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Part II: Microfilm Set A, 1976-2000 (continued)
REEL 899-1004 Mailing Lists, 1982-1993
Mailing lists of correspondents and constituents.
Arranged by year and therein alphabetically by name of person or organization. Gaps exist in the mailing lists for reels that were not received from Moynihan's office.
REEL 899 1982
Ardwick to Antell, Esther
REEL 900 Antell, Florida to Barnes family
REEL 901 Barnes family to Bernardi, John
REEL 902 Bernardi, Joseph to Borowicz
REEL 903 Borowiec family to Brund family
REEL 904 Brund family to Capobianco family
REEL 905 Capobianco family to Childs family
REEL 906 Childs family to Colucci, Salvatore
REEL 907 Colucci, Sharon to Cuervo, Maria
REEL 908 Cuervo, Olga to Defrancesco, Joseph
REEL 909 Defrancesco, Lawrence to Doherty family
REEL 910 Doherty family to Ehmann, Karen
REEL 911 Ehmann, Kenneth to Feliciano, Maria
REEL 912 Feliciano, Maria to Fowler family
REEL 913 Fowler family to Garrison, Mabel
REEL 914 Garrison, Mabel to Goldberg family
REEL 915 Goldberg family to Griffin, Renee
REEL 916 Griffin, Revard to Harris family
REEL 917 Harris family to Hill family
REEL 918 Hill family to Hunter family
REEL 919 Hunter family to Johnson, Marie
REEL 920 Johnson, Marie to Kelly, Dorothy
REEL 921 Kelly, Dorothy to Kotas family
REEL 922 Kotas family to Laporte family
REEL 923 Laporte family to Libmann family
REEL 924 Libman family to MacLauchlan family
REEL 925 MacLaughlin family to Martin family
REEL 926 Martin family to McCullough family
REEL 927 McCullough family to Mikac
REEL 928 Mikades family to Morrison family
REEL 929 Morrison family to Newsome family
REEL 930 Newsome family to Ortiz family
REEL 931 Ortiz family to Pellicane, Charles
REEL 932 Pellicane, Christine to Pomeroy, John
REEL 933 Pomeroy, June to Ravenell, Johnsie
REEL 934 Ravenell, Joseph to Rivero, Josephine
REEL 935 Rivero, Juan to Rouff family
REEL 936 Rouff family to Satz family
REEL 937 Satz family to Scully family
REEL 938 Scully family to Silverman, Belle
REEL 939 Silverman, Ben to Soto, Venancia
REEL 940 Soto, Ventura to Stricoff, Dane
REEL 941 Stricoff, Ounrund to Thompson family
REEL 942 Thompson family to Tzudiker
REEL 943 Tzuker family to Walden, Lester
REEL 944 Walden, Lottie to Weyant
REEL 945 Weybrecht family to Woodley, Olivia
REEL 946 Woodly, Pauline to Zzie
REEL 947 1993 For additional material see Reel 1021
A. A. M. H. to Andersen family
REEL 948 Andersen family to Bagley
REEL 949 Bays to Beyea, Ralph F.
REEL 950 Beyea, Robert to Borodin
REEL 951 Borodkin to Brown, Halbe
REEL 952 Brown, Halbe to Cabo
REEL 953 Caboara to Casaly
REEL 954 Casamassenia to Ciccrelli
REEL 955 Ciccu to Congel
REEL 956 Congelisi to Crosby, J.
REEL 957 Crosby, Patrick to Davis
REEL 958 Davis-Barman to Diana, Erika
REEL 959 Diana, Frank to Drewal family
REEL 960 Drewbert to Ellsworth, Ivan
REEL 961 Ellsworth, Ivan to Feldman, Bernie
REEL 962 Feldman, Bertha to Foglia, Anthony
REEL 963 Foglia, Celeste to Furze, Edward
REEL 964 Furze, Susan to Gettleman, Harriet
REEL 965 Gettleman, Howard to Goode, Edward
REEL 966 Goode, Edward to Grogi
REEL 967 Grogiano to Hans, Trudy
REEL 968 Hans, William to Hendricks, Jennifer Anne
REEL 969 Hendricks, Jerry to Holt, Rochelle Lynn
REEL 970 Holt, Rodney to Iruzzi
REEL 971 Irv to Jones, Patricia
REEL 972 Jones, Patricia to Kelleher, Gloria
REEL 973 Kelleher, Helen to Klos, Amy
REEL 974 Klos, Barbara to Kuper, Sharon
REEL 975 Kuper, Sol to Lazo
REEL 976 Lazoff family to Liem
REEL 977 Lieman family to Lurie, Alan
REEL 978 Lurie, Alfred J. to Marafioti, John
REEL 979 Marafioti, Rose to Maynard, Lori Ann
REEL 980 Maynard, Lucille to McPartland, E.
REEL 981 McPartland, E. to Miller, Robert
REEL 982 Miller, Robert to Mores, Barbara
REEL 983 Mores, Barbara to Neighbor, Helen
REEL 984 Neighbor, Laura to O'Neil, Brian E.
REEL 985 O'Neil, Brian to Jane Pannick
REEL 986 Pannick, Robert to Pessoa, Cyril
REEL 987 Pessoa, Lilia to Portnoy, Morton
REEL 988 Portnoy, Morton to Ranklin
REEL 989 Ranko to Rietschel
REEL 990 Rietschlin to Rosenberg, James L.
REEL 991 Rosenberg, James to Sager
REEL 992 Sagerman to Schimaler
REEL 993 Schmiloler to Selig, Helen
REEL 994 Selig, Joan to Silva, Daniel
REEL 995 Silva, Daniel to Snyder, Heidi
REEL 996 Snyder, Helen to Steinberg, Lawrence
REEL 997 Steinberg, Lee to Swartwood, Gladys
REEL 998 Swartwood, Harry to Thurnbeer family
REEL 999 Thurnbeer, Carol to Underwood, Lisa
REEL 1000 Underwood, Loretta to Wadia
REEL 1001 Wadien to Weisband, Mimi
REEL 1002 Weisband, R. to Willis, Richard
REEL 1003 Willis, Richard to Young, Jean
REEL 1004 Young, Jean to Zzubay
REEL 1005-1020 Part II: Microfilm Set B, 1993
An addition of name indexes supplementing the chronological file in Microfilm Set A of the indexes and abstracts of documents subseries.
Arranged by numbered set and therein alphabetically by name of person or organization.
Microfilm shelf no. 23,191
REEL 1005 Indexes and abstracts of documents
REEL 1005 Chronological
By name
Set 2
Wich to Zyzes
REEL 1006 Set 5
Aagar to Christie, Jeane
REEL 1007 Christie, Jill to Frennier
REEL 1008 Frensch to Kambour
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