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Literary File, 1885-1976 (continued)
Prose, circa 1906-1976 (continued)
Second draft, undated (continued)
(6 folders)
BOX 120 (9 folders)
BOX 121 (5 folders)
Final draft, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 122 (7 folders)
BOX 123 (5 folders)
Fragments, 1956-1961, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 124 (3 folders)
Galleys, annotated pages, 1961
(4 folders)
Illustrations, undated
Publicity file, 1961, undated
BOX 125 Related writings
Jacket and/or catalog text, 1961
Kask, Eleanor, citation, 1961
"One-Way Trip up to Spirit Lake," Scripps-Howard Syndicate, 1962
Publication announcements, 1960
This Is My Best, excerpt for, 1969
Research File
Correspondence, 1959-1961, undated
(2 folders)
Dictation, observations and interviews, 1956-1957
(2 folders)
Maps, annotated, 1938, 1956-1961, undated See also Oversize
BOX 126 Notes, 1956-1957, undated
(5 folders)
Printed material and documents, undated
Reviews and notices, 1960-1963
(3 folders)
BOX 127 "Thermador," draft fragment, undated
Valley Forge
Background material, 1974, undated
Preliminary and first draft, undated
(7 folders)
BOX 128 Second draft, undated
(5 folders)
Final draft, 1975
(3 folders)
BOX 129 Promotional material, 1975-1976
Reviews, notices, and related clippings, 1974-1976, undated
Voice of Bugle of Ann
Atlantic Monthly serial, 1935
Book jackets, undated
Auction of manuscript, undated
Miscellaneous, 1952
Reviews, notices, and related clippings, 1935-1936, undated
"Wake up Jacob" See also Container 77, same heading
Draft fragments and notes
(2 folders)
Wicked Water See also Container 76, same heading
Book jackets and review, 1949, undated
Draft, 1948
(3 folders)
BOX 130 The Work of Saint Francis See also Container 95, "Unseen Witness"
Book jackets, undated
Early draft, 1958
Final draft, 1958
Galleys, annotated pages, 1958
Jacket text, 1958
Untitled novel fragments
Mediterranean setting, military men, circa 1950s
Miscellaneous drafts, 1925-1928
Advice to would-be writers, The Writer, circa 1969
"And the Armies That Remain'd Suffer'd," Esquire, 1945
Anesthetics, experiences with, undated
"The Arm and the Man," undated
Asolo Theater, Sarasota County, Fla., advertising text, 1969
"Assembly of the Saints," Reader's Digest [?], undated
"Battle Royal," Author's League Bulletin, 1946, undated
"The Bird That Belonged to Keats," undated
Blurbs, tributes, and promotional writing, 1954-1976
Books for starting a new society, New York Times Book Review, 1967
"Boss of the Big Stick," True, 1951
"Chatauqua Reminiscences," undated
Christmas story, undated
Civil War recording text, 1958
"A Color Kinder Than Sunshine," 1956
Corbino, John, statement upon his death, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 1964
"The Day I Met a Lion," Family Weekly, 1963
"Dear Cousin William," McCall's, 1964
"Dear Old Ghost of Mine," Esquire, 1945
BOX 131 "A Dirty Little Job for Dave," Sarasota News, 1957
Dogs and cats, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 1962-1963, undated
"Dorsey Whittington (An Appreciation)," 1969
"Drama in Real Life," Reader's Digest [?], undated
"Eastbound Train Was Crowded . . . (and so are the westbound, the northbound, the southbound, and every other train in England)," circa 1943
"Fan Mail for Irene," undated
"Fifth Avenue Pick-Up," Reader's Digest, 1945
"First Blood," 1937
"Florida Christmas," Chicago Tribune, 1953
"Foreword," Portrait and Figure Painting, by Jerry Farnsworth, 1962
"Four Score and Seven Years Ago," undated
Frank Phillips, American Weekly, circa 1952-1953
"A Gallant Girl Named Frankie," Reader's Digest, 1966
(2 folders)
"George W. Shadle, 91 Years Old, Was Wounded in Indian Attack," Cedar Rapids Republican, 1927
"George W. Young Witnessed the Return of James Gang by Posse," Cedar Rapids Republican, 1927
"The Ghost of Goldenhurst," True, 1966
"He Fell Out of a B-17 -- and Lived," Saturday Evening Post, 1944
"Her Name Was Grace," Country Gentleman, 1941
"How People Frighten Themselves to Death," 1969-1970
"How to Tell Dirty Stories," Esquire, 1954
BOX 132 "I Remember When," 1950
"The Idea of Singing," World-Sun, New York, N.Y., 1953
"I'll Take Midwestern Cooking," Saturday Evening Post, 1952
Immigration, circa 1955
"Iowa Notes," 1956
"Iowa, Once More and Forever," circa 1930s
"It Takes a Woman's Touch," Perfect Home, undated
"It Was a Rough Mission," undated
"The Larks of April: A Recollection," [1967]
"Letter to a New Novelist," The Writer, 1957
"Letter to a Canine Friend," Family Weekly, 1966
Lincoln College centennial, Lincoln, Ill., 1963
MacArthur, Douglas, statement upon his death, 1964
"A Man Named Murray," 1946
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