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Part II: Microfilm Set A, 1976-2000 (continued)
REEL 339-898 Indexes and Abstracts of Documents, 1976-2000
Indexes and abstracts of documents, including indexes of material in the Central File and abstracts of documents that were not filmed or retained in the original.
Arranged in three groupings: a chronological file, a name file, and a topical file with numbered sets within each group. The chronological file includes sublistings such as address, date, document type, name, and topic. The name and topical indexes are arranged chronologically and therein alphabetically by name of person or organization or topic. Gaps exist in the indexes for reels that were not received from Moynihan's office.
REEL 339 Chronological
By date
REEL 340 By name and topic
REEL 341 By staff initials
REEL 342 1978
By address
REEL 343 By date
REEL 344 By document type (applications, invitations, correspondence, general greetings, etc.)
REEL 345 By name of individual
No. 1
REEL 346 No. 2
REEL 347 No. 3
REEL 348 By name of company or organization
No. 1
REEL 349 No. 2
REEL 350 No. 3
REEL 351 By topic
REEL 352 1979
By date For additional material see Reel 462
REEL 353 By document type
REEL 354 By line
REEL 355 By name
Set 1
A. A. DeArauto, M. D. to Faul, William H.
REEL 356 Faul, William H. to Lippingoh, Bill
REEL 357 Lippincoh, Roy L. to Savickis
REEL 358 Saville to West, C. W.
REEL 359 West, C. W. to Zywiak
REEL 360 Set 2
Aaron to Aysman
REEL 361 By topic, “Administrative” to “Correspondent Management Systems”
REEL 362 1980
By date
REEL 363 By document type
REEL 364 By name
Aabo to Eng, Phillip
REEL 365 Eng, Phillip to Le
REEL 366 Lea to Rohrig
REEL 367 Rohrmann to Unangst, F. Joseph
REEL 368 Unangst, F. Joseph to Zysman
REEL 369 By topic
“Administrative” to “Issue Military”
REEL 370 “Issue Military” to “Issue”
REEL 371 By address
No. 1
REEL 372 No. 2
REEL 373 By date
REEL 374 By document type
REEL 375 By name
A. D. Heinemann, M.D. to Brown, Monica
REEL 376 Brown, Monica to Decker, Virginia
REEL 377 Decker, Virginia to Garber, E.
REEL 378 Garber, Eli to Harper, Iva
REEL 379 Harper, James to Kokesch
REEL 380 Kokis to McCune, Constance
REEL 381 McCune, Jeannette to Panigua
REEL 382 Panikowski to Richard, Carmen
REEL 383 Richard, Charlene to Smith, Margaret
REEL 384 Smith, Margaret to Weinstein, Clement
REEL 385 Weinstein, Constance to Zywer
REEL 386 1981
By topic
“Administrative” to “Issue”
REEL 387 “Issue” to “Issue Z”
REEL 388 1982
By address
REEL 389 By date For additional material see Reel 453
REEL 390 By document type
REEL 391 By name
Aaar to Bockstern
REEL 392 Bocskay to Cohen, Dorothy
REEL 393 Cohen, Dorothy to Durfee, David
REEL 394 Durfee, Elaine to Foley, Katherine
REEL 395 Foley, Katherine to Haber, Marjorie
REEL 396 Haber, Martin to Judy
REEL 397 Judye, Eileen to Leuine
REEL 398 Levine to Marsh, Greta
REEL 399 Marsh, Greta to Nattland
REEL 400 Natton to Quinzio
REEL 401 Quirantato to Schmidt, David
REEL 402 Schmidt, Dolores to Smith, David
REEL 403 Smith, David to Vanderlie
REEL 404 Vanderlinden to Zzubay
REEL 405 By topic
REEL 406 1983
By address
No. 1
REEL 407 No. 2
REEL 408 By date
REEL 409 By document type
REEL 410 By name
A'Deffaus to Bonnett
REEL 411 Bonnevell to Conace, Elaine
REEL 412 Conace, Theresa to Elswick
REEL 413 Elswit to Filmus
REEL 414 Filmer, to Grubstein
REEL 415 Grucci to Jordan, Lionel
REEL 416 Jordan, Lionel to Liebman, Anna
REEL 417 Liebman, Anna to Mayer, Adrian
REEL 418 Mayer, Alice to O'Donnell, Margaret M.
REEL 419 O'Donnel, Margaret V. to Riccobond
REEL 420 Riccobono to Sherman, Vivian
REEL 421 Sherman, Wendy to Storr
REEL 422 Storrer to Weiss, Phyllis
REEL 423 Weiss, Rae to Zysman
REEL 424 By topic, “Administration” to “Case work files”
REEL 425 1984
By address
No. 1
REEL 426 No. 2
REEL 427 By date
Set 1
REEL 428 Feb.-Apr.
REEL 429 Apr.-June
REEL 430 June-Aug.
REEL 431 Aug.-Dec.
REEL 432 Set 2
REEL 433 Oct.-Dec.
REEL 434 By document type
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