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Rhoda Métraux papers, 1837-1997

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Part I: Projects, 1936-1971 (continued)
Germany, 1944-1952, undated
Information retrieval, 1962-1963
Language, 1958-1961
Learning and perception, 1945-1959
Manus Province, Papua New Guinea
Foerstel, Lenora, image making, 1965-1966
Schwartz, Theodore
"Manus Orientation in Space and Time," 1965-1967
BOX 108 Notes regarding project, 1964
Mathematics, 1958-1963
Modality Utilization Seminar, Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, Philadelphia, Pa., 1960-1962
(2 folders)
Montserrat, 1954, 1964-1966
Pakistan, interview with Fazal Ammed Chowdry, 1962
Projective tests See Container 26, same heading
"Boundaries," 1961
"Far Away/Long Ago"
College students, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1961
Deaf students, 1961
Elderly respondents, 1961-1963
High school students
California, Palo Alto, 1961
BOX 109 Connecticut, Falls Village, 1961
Indiana, Fort Wayne, 1961
Johnson City, 1961
Kingsport, 1961
Miscellany, 1961-1963
New York Training School, New Hampton, N.Y., 1962-1963
Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 1964
BOX 110 Northside High School, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Analysis of responses, 1964
Responses, 1964
(2 folders)
"The Strange: Inside and Outside," 1962
“The Strange and the Unknown"
College students, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1961-1962
(2 folders)
Elderly respondents, Santa Barbara, Calif., 1963
Miscellany, 1961-1963
"The Stranger," 1966
Time and space, 1962
BOX 111 "The Universe," Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 1964
Samoa, interviews with Gloria Cooper, 1962-1966
Sensory perception, 1959-1963
South Sea Islands, children's drawings, undated
Soviet Union
Children's exhibition, New York, N.Y., 1961-1962
Soviet imagery, transcripts from Leopold H. Haimson, 1951, undated
Miscellany, 1960-1962
BOX 112 Study conducted by students, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1960-1961
(2 folders)
World peace cartoon competition, 1960
BOX 112-128 Part I: Lectures and Writings, 1938-1980
The Lectures and Writings series documents the breadth of Métraux's research interests and contributions to the field of anthropology. Topics include Caribbean peasant cultures in Haiti and Montserrat; contemporary national cultures, especially that of France; and public opinion research, particularly popular attitudes toward science. The series contains lectures and articles spanning four decades from 1941 to 1980 and drafts of books written in collaboration with Mead and Theodora Mead Abel. Also in the series is a draft and other material relating to Métraux's dissertation on kinship in Haiti; books reviews; and drafts of Redbook magazine columns.
Material types include: drafts of lectures, articles, books, a dissertation, magazine columns, and reviews with related correspondence, notes, and outlines.
Arranged as lectures and writings. Lectures are arranged chronologically. Writings are arranged alphabetically by type of publication.
BOX 112 Lectures
1949, Nov. 16, "Possession: Asymmetry and Climax in Haitian Vodou," American Anthropological Association, 1948-1949
Oct. 17, panelist, "Caribbean Flavor," Association for the Advancement of Caribbean Education, New York, N.Y.
Oct.-Nov., lecture series, New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, Princeton, N.J., 1954-1955
Dec. 15, "Community as the Sample," New York University, New York, N.Y.
Dec. 28, "American Protestant Sects in a Caribbean Setting," Detroit, Mich., 1954-1955
Jan. 19-Nov. 28, miscellaneous
Mar. 16, "A Holistic View of Reality," Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y., 1954-1955
Apr. 8, "Imagery in Culture," Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, N.Y.
Nov. 17, "Cultural Mediation of the Parent-Child Relationship," American Anthropological Association, Boston, Mass.
BOX 113 1956
Mar. 15, "Childhood Security and Adult Adaptation: Some Effects of Cultural Change among Chinese," American Orthopsychiatric Association, New York, N.Y., 1954-1956
Apr. 28, "An Anthropologist Looks at the Problem of Adjustment," Chinese Student and Alumni Services conference, New York, N.Y., 1956
May 1-Sept. 25, miscellaneous
Feb. 12-Dec. 18, miscellaneous
Feb. 28, "The Time Factor in Introducing Cultural Change," International Affairs Seminars, Washington, D.C.
Apr. 1, "Thematic Emphases in Childrearing," American Academy of Pediatrics, Washington, D.C.
Nov. 25, "Montserrat, B.W.I.: Implications of Suspended Cultural Change," New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N.Y.
Jan. 21-Dec. 7, miscellaneous, 1957-1958
May 3, "Anthropology and Learning," Bank Street College of Education, New York, N.Y.
Dec. 29, "The Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia," Colloquium on Overseas Chinese, Manila, Philippines
(2 folders)
BOX 114 1960
Feb. 4, "Toward a New Age of Man," Eastern Regional Conference of the Child Welfare League, Philadelphia, Pa., 1959-1960
Mar. 2-Aug., miscellaneous
Oct. 11, "Early Marriage," Jewish Family Service Association, South Orange, N.J.
Nov. 17, "Some Little Known Projective Tests," American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis, Minn., 1958-1960
Dec. 14, "Chinese Attitudes Towards Sickness and Health," Postgraduate Center for Psychoanalysis, New York, N.Y., 1960-1961
Jan. 17-Feb. 18, miscellaneous, 1960-1961
Oct. 10, "Some Sociological Requirements for a Peaceful World Order," with Margaret Mead, American Rocket Society meeting, New York, N.Y., 1961-1962
Oct. 18, "The Mission of the Church to the Family," Christ Church, Cambridge, Mass., 1961-1962
Oct. 24, "The West Indies Come into the Modern World," Trinity Church, New York, N.Y.
Dec. 30, "Early Adolescent Friendship Patterns as a Constructive Handling of the Incest Barrier," American Association for the Advancement of Science, Denver, Colo.
Jan., "Participation of Anthropologists in Research Relevant to Peace," with Margaret Mead, American Anthropological Association, 1962-1964
BOX 115 Feb. 17, "Anthropology and Evolution: A View of the Future of Man," State University of New York, College of Education, New Paltz, N.Y., 1961-1962
Mar. 12, "The Family's Role in Preserving Human Values," Church of the Advent, Boston, Mass., 1961-1963
Mar. 12-Dec. 5, miscellaneous
Mar. 14, "The Middle-Aged Woman: A Modern Phenomenon," Conference on Middle Age, New York, N.Y., 1961-1962
Nov. 17, "The Dimensions of Time: A Preliminary Examination," American Anthropological Association, Chicago, Ill., 1958-1962
Jan. 9-Nov. 11, miscellaneous, 1962-1963
Mar. 9, "Immigrants and Natives in the Space Age," American Orthopsychiatric Association, Washington, D.C.
Oct. 15, "Family Living, 1963," Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 22, "The Tree: Cultural Backgrounds of a Contemporary Mathematical Model," American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, Calif.
BOX 116 1964
Aug., "Cultural Areas and the Study of World-wide Change," International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Moscow, USSR, 1963-1964
(2 folders)
Nov. 30, "The Interdisciplinary Approach toward Composite Understanding of the In-Between Years," Youth within Our Changing World conference, New York, N.Y.
May 14, "Social and Cultural Barriers to Communication," Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
June 24, "Cultural Patterns and Technical Change," International Study and Research Institute, New York, N.Y.
Oct. 6, "Planning for an Urban Culture," American Institute of Planners, St. Louis, Mo.
Dec. 26, "Cultural Implications of Modern Methods of Control of Contraception," American Association for the Advancement of Science, Berkeley, Calif. 1965-1966
(2 folders)
1966, Jan., panel discussion, New York Academy of Sciences, Conference on Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Time, New York, N.Y.
BOX 117 1967, May 7, "American Diplomacy, Military Commitments and Foreign Aid," Society for Applied Anthropology, Washington, D.C.
Oct. 8, "The Backwash of Urbanism in a Primitive Society: The Iatmul of the Sepik River, New Guinea," Seminar on Content and Method of the Social Sciences, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1968-1969
Oct. 21, "Man in the Man-Made, Urban World," Man and Nature in the City symposium, Washington, D.C.
Nov. 22, "Death in Iatmul: Imagery and Cultural Transformation," American Anthropological Association, Seattle, Wash.
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