Youth Council, 1971-1993
BOX X:747 West Philadelphia Youth Council, 1989-1993
BOX X:747 South Carolina
BOX X:747 Aiken Youth Council, 1988-1989
BOX X:747 Claflin College Chapter, Orangeburg, 1977-1989
BOX X:747 Greenville Youth Council, 1961-1967
BOX X:747 Miscellany, 1968-1994
BOX X:747 Youth and College Division, 1989, 1993
(2 folders)
BOX X:748 Tennessee
BOX X:748 Memphis Youth Council, 2007
BOX X:748 Miscellany, 1972-1995
BOX X:748 Nashville Youth Council, 1969-1990
BOX X:748 Texas
BOX X:748 Dallas youth councils, 1971-1978, 1991
BOX X:748 Galveston Youth Council, 1946-1967
BOX X:748 Mainland Youth Council, Galveston County, 1969-1970
BOX X:748 Miscellany, 1967-1991
BOX X:748 Tyler (New Bethel) Youth Council, 1946-1955, 1979
BOX X:748 Virginia
BOX X:748 Chesterfield County Youth Council, 1989-1990
BOX X:748 Fredericksburg Youth Council, 1954-1962
BOX X:748 Henrico County Youth Council, 1951-1952, 1992-1993
(2 folders)
BOX X:748 J. Sargeant Reynolds College Chapter, Richmond, 1992-1993
BOX X:748 Miscellany, 1968-1993
BOX X:749 Norfolk Youth Council, 1945-1966
BOX X:749 Prince George County Youth Council, 1948-1972
BOX X:749 Richmond Youth Council, 1979, 1992-1994
BOX X:749 Virginia State Conference, 1968-1993
(4 folders)
BOX X:749 West Virginia, Greenbrier County Youth Council, 1958-1960
BOX X:749 Wisconsin, miscellany, 1976, 1993-1994
BOX X:749 Handbooks and manuals
BOX X:749 1968-1975
(4 folders)
BOX X:750 1986, 2000-2006, undated
(7 folders)
BOX X:750 History, 2011
BOX X:750 Jones, Nathaniel, correspondence, 1973-1976
BOX X:751 Membership reports, 1969-1978, 1994
(2 folders)
BOX X:751 Miscellany, 1970-1977, 2007
BOX X:751 Miss NAACP contest, 1971-1993
(3 folders)
BOX X:751 Moore, Wanda, "Unity News," 1990
BOX X:751 National Youth Work Committee
BOX X:751 1966-1972
(3 folders)
BOX X:752 1973-1986
BOX X:752 Nelson, Michael, college coordinator's reports, 1992-1993
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