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Some or all content stored offsite.
REEL 59-60 Series 7, Miscellaneous Bound Volumes and Clippings, 1768-1904
Digital content available.
Notes and writings on weather, Virginia history, law, plantation matters, a catalog of his library, and other documents, and clippings with subject annotation by Jefferson.
Arranged by volume number.
REEL 59 Vol. 1, Household Accounts and Notes of Virginia Court Legal Cases
Vol. 2, Weather Record, 1776-1818
Vol. 3, Historical Notes on Virginia
Vol. 4, Manual of Parliamentary Practice (Washington, 1801)
Vol. 5, “Notes on Salkeld's Reports,” “An Act Further to Amend the Judicial System of the United States,” and “An Act to Punish Certain Offences against the United States”
Vol. 6, List of the Post-Offices in the United States (Washington, D.C., 1803)
Vol. 7, Jefferson's Second Library
Vol. 8, Jefferson's inscribed flyleaves from Cicero's De Re Publica (Boston, 1823)
REEL 60 Vol. 9, The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (Washington, D.C., 1904)
Vol. 10, Clippings, 1785-1831, 1890, undated
REEL 60-65 Series 8, Virginia Records, 1606-1637
Digital content available.
Jefferson's copies of early Virginia laws and historical records.
In a general chronological arrangement. Volumes were renumbered in the digitized version.
Vol. 1, Thomas Mathew, The Beginning, Progress and Conclusion of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia in the Years 1675 & 1676, July 13, 1705
Vol. 2, John Mercer, Abridgement of the Public Acts, 1737
Vol. 3, Opinions of Learned Council, 1681-1722 (RB)
(the volume originally numbered 3, Abridgement of the Common Law, is damaged and therefore was not digitized)
REEL 61 Vol. 4, Sir John Randolph, Commonplace Book, 1680 (RB)
Vol. 5, Virginia, Laws and Orders Concluded on by the General Assembly, Mar. 5, 1623/1624 (RB)
Vol. 6, Virginia, Miscellaneous Records, 1606-1692 , The Bland Manuscript (RB)
REEL 62 Vol. 7, Legislature, Journal of Council and Assembly, 1642-1662, The Edmund Randolph Manuscript (RB)
Vol. 8, Virginia, Legislative Records, 1652-1660, The Jefferson Manuscript (RB)
Vol. 9, Virginia, Laws, 1662-1702, Charles City Manuscript See Vol. 11
REEL 63 Vol. 10, Virginia, Laws, 1661/1662-1702 , The Peyton Randolph Manuscript (RB)
Vol. 11, Virginia, 1705, Charles City Manuscript See Vol. 9
Vol. 12, Virginia, Acts of Assembly, 1705-1711 , The John Page Manuscript (RB)
Vol. 13, Virginia, Miscellaneous Papers, 1606-1692
Vol. 14, John Purvis, A Complete Collection of all the Laws of Virginia now in Force (RB)
REEL 64 Vol. 15, The Virginia Court Book, 1622-1629
Vol. 16, Virginia Company of London, Court Book, Part A, Apr. 28, 1619-May 8, 1622
Vol. 17, Virginia Company of London, Court Book, Part B, May 20, 1622-June 7, 1624
REEL 65 Vol. 18, Virginia, Executive Council, Transactions, 1698-1700
Vol. 19, Virginia, Foreign Business and Inquisitions, 1665-1676
Vol. 20, Virginia, Miscellaneous Records, 1606-1626
Vol. 21, Virginia, Commissions and Proclamations, 1629-1633
REEL 65 Series 9, Collected Manuscripts, 1783-1822
Digital content available.
Letters and notes collected by the Library since 1920.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 65 1783-1822
BOX 10:1-35 Series 10, Addition, 1735-1943
Digital content available.
Correspondence, notebooks, case book, garden book, farm books, volumes of financial records, newspaper clippings, and other material.
Arranged in parts. Part A contains original documents arranged alphabetically by type of material or topic. Part B consists of photocopies, transcripts, facsimiles, and miscellany arranged by type of material or topic.
BOX 10:1 Part A, originals
Index to Jefferson correspondence
Vol. 1, 1774-1826
Vol. 2, 1779-1826
BOX 10:2 General
9 Apr. 1781-11 June 1810
7 Sept. 1810-17 Oct. 1815
12 Dec. 1815-24 Dec. 1817
Jefferson to William Duane, list of books to buy in Paris for the Library of Congress, 19 July 1802
Some Jefferson Correspondence, 1775-1887 (Boston, 1902), edited by Worthington, C. Ford, 1902
Deed granting land to Patrick Shannon for military service, signed by Jefferson and James Madison, 1801 See Oversize
"Diary of Mr Mazzei's Affairs," chronicle of financial transactions, 5 Apr. 1790
Instructions of Congress to the ministers at the Court of Versailles, 1784
Library, announcement of sale, 24 Feb. 1829
Manual of parliamentary practice, draft fragment with typed transcription, undated
Order of execution and pardon for Samuel Miller, 1803 See also Oversize
"Subscription for the Author of the Declaration of Independence," 1826
BOX 10:3 Part B, photocopies, transcripts, and facsimiles
(4 folders)
BOX 10:4 1787-1804
(9 folders)
BOX 10:5 1805-1814
(7 folders)
BOX 10:6 1815-1823
(8 folders)
BOX 10:7 1824-1826, undated See also Oversize
(3 folders)
Correspondence and other papers reproduced in 1945 from the holdings of the Research Department, Colonial Williamsburg, Inc., Williamsburg, Va.
(4 folders)
BOX 10:8 1820, undated
Subject file
American Philosophical Society, 3 July 1799
Articles of agreement and cession by the commissioners of the United States and Georgia, 26 Apr. 1802
Articles for the surrendering of Virginia, undated
Blair v. Blair, notes on divorce suit, 1769-1770
Calendar of Jefferson Papers, State Department, 1902
(4 folders)
BOX 10:9 Camp Gwyn's Island, Va., map sketch, 11 June 1776
Committee of Arrangements, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, undated
Congress, western government, a report, 1 Mar. 1784
Dancing, undated
Declaration of Independence, drafts, 1776
Declaration of Rights, Virginia Convention, Aug. 1774
Dinner invitations, undated
"The Domestic Spinner," extract from the Delaware Spinner, undated
Drawings and estimates, Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, Calif., circa 1770-1805, undated
Epitaph and memorial design suggested by Jefferson, undated
First inaugural address, 4 Mar. 1801
Ford, Worthington C., "Jefferson's Constitution for Virginia," The Nation, 28 July 1890
Georgetown road map by John Triplett, 1801-1809
"Jefferson's Constitution for Virginia," by Worthington C. Ford, The Nation, 28 July 1890
BOX 10:10 Kentucky resolutions, 16 Nov. 1798
Lands, 1735-1788, undated See also Oversize
Library catalog, manuscript, 1783
(3 folders)
Megatherium description, Jan. 1789
Memorial for Jefferson, design by Larkin Mead, 1878 See also Oversize
Meteorological remarks, undated
Miscellany, 1815, 1889
Meriwether, Nicholas, lands, undated
Patterson, William, 1774
Pintard, John Marsden, undated
Recipe, beef canned and smoked, undated
Roane Case, opinion, 28 June 1771
Silver and gold, 1786[?]
Societe Royale et Centrale D'Agriculture, undated
Thornton, John, undated
Trees, grafting, undated
Virginia constitution, June 1776
Will, 17 Mar. 1826
BOX 10:11 Account books
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