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Part II: Microfilm Set A, 1976-2000 (continued)
Indexes and Abstracts of Documents, 1976-2000 (continued)
REEL 754 By name
Set 1
REEL 755 Set 2
REEL 756 Set 3
A'angelillo to Alota, Denise
REEL 757 Alota, Edith to Aruca
REEL 758 Arucher to Barbato, Elaine
REEL 759 Barbato, Elmer C. to Becker, Tammy
REEL 760 Becker, Tammy to Bersow
REEL 761 Bersson to Bodian, Amanda
REEL 762 Bodian, Claire E. to Bratek
REEL 763 Brateman to Brunn, K. P.
REEL 764 Brunn, Katherine to Cafaro, Nicholas
REEL 765 Cafaro, P. to Carracio, Anna
REEL 766 Carracio, Anna to Cheng, Victoria
REEL 767 Cheng, W. to Chianta, Melissa
REEL 768 Chianta, Melissa to Cohen, Jack
REEL 769 Cohen, Jack to Copes, Helen R.
REEL 770 Copes, Lenora to Culver, Patricia
REEL 771 Culver, Richard to Davis, Sr. Patricia
REEL 772 Davis, Sr. Patricia to Deshon, Nancy
REEL 773 Deshon, Nancy to Donlon, Agnes Mary
REEL 774 Donlon, Agnes to Dushkind, Winifred J.
REEL 775 Dushkind, Winifred J. to Engler, Marjorie
REEL 776 Engler, Mark R. to Fein, Andrew
REEL 777 Fein, Ann to Fitzpatrick, Sr. Margaret
REEL 778 Fitzpatrick, Sr. Margaret to Frazier, Muriel
REEL 779 Frazier, N. to Freeman, Albert
REEL 780 Freeman, Alexander to Garcia, Mauve
REEL 781 Garcia, Mayra to Gilbert, Joan C.
REEL 782 Gilbert, Joan to Gonzalez, Adeil
REEL 783 Gonzalez, Adrian to Grenne, Myron
REEL 784 Grenne, Myron to Hadsell, Christopher
REEL 785 Hadsell, Debbie to Harris, Ronald S.
REEL 786 Harris, Ronald to Henne, Frank R.
REEL 787 Henne, Frank R. to Hoffman, Neil E.
REEL 788 Hoffman, Neil E. to Huml
REEL 789 Humlicek to Janke, Lester
REEL 790 Janke, R. to Jurgela, Peter
REEL 791 Jurgela, V. to Kahn, Stephen
REEL 792 Kahn, Stephen to Kelley, Joseph T.
REEL 793 Kelley, Joseph T. to Klapper, David
REEL 794 Klapper, Deborah to Kramer, George
REEL 795 Kramer, Gerald S. to Lamontagne, R.
REEL 796 Lamontague, M. to Lee, Sandra
REEL 797 Lee, Sandra to Lichter, Sidney
REEL 798 Lichter, Stephen M. to Louverture
REEL 799 Louw to Mahony, Sean
REEL 800 Mahony, Victor J. to Marrero, Richard
REEL 801 Marrero, Rolando to McCabe, Frances
REEL 802 McCabe, Frances to McMahon, Violet
REEL 803 McMahon, Warren to McNeely, Frances E.
REEL 804 McNeely, George A. to Miklesh, Andrew V.
REEL 805 Miklesh, Andrew to Montalbano, Lois
REEL 806 Montalbano, Louise to Mulligan, Brian
REEL 807 Mulligan, Brian to Nentwick, Thomas
REEL 808 Nentwick, Thomas to O'Connor, Kate
REEL 809 O'Connor, Katherine to Owens, Francis
REEL 810 Owens, Francis to Pavilk, John R.
REEL 811 Pavlik, John to Phillips, Patricia
REEL 812 Phillips, Patricia to Pounds, George
REEL 813 Pounds, Henry to Raleigh, John P.
REEL 814 Raleigh, Lori A. to Rettino, Anthony
REEL 815 Rettino, Anthony to Reynolds, James
REEL 816 Reynolds, James to Rockwood, Norma
REEL 817 Rockwood, Norma to Rothenberg, Marvin C.
REEL 818 Rothenberg, Marvin C. to Saladino, Michael
REEL 819 Saladino, Michael to Schattner, Glen
REEL 820 Schattner, Glenn S. to Schwartzberg, Nat
REEL 821 Schwartzberg, Nat to Shauris, Albert C.
REEL 822 Shauris, S. to Simon, Leonard
REEL 823 Simon, Leonard to Smith, Wayne J.
REEL 824 Smith, Wayne J. to Stahl, Ellsworth
REEL 825 Stahl, Ernest C. to Stott, Eileen
REEL 826 Stott, Elizabeth to Taibbi, Elizabeth
REEL 827 Taibbi, Elizabeth to Tamberland, Phillip
REEL 828 Tamberland, Theresa to Thomason, Leise
REEL 829 Thomason, Leslie to Trueman, David
REEL 830 Trueman, Jeremiah to Vavolizza, Victor
REEL 831 Vavolizza, Victor to Wallman, Josh
REEL 832 Wallman, Josh to Weiskoff, Richard
REEL 833 Weiskoff, Richard to Wilkes, Lucia
REEL 834 Wilkes, Marcy to Woodley, Mildred
REEL 835 Woodley, Ronald to Ziegler, Sharon
REEL 836 Ziegler, Sharon to Zyzles
REEL 837 1997, by name
REEL 838 1998, by name
REEL 839 1999, by name
REEL 840 2000, by name
REEL 841 By name
Aaron to Plane
REEL 842 Platnick to Zysman
REEL 843 1981
REEL 844 1982
REEL 845 1983
REEL 846 1984
Aaronson to Schrichte
REEL 847 Schrier to Zwyer
REEL 848 1985
Abbate to S. Schechter Day School
REEL 849 S. L. E. FDN, Inc. to Zydel
REEL 850 1986
REEL 851 1987
Aaron to Vidovic
REEL 852 Viessmann to Zyskind
REEL 853 1988
REEL 854 1989
REEL 855 By topic
No. 1
REEL 856 No. 2
REEL 857 1979
No. 1
REEL 858 No. 2
REEL 859 No. 3
REEL 860 No. 4
REEL 861 No. 5
REEL 862 1980
“Administration” to “Foreign relations”
REEL 863 “Foreign relations” to “Immigration”
REEL 864 “Immigration” to “Military”
REEL 865 “Military” to “Transportation”
REEL 866 “Transportation”
REEL 867 1981
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