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Literary File, 1885-1976 (continued)
Prose, circa 1906-1976 (continued)
BOX 81 Fiction
Anthologies and story collections
Book jackets, undated
Correspondence, 1938-1946, 1966-1973
Story Collections
"'Dakotahs Coming!' and Other Tales of the Frontier and the American West," undated
(2 folders)
I'ts about Crime, 1960
(2 folders)
"'Rogues' Gallery' and Other Tales of Crime and Suspense," undated
(2 folders)
BOX 82 Story Teller
Front matter, jacket text, and miscellany, undated
Prefatory sketches, undated
(3 folders)
Stories, undated
Lists, undated
Reviews and notices, 1967, undated
"`Then Came the Legions' and Other Tales of the American Civil War," undated
(2 folders)
BOX 83 Warwhoop: Two Short Novels of the Frontier, book jacket, reviews, and notices, 1952
"A Year and a Day," drafts
Early draft, undated
(2 folders)
Later draft, incomplete, undated
"Twenty Sketches," incomplete, undated
Juvenile books
Angleworms on Toast, 1942
Draft, 1952
Miscellany, 1952-1954
Lee and Grant at Appomattox
"Appomattox," Coronet excerpt, 1951
Draft, 1950
Reviews, notices, book jacket, and catalog cards, 1950-1952
"Matchmaker Thomas," 1946
BOX 84 Novellas, short stories, and sketches
"Adultery," undated
"An Adventure with Bulls," undated
"Again the Bugle," American Weekly, 1958
"All Fools Have Lunch," Chicago Daily News Midweek, 1930
"All Night with My Darling," Esquire, 1944
"And Her Feet Were Bare," undated
"And These Went Down to Burlington," Chicago Daily News Midweek, 1929
"The Angels Ride with Mosby," Collier's, 1935
"Arlene," undated
"As It Was Written," Collier's, undated
"The Awful Refuge," undated
"Back to Gettysburg," Saturday Evening Post, 1938
"A Bad Night for Benny," Real Detective Tales, 1928
"Ballots and Bullets," Munsey's Magazine, 1929
"Behold the Brown-Faced Men," Saturday Evening Post, serial, 1938
"Beside the Cider," undated
"Big Doings at Dobb's Depot," American Legion Monthly, 1937
"The Biggest Liar in Eagle Falls," McClure's, undated
"Bill," 1969, undated
(2 folders)
"Bills, Bills, Nothing But Bills," 1930
BOX 85 "Blaze of Glory," Saturday Evening Post, 1949
"The Blazing Star," Good Housekeeping, 1940
"The Bleeding Bush," undated
"Blue Eyes Far Away," Liberty, 1932
"Blue Flowers for the Gray," Redbook, 1936
"The Boy in the Dark," Mark Twain Quarterly, 1937
"Bring Me Meat and Bring Me Wine," Canadian Home Journal, 1949
"Bringing in the May," This Week, 1949
"The Bronze Box," Liberty, 1931
"The Bug Catcher," Real Detective Tales, undated
"Californy or Bust," undated
"Call to Adventure," Saturday Evening Post, 1949
"The Carols of the Great Human Club," circa 1968
"A Chance to Meet the Girls," Redbook, 1941
"Copperhead Cave," undated
"A Count Now Due," Liberty, 1931
BOX 86 "Crazy Petunia," College Humor, 1933
Crime story, circa 1940
"Croesus! In Illinois!" circa 1925
"Dakotahs Coming!," Saturday Evening Post, 1938
"The Darkies Are Gay," Country Gentleman, 1938
"The Dawn's Early Light," Redbook, 1938
"Death Grew on the Ground," note, undated
"Delivery Not Received," Real Detective Tales, 1928
"Des Moines Calling," undated
"Diplomacy," The Forum, Nicholas Senn High School, Chicago, Ill., 1919
"The Disastrous Nutting Party," undated
"Doll with a Busted Leg," undated
"Donnington," undated
"The Drivers Said Goodbye," undated
"Drummer Boy," undated
"The Dud," undated
"Each Other Now Embrace," undated
"Easter Flowers," Saturday Evening Post, 1941
"Elfman," 1966 See also Container 76, same heading
BOX 87 "The End of Everything," undated
"The Fabulous Cabman," Saturday Evening Post, 1950
"Far from Dead," This Week, 1938
"Fear of Kelly," Good Housekeeping, 1944
"Fiddle Song," Country Gentleman, 1940
Early draft
Later draft
"Fifty Miles from Home," undated
"Flat Tire," Liberty, 1931
"Flowers for a Lady," Chicago Daily News Midweek, 1931
"Forever Walking Free," Good Housekeeping, 1944
"Fossil," 1932
"Galahad - Chicago Model," College Humor, 1930
"The General's Ghost," This Week, 1948
George Wellington Steeter, incomplete draft, undated
"Gershwin Wasn't Born," undated
"Girl Across the Hall," undated
"The Girl Went over the Mountain," Liberty, 1930
"The Glutton," circa 1924
"God Rest You Merry Gentlemen" Rotarian, 1928
BOX 88 "Golden Key," 1951
"The Golden Palace," undated
"The Grave Grass Quivers," Elks Magazine, 1931
"The Gray Dog from the East," 1924
"A Guest at Dinner," Chicago Daily News Midweek, 1929
"Gun Crazy," Saturday Evening Post, 1940 See also Container 72, same heading
"Gun Toter of Rosy Ridge," Saturday Evening Post, 1938 See also Oversize
"Half-Price Special," undated
"Happy Days," undated
"The Hayloft," Country Gentleman, 1939
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