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Series X: Printed Matter, 1786-1924 (continued)
The Constitution of the New York State Democratic Association
Indiana Civil Service Reform Association
The Old and the New Year, cartoon from Puck
Cleveland's presidential inaugural address
Petition of the American Artists in Rome
Recommendations of Administrative Tariff Legislation
Extracts from Reports of United States: Consuls in Europe Respecting the Importance of the American Exhibition, London, 1886
The Tenure-of-Office Laws
July, The Woolen Tariff
The Plant Patent by Jacob Moore
Proceedings of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
The Republic
The Pound and the Dollar, or Bimetalism Practicable by Mercator
The Case of Arthur Ernest Hatheway
President Cleveland and the Indians by William McMichael
Soldiers' Home, Washington, D.C.
United States Prisoners by R. Brinkerhoff
Dec., Editorial, Arizona Daily Star
1885, no month given
The Adventures of Barclay Henley
Bullion Certificates by I. W. Sylvester
The Charleston Collectorship
The Chippeway Indians
Constitution and By-Laws of Kings County Democratic Club
Platform by D. M. Richardson
European and American Criminality and Pauperism
In Memoriam of U. S. Grant
Turn Not a Deaf Ear to Pity's Call
A Bill to Promote Mendicancy
In the Supreme Court of the Territory of New Mexico
The Constitutional Aspects of the Conflict between the President and the Senate
Senate Report No. 71
Senate Report No. 89
Mar., Maryland Democratic Association, Washington, D.C.
Proceedings of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
House of Representatives Bill No. 8674
House of Representatives Report No. 2527
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Citizens' Law and Order League of Massachusetts
June, Senate Ex. Doc. No. 170
July, Improvement of the Mississippi River
Aug., Enforcement of the Laws by L. Edwin Dudley
Sept., Proceedings of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
Dec., Wabash Receivership
1886, no month given
The American Exhibition, London, England
A Brief Enquiry into the Right of the President to Remove and Suspend Federal Officials
The Burton Stock Car Co.
Caving Banks on the Mississippi River by B. M. Harrod
Constitution and By-Laws of the Cook County Democratic Club, Chicago
Factory Filled Salt for Butter, Cheese, and Table Use
International Copyright
Our Friends, the Coeur D'Aleine Indians
The President's Veto of Senate Bill No. 183
Notice and Grounds of Contest of Frank J. Sullivan vs. Charles N. Felton
BOX X:3 Senate Bill No. 3182
House of Representatives Bill Nos. 11,123; 11,185; 11,186
Report of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Law and Order Society of the City of Philadephia, Pa.
La Question des Chevliers du Travail
United States Patent Office
The Government Sugar Experiments and the Sugar Trade
May, Pennsylvania Railroad Co. timetable
Constitution of the State of Utah
Distributing the Surplus among the States
Pleading Failure of the Consideration in the Matter of the Purchase of Guano on Time
Commercial Union with Canada from a United States Point of View
Moral Laws and Positive Laws
Sept., Minority Report-Utah Commission
Oct., Procession and Serenade in Honor of Grover Cleveland
President Cleveland's Message
Veteran Republican and temperance leaders, correspondence
1887, no month given
An Act to Grant Copyright to Persons Not Citizens of the United States of America
By-Laws of the Wapello County Democratic Club, Ottumwa, Iowa
Constitution and By-Laws of Pensioners' Benevolent Union of the State of Missouri
Report on Samoa by George H. Bates to the secretary of state
Report on the Dakota Territory by the governor of Dakota to the secretary of the interior
The Soldier and the Veto
Southern Exposition, Louisville, Ky.
The Telegraphone
Harlem Democratic Club
In Memory of Daniel Manning
New York Belletrisches Journal
House of Representatives Ex. Doc. No. 154
North American Review, Political Effect of the Message
Speech of James B. McCreary in favor of a conference at Washington between the nations of North, Central, and South America to encourage reciprocal commercial relations and promote arbitration
A Bill to Provide for New Designs of United States Coins
J. T. Mercer to United States Senators and Members of Congress
American Rights in Samoa, message from the president of the United States
American Social Science Association
House of Representatives Report No. 1496
The Tariff by Roger Q. Mills
Ohio Democratic state convention program
The Tariff by William L. Wilson
Senate Mis. Doc. No. 109
Speech by William L. Scott on bill to reduce taxation and simplify the laws in relation to the collection of the revenue
Tariff Reform, speech by Ashbel P. Fitch
The Surplus and the Tariff, speech by S. S. Cox
An Address to the Delegates to the Democratic National Convention at St. Louis
House of Representatives Bill No. 10,614
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