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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-2019

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Part X: Legal Department, 1927-2002 (continued)
BOX X:1379-1461 Staff Files, 1927-1999
The Staff Files document the work of general counsels Thomas Atkins, Grover G. Hankins, Dennis Courtland Hayes, and Nathaniel R. Jones, several associate general counsels, and other staff members, including Willie Abrams and Curtis E. Rodgers, and share many characteristics of files in the General Office File subseries. Notable among the files is material documenting school desegregation efforts, research relating to cases of employment discrimination in the public and private sectors, and representation of African Americans in the media. The files of Curtis E. Rodgers include material related to his tenure as director of the Economic Development Department from 1979 to 1980.
Material types include correspondence, memoranda, reports, meeting minutes, printed matter, and notes. Includes an audio interview in digital format.
Arranged alphabetically by name and thereunder by subject or type of material. The file structure of the digital content maintained as received.
BOX X:1379 Abrams, Willie
BOX X:1379 African American farmers, 1997
BOX X:1379 Anti-mask law, Georgia, 1990
BOX X:1380 Appeals, 1990-1994
BOX X:1380 Appellate practice, 1991, 1998, undated
BOX X:1380 Attorney fees, 1978-1989, undated
BOX X:1380 Automatic Data Processing (ADP), 1996
BOX X:1380 Bond, Julian, 1966, 1998
BOX X:1380 Boycotts, 1956-1966, 1982-1987
BOX X:1380 Brown v. Board of Education, 1951-1955, 1987, 1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1380 Campaign finance reform, 1991, 1998
BOX X:1381 Canadian Bill of Rights, 1966, circa 1990
BOX X:1381 Center for Voting and Democracy, 1991-1998
BOX X:1381 Certificates of service, 1987-1990
BOX X:1381 Child custody and race, 1984, 1992-1997
BOX X:1381 Christian Coalition, 1996
BOX X:1381 Citizen mail response letters, 1993
BOX X:1381 Civil Rights Act of 1990; Civil Rights Act of 1991, 1989-1991
BOX X:1381 Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Ala., circa 1989
BOX X:1381 Claiborne Hardware Co. v. NAACP, 1982-1986
BOX X:1381 Community Development Block Grant Action Manual, undated
BOX X:1381 Compromise and settlement materials, 1978-1998
BOX X:1382 Contracts, forms and examples, 1982-1987
BOX X:1382 Crime and punishment, 1992-1998
BOX X:1382 Criminal justice issues, 1990-1994, undated
BOX X:1382 Cross burning, 1992-1993
BOX X:1382 Darrow, Clarence, 1927
BOX X:1382 Defamation, 1977-1992
(2 folders)
BOX X:1382 Discovery, 1986-1994
BOX X:1383 Drug courier profiles, 1960, 1986-1996
BOX X:1383 Education, 1987-1992
(3 folders)
BOX X:1383 Employment discrimination
BOX X:1383 1970, 1979-1998
(3 folders)
BOX X:1384 1979-1998
BOX X:1384 Entrapment, 1992-1997
BOX X:1384 Environmental justice, 1995-1998
BOX X:1384 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1996
BOX X:1384 Equal protection of the law, 1988
BOX X:1384 Farrakhan, Louis, 1994
BOX X:1384 Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 1989-1997
(3 folders)
BOX X:1384 Federal courts, 1983-circa 1990, undated
BOX X:1384 Federal rules of civil procedures and forms, 1988-1993
BOX X:1385 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1990, undated
BOX X:1385 First Amendment issues, 1977-1994
(2 folders)
BOX X:1385 Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1988-1990
BOX X:1385 Hate crimes, 1992-1993
BOX X:1385 Jackson, Jesse, 1987
BOX X:1385 Judgments, collateral estoppel, 1976-1991
BOX X:1385 Jury selection issues, 1977, 1988-1994
(2 folders)
BOX X:1386 King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1966-1967
BOX X:1386 Ku Klux Klan, 1988-1997
BOX X:1386 Law students, 1993-1998
BOX X:1386 Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1997-1998
BOX X:1386 Loving v. Virginia, 1966-1967
BOX X:1386 Malicious prosecution, 1997-1998
BOX X:1386 Memoranda, 1990-1999
(4 folders)
BOX X:1386 Military issues, circa 1997
BOX X:1387 Miscellany, 1980-1999, undated
(2 folders)
BOX X:1387 Mississippi State Chapter, Operation PUSH, 1987-1991
BOX X:1387 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
BOX X:1387 Civil Rights Training Institute
BOX X:1387 1997, Nov. 6-9
(2 folders)
BOX X:1388 1998, Oct.
BOX X:1388 Miscellany, 1978-1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1388 Patterson v. P. H. P. Healthcare Corp., 1996
BOX X:1388 Personal security, 1987
BOX X:1388 Poverty Advocates Research Council, 1989-1990
(2 folders)
BOX X:1389 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 1976, 1987
BOX X:1389 Richmond v. J. A. Croson, 1989, 1995
BOX X:1389 School desegregation, 1979-1991
(2 folders)
BOX X:1389 Shaw v. Reno, 1993
BOX X:1389 Speedy trial rules, 1998
BOX X:1390 State and branch files
BOX X:1390 Alabama, 1983, 1996-1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1390 Arkansas, 1997-1999
(2 folders)
BOX X:1390 California, 1996-2000
(2 folders)
BOX X:1390 Colorado; Wyoming, 1996-1997
BOX X:1390 Connecticut, 1998-2000
BOX X:1391 Delaware, 1990-1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1391 Florida, 1992-2001
(2 folders)
BOX X:1391 Georgia, 1996-1997
BOX X:1392 Georgia, 1996-1997
(2 folders)
BOX X:1392 Illinois, 1998
BOX X:1392 Kansas, 1998
BOX X:1392 Louisiana, 1997-1998
BOX X:1392 Maryland, 1996-1998
BOX X:1392 Massachusetts, 1997-1998
BOX X:1392 Michigan, 1996-1998
BOX X:1392 Minnesota, 1997-1998
BOX X:1393 Mississippi, 1995-1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1393 Missouri, 1998-1999
BOX X:1393 Nebraska, 1998-1999
BOX X:1393 New Jersey, 1995-1999
(2 folders)
BOX X:1393 New Mexico, 1993-1997
(3 folders)
BOX X:1394 New Mexico, 1993-1997
(2 folders)
BOX X:1394 New York, 1976-1998
(2 folders)
BOX X:1394 North Carolina, 1994-1999
(2 folders)
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