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Joseph Alsop and Stewart Alsop papers, 1699-1989

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Part II: Subject File, 1942-1970 (continued)
Komor, Mathias, 1965-1967
Lil and Sue, Ltd., 1959-1968
Morgenthau, Hans J., 1965
Morguleu, Sara, Amerex International, Ltd., 1965-1968
BOX 83 Museum of the City of New York, New York, N.Y., 1966-1967
Nike X missile system, 1965
Paragon Book Gallery, 1964-1966
Politics, 1969
Polling, 1964 campaigns
Rodell, Marie, 1963-1965
Samuel Shapiro & Co. and customs, 1958-1965
Scuola Stella Matutina, Macao, 1959-1967
(2 folders)
Starobin, Joseph, 1954
Theodore Roosevelt Association, 1966-1967
BOX 84 Travel
1951, Europe
1956, Middle East and London, England
1964, Europe and Asia
Apr.-May, trip around the world
Aug.-Oct., Greece and Far East
Mar., Vietnam (Republic)
May, Vietnam (Republic)
Summer, Italy, Turkey, and Far East
Feb.-Apr., Far East
July-Oct., London, England, Germany, and Far East
Aug.-Oct., Europe, Middle East, and Asia
Mar.-Apr., Vietnam
Summer, England and Germany
Nov.-Dec., Vietnam
Tsuruki, Y., 1963-1967
University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., 1967
Printed matter and correspondence, 1965
BOX 85 Trips
Captured documents, 1966-1967, undated See also Classified
Notes, 1965-1967, undated See also Classified
(3 folders)
Fall, notes, 1967, undated See also Classified
(1 folder)
BOX 86 (1 folder)
Miscellany, 1967-1968, undated
Research material
Army morale, 1968, undated See also Classified
Battlefield statistics, undated See also Classified
Huế, Vietnam, 1968, undated See also Classified
Vietnam (Democratic Republic), 1968, undated See also Classified
Notes, 1969
(2 folders)
BOX 87 (4 folders)
BOX 88 (1 folder)
Research material, 1968-1969, undated See also Classified
(2 folders)
Notes, 1970
(3 folders)
BOX 89 Research material, 1969-1970, undated See also Classified
(3 folders)
War claims, 1942, 1952-1955
World War II, 1942-1949
Zimmerman, Warren, proposed membership in Metropolitan Club, Washington, D.C., 1966-1967
BOX 90-98 Part II: Speeches and Writings, 1938-1966
Drafts of articles and books, with related correspondence, notes, reports, clippings, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically according to type of writing, with magazine articles organized alphabetically by the name of the publication in which they appeared and chronologically by year therein. Books are arranged chronologically according to date of publication.
BOX 90 Articles
Journal of Hellenic Studies
(3 folders)
"President's Family Album"
1940, Taft, Robert A. and Martha
McCall's, dieting, 1965
New Yorker
1965, Later Roman Empire, review of
1965-1966, "Kato Zakro"
(1 folder)
BOX 91 (7 folders)
BOX 92 (3 folders)
"Charting Terra Incognita"
Lorenz, Konrad, On Aggression, review of
Saturday Evening Post
Guffey, Joseph F.
(4 folders)
BOX 93 (1 folder)
Lodge, Henry Cabot (1902-1985)
"We Shall Make America Over"
(6 folders)
Arnold, Thurman Wesley
Downey, Sheridan
Morgenthau, Henry (1891-1967)
(4 folders)
BOX 94 (1 folder)
1940, McNary, Charles L.
1964, "John F. Kennedy"
1966, "Why We Can Win in Vietnam"
(7 folders)
This Week Magazine, "First Soldier," undated
Venture, "Healing Springs," 1964-1965
BOX 95 Miscellaneous
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, 1965-1966
"The Decline and Fall of America," 1948
"Eat, Drink, and Be Thin," 1965
Frank R. Kent Lecture, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., 1966
"A Small World," undated
"Third Term," undated
"This Business of Relief," undated
"Washington Over Wall Street," 1938
1939, Men Around the President
(1 folder)
BOX 96 (3 folders)
1940, American White Paper
(6 folders)
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