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Part II: Microfilm Set A, 1976-2000 (continued)
Mailing Lists, 1982-1993 (continued)
REEL 979 Marafioti, Rose to Maynard, Lori Ann
REEL 980 Maynard, Lucille to McPartland, E.
REEL 981 McPartland, E. to Miller, Robert
REEL 982 Miller, Robert to Mores, Barbara
REEL 983 Mores, Barbara to Neighbor, Helen
REEL 984 Neighbor, Laura to O'Neil, Brian E.
REEL 985 O'Neil, Brian to Jane Pannick
REEL 986 Pannick, Robert to Pessoa, Cyril
REEL 987 Pessoa, Lilia to Portnoy, Morton
REEL 988 Portnoy, Morton to Ranklin
REEL 989 Ranko to Rietschel
REEL 990 Rietschlin to Rosenberg, James L.
REEL 991 Rosenberg, James to Sager
REEL 992 Sagerman to Schimaler
REEL 993 Schmiloler to Selig, Helen
REEL 994 Selig, Joan to Silva, Daniel
REEL 995 Silva, Daniel to Snyder, Heidi
REEL 996 Snyder, Helen to Steinberg, Lawrence
REEL 997 Steinberg, Lee to Swartwood, Gladys
REEL 998 Swartwood, Harry to Thurnbeer family
REEL 999 Thurnbeer, Carol to Underwood, Lisa
REEL 1000 Underwood, Loretta to Wadia
REEL 1001 Wadien to Weisband, Mimi
REEL 1002 Weisband, R. to Willis, Richard
REEL 1003 Willis, Richard to Young, Jean
REEL 1004 Young, Jean to Zzubay
REEL 1005-1020 Part II: Microfilm Set B, 1993
An addition of name indexes supplementing the chronological file in Microfilm Set A of the indexes and abstracts of documents subseries.
Arranged by numbered set and therein alphabetically by name of person or organization.
Microfilm shelf no. 23,191
REEL 1005 Indexes and abstracts of documents
REEL 1005 Chronological
By name
Set 2
Wich to Zyzes
REEL 1006 Set 5
Aagar to Christie, Jeane
REEL 1007 Christie, Jill to Frennier
REEL 1008 Frensch to Kambour
REEL 1009 Kamby to McMillian
REEL 1010 McMillen to Renaghan
REEL 1011 Renahan to Talbert
REEL 1012 Talbo to Zyzes
REEL 1013 Set 6
Aagar to Chan, Gary
REEL 1014 Chan, H. H. to Fleming, Stephen
REEL 1015 Fleming, W. C. to Jacobs, Gwendolyn
REEL 1016 Jacobs, Herbert to Martinez, Carmen
REEL 1017 Martinez, Catalina to Plunkett, Ed
REEL 1018 Plunkett, Gerry to Sokal, Paul
REEL 1019 Sokal, Sondra to Zelner, Lorraine
REEL 1020 Zelner, Norman to Zyzes, Keelan
REEL 1021 Part II: Microfilm Set C, 1993
An addition to Microfilm Set A of mailing lists of correspondents and constituents.
Arranged by year and therein by name of person or organization.
Microfilm shelf no. 23, 223
REEL 1021 Mailing lists
Bagley to Bays
BOX II:DF Part II: Digital Files, 1990-2000
Background material, notes, legislative material, fact sheets, notes, spreadsheet and photographic image.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:DF Legislative File
Subject File
Committee on Appropriations
Fiscal year 2000
Energy and Water Development
Compact disk, circa 1999 (Container II:880)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Foreign relations
Bay of Pigs
Central Intelligence Agency
Officially released historical documents, 1998 (Container II:1535)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Public works
Buildings and grounds
Foley Square, New York, N.Y.
Legislation, 1990-1992 (Container II:2009)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Notes, circa 1991 (Container II:2013)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Economic Development Administration
Appalachian Regional Commission
Legislation, 1990 (Container II:2036)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
1991 legislation
Fact sheets, notes, and statistics, 1991 (Container II:2303)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Chronological file
Spreadsheet, illegit.wk1, 27KB, 12/10/1993 (Container II:2792)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Image, Photo.jpg, 480KB, 8/22/2000 (Container II:2794)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
BOX II:CL 1 Part II: Classified, 1978-1995
Telegrams, memoranda, a briefing book, and biographical material.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:CL 1 Personal Office File
Scheduling File
Appointments and events
Washington office
Mar. (Container II:123)
May (Container II:123)
Feb. (Container II:125)
Aug. (Container II:128)
Aug. (Container II:141)
May (Container II:161)
Nov. (Container II:166)
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