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Daniel P. Moynihan papers, 1765-2003

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BOX II:DF Part II: Digital Files, 1990-2000
Background material, notes, legislative material, fact sheets, notes, spreadsheet and photographic image.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:DF Legislative File
Subject File
Committee on Appropriations
Fiscal year 2000
Energy and Water Development
Compact disk, circa 1999 (Container II:880)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Foreign relations
Bay of Pigs
Central Intelligence Agency
Officially released historical documents, 1998 (Container II:1535)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Public works
Buildings and grounds
Foley Square, New York, N.Y.
Legislation, 1990-1992 (Container II:2009)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Notes, circa 1991 (Container II:2013)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Economic Development Administration
Appalachian Regional Commission
Legislation, 1990 (Container II:2036)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
1991 legislation
Fact sheets, notes, and statistics, 1991 (Container II:2303)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Chronological file
Spreadsheet, illegit.wk1, 27KB, 12/10/1993 (Container II:2792)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
Image, Photo.jpg, 480KB, 8/22/2000 (Container II:2794)
Digital ID: mss75913_69_1
BOX II:RC 1-RC 8 Part II: Restricted Committee File, 1961-2000
Staff memoranda, bills, briefing books and briefing material, reports, speeches and statements, writings, meeting transcripts, and printed matter.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:RC 1 Legislative File
Subject File
Water pollution
Safe Drinking Water Act
Legislation, 1995 (Container II:1466)
BOX II:RC 2 Finance
Committee on Finance
Podoff, David
Chronological file
1995-1997 (Container II:1491)
(12 folders)
Jan.-Mar. (Container II:1491)
(2 folders)
BOX II:RC 3 Apr.-Dec. (Container II:1492)
(3 folders)
1999-2000 (Container II:1492)
(12 folders)
BOX II:RC 4 Subject file
Balanced budget constitutional amendment, 1995-1997 (Container II:1493)
(3 folders)
Consumer price index, 1961, 1995-1997 (Container II:1493)
(4 folders)
Debt limit, 1996 (Container II:1493)
(2 folders)
Medical education, graduate
1996 (Container II:1493)
BOX II:RC 5 1997-2000 (Container II:1494)
(5 folders)
Social security
Advance funding in 1977 amendments, 1998 (Container II: 1494)
Earnings limit
Mark-up of legislation, 1995 (Container II:1494)
Senate floor debate, 1995 (Container II:1494)
General revenue financing, 1999 (Container II:1494)
Payroll taxes, 1998-1999 (Container II:1494)
(2 folders)
Personal retirement accounts, 1998-1999 (Container II:1494)
(3 folders)
Social Security Protection, Preservation, and Reform Commission, 2000 (Container II:1494)
Speeches and writings by Moynihan, 1997-1999 (Container II:1494)
(3 folders)
Statistical policy, federal, 1996-1999 (Container II:1494)
(3 folders)
Treasury Department, nominations, 1995 (Container II:1494)
BOX II:RC 6 Foreign relations
Committee on Foreign Relations
Appointment and nomination hearings
Celeste, Richard F., 1997 (Container II:1549)
Indyk, Martin S., 1995-1997 (Container II:1551)
BOX II:RC 7 East Asia
Hearings, 1995 (Container II:1565)
Middle East
1997 (Container II:1626)
BOX II:RC 8 United Nations
Annan, Kofi, 1997 (Container II:1682)
Taxes and taxation
Community Renewal and New Markets Act of 2000, 2000 (Container II:2111)
BOX II:CL 1 Part II: Classified, 1978-1995
Telegrams, memoranda, a briefing book, and biographical material.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:CL 1 Personal Office File
Scheduling File
Appointments and events
Washington office
Mar. (Container II:123)
May (Container II:123)
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