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Series X: Printed Matter, 1786-1924 (continued)
Letters of John Cochrane to the Society of the Cincinnati in New York
Olney, Richard, to Thomas F. Bayard
The Railroad Trust and the Pooling Contract of 1895
Single Standard and Sound Money: The Facts of History by John P. Irish
Sept., Michael F. Welch, An Observation
Oct., A. W. Terrell, dispatches from the legation at Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
The Cuban Patriots' Cause Is Just, the Right Shall Prevail, and in God's Own Time Cuba Shall Be Free, by Matthews
The French Spoliation Claims
Taxation in the United States by Edward Atkinson
Our Fifth President: A Sketch of the Times of James Monroe by Robert J. Hubbard
House of Representatives Bill Nos. 2787 and 2788
Senate Document No. 31
1895, no month given
Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette
Genealogy of the Cleveland families
Our Foreign Debts
Production and Price of Cotton for One Hundred Years by James L. Watkins
The Public Lands and Their Water Supply by Frederick H. Newell
Report of the Committee on Grievances of the Civil Service Reform Association of Maryland
Slave and Moslem
United States v. Choctaw, O. & G. R. Co.
Dunlap Society
House of Representatives Bill No. 3619
Morals in the State by Clement Carpenter
A Scene During the Feast of Tabernacles
Subscriptions to four percent bonds, Treasury Department
American Society of Civil Engineers
Glass Bottle Blowers' Association of the United States and Canada
Senate Report No. 290
Venezuelan boundary, general arbitration
War in Cuba by Stephen M. White
Columbine leaflet
The Restriction of Immigration by Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924)
Monthly Financial Circular No. 98, Banking of John H. Davis & Company
The Rogers Collection, Engravings and Etchings
BOX X:7 May, Proceedings of the Subcommittee of the Finance Committee of the United States Senate on Investigation of the Sale of United States Bonds by the Treasury Department during the Years 1894-1895
The Divide Resort at the Head of the Turtle Waters in Wisconsin
Immigration Fallacies by John Chetwood, Jr.
Senate Select Committee on the Construction of the Nicaragua Canal
The Interior
The New Review
Speech of Cleveland at Princeton University's sesquicentennial celebration
The War Department Estimates
Nov., Heads of Proposed Treaty between Venezuela and Great Britain for Settlement of Venezuela Boundary Question as Agreed upon between Great Britain and the United States
1896, no month given
An Act Making Appropriations for the Construction, Repair, and Preservation of Certain Public Works on Rivers and Harbors, and for Other Purposes
Eastern Association of Wells College, construction and bylaws
Hawaii, the Story of a National Wrong
The Indications for Non-Operative Local Treatment of Tumors; the Value of Toxines by William B. Coley
McKinley Trusts Mark Hannah by Nat Ward Fitz-Gerald
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Documents Relating to the Condition of Affairs in Samoa
The National Platforms of All Political Parties, 1789-1896
Proposed Monetary Plank for the Democratic Party Platform
Register of the Department of State
Senate and House of Representatives concurrent resolution on Cuba
The Unconstitutionality and Illegality of the Pending Legislation before Congress Touching the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians
Jan., An Act to Amend the Immigration Laws of the United States
An Act Authorizing the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to Accept the Request of the Late Peter Von Essen for the Use of the Public White Schools of That Portion of Said District Formerly Known as Georgetown
Congressional Record
Senate and House of Representatives, An Act Granting a Pension to Malachi Salters
A Bill to Provide Revenue for the Government and to Encourage the Industries of the United States
Congressional Record
May, Grover Cleveland's Second Administration by Carl Schurz
July, Civil Service Act and Revision of the Civil Service Rules
1897, no month given
Question De Limites Con Costa Rica
The Financial History of the Second Cleveland Administration by Alexander D. Noyes
BOX X:8 1898
Jan., Report of the Commission to Revise the Constitution Made to the General Assembly, Providence, R.I.
June, The Anecdotal Side of Mrs. Cleveland
Oct., The Present Status of the Panama Canal by H. L. Abbot
Dec., New Panama Canal Co.
1898, no month given, annual report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the state of the finances
Jan., Slav and Moslem by J. Napier Broadhead
1899, no month given
The United States and the Pending Treaty for the Settlement of International Disputes
The Voice of the Farmer
Feb., Cape Cod Ship Canal, Argument and Data
Declaration of Independence
The issues of 1900, Brooklyn Democratic Club, Brooklyn, N.Y.
The Issues of 1900 by William M. Ivins
Reply to Moses King by Joseph Bradfield
Address to Laboring Men by James H. Eckels
Address to the National Democracy, the Gold Democrats of the United States
Presidential data
1900, no month given
Extracts from Published Accounts of the Kitchell-Daingerfield Composite Madonna
The Louisiana Purchase by Binger Hermann
Supreme Court of the United States, Brief for Plaintiff in Error
May, bookplate (photocopy)
July, Census Bulletin: Twelfth Census of the United States
Sept., The Christian Advocate
Nov., Presbyterian Banner
1901, no month given
Evolution of American Citizenship by William L. Scruggs
Ex-President Cleveland on the Venezuelan Boundary Dispute
“The Safety of the President” by Cleveland, Saturday Evening Post
Feb., How to Think of Death by William L. Worcester
Apr., House of Representatives Report No. 1425
May, The Monroe Doctrine: Whence It Came, What It Is, and What It Is Not by William L. Scruggs
June, The Peril of the College by Daniel W. Hering
Oct., Princeton University, Princeton, N.J., president's report
Note on the Proposal of a Permanent Treaty of Arbitration between Great Britain and France
Socialism and Collectivism
Feb., Congressional Record
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