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Joseph Alsop and Stewart Alsop papers, 1699-1989

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Part I: Early Office File, 1932-1941 (continued)
Social Security for staff, 1936-1941
"Splending" program of the Works Financing Act, 1939
"S" miscellaneous, 1938-1940
Taxes, 1933-1939
"V" miscellaneous, 1939
"Z" miscellaneous, 1938
BOX 35-56 Part I: Article, Book and Speech File, 1937-1963
Drafts, galley proofs, and related material concerning articles, books, and speeches by the Alsops, including correspondence, notes, notebooks, transcripts of interviews, and newspaper clippings.
Arranged alphabetically by type of writing and therein by author, title, and type of material or name of magazine in which the writing appeared.
BOX 35 Articles
Atlantic Monthly
1941, "Wanted: A Faith to Fight for"
1947, "Last Chance"
1952, "Strange Case of Louis Budenz"
1953, "Academic Freedom"
Collier's, "How to Make Peace at the Pentagon," 1956
(2 folders)
Coronet, "Decline and Fall of the United States," 1948
Horizon, "The Future of American Foreign Policy," 1947
Ladies Home Journal, Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1959
"Farley and the Future"
BOX 36 "Ickes, A Man of Wrath"
1939, "Nature's Senator"
1940, "The Speaker's Lot Is Not a Happy One"
Taft, Robert A., and Arthur H. Vandenberg
"Tragedy of American Liberalism"
Literaturnaya Gazeta, "Peaceful Co-Existence," 1956
Mondral Presse, a Communist bureaucrat, circa 1957
New Republic, "The Liberals and Russia, 1946
New Yorker, "Evening Among Ruins," 1948
News of the World, various short articles, 1947
Reader's Digest
1954, "Why I Stopped Smoking"
1958, "Richard Nixon: The Mystery and the Man"
Saturday Evening Post
1937, "Our Biggest Business, Relief"
BOX 37 1938
Byrnes, James
New Deal
(2 folders)
Stock Exchange
"Washington Over Wall Street"
(2 folders)
Arnold, Thurman
Downey, Sheridan
BOX 38 Guffey, Joseph F.
(2 folders)
1940, "Third Term"
"Why We Changed Policy in Germany"
"Your Flesh Should Creep"
"Are We Ready for a Push Button War?"
"If Russia Grabs Europe"
"We Must Import to Live"
"Will the CIO Shake the Communists Loose?"
BOX 39 1948
"The Europeans You Never Read About"
"If War Comes"
"Must America Save the World?"
"What Kind of President Will Dewey Make?"
"Candidate Truman"
"How Our Foreign Policy Is Made"
"Are We Ready for a Push Button War?" See Container 38, same title
"I'm Guilty! I Built a Modern House"
"The Lessons of Korea"
"We Are Losing Asia Fast"
"We Must Learn Guerilla Warfare"
"Why Has Washington Gone Crazy?"
BOX 40 "Why We Lost China"
"Can the New A-Bomb Stop Troops in the Field?”
"The Grim Truth About Civil Defense"
"Our Trouble with the British"
"Stalin's Plans for the U.S.A."
“What's Wrong with the Army?"
(2 folders)
"He'd Rather Not Be President"
BOX 41 "Inside Story of Our First H-Bomb"
"Must We Surrender the Mid-East?"
"That's Politics for You"
"What Must the GOP Do to Win?"
"Can We Defend Against Russia's A-Bomb?"
"The Man Ike Trusts with Cash"
"Is This Our Last Chance for Peace?"
"Can FDR Jr. Get His Father's Job?"
China and the Korean War
"Strange Death of Louis Slotin"
BOX 42 "Will China Stay Red?"
"The Dreadful Dilemma of the Democrats"
"He Sparked a Revolution"
"That Washington Security Curtain"
"The Tiger Who Looks Like a Banker"
"What We Must Do To Stay Free"
BOX 43 1956
"Barnum of the GOP"
"My Adventures in Eating"
"The Race We Are Losing to Russia"
"The Red's New Gimmick"
"The Soviet Union Will Never Recover"
BOX 44 "Those Smug, Smug Russians"
"Why Do I Keep the Damned Place?"
"Why Israel Will Survive"
"America's Oldest Spectacular"
(2 folders)
BOX 45 "The GOP Must Reform"
"How Can We Catch Up?"
"How the King Foiled the Plotters"
"How They Meet Payrolls in Russia"
"I Discover the American People"
"I Found Out What Supersonic Means"
BOX 46 "Just What Is Modern Republicanism?"
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