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Clarence Darrow papers, 1894-1941

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BOX 12 Biography File, 1938-1941
Correspondence between Ruby Darrow and Irving Stone and others relating to Clarence Darrow and notes and writings by Stone about Darrow.
Arranged by type of material or name of person and therein chronologically.
BOX 12 Correspondence
Darrow, Ruby (wife)
General, 1938-1941, undated
Stone, Irving, 1939-1941, undated
(5 folders)
Stone, Irving
General, 1939-1941, undated
Regarding anecdotes about Darrow, 1940-1941, undated
Writings and notes by Irving Stone, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 13-21 Printed Matter, 1894-1940
Printed material by or about Darrow, including magazine articles, books, pamphlets, and debates.
Organized in two sets. Set I is arranged according to type of publication and therein chronologically. Set II is arranged chronologically.
BOX 13 Set I
Periodicals and books
Current Topics, “Free Trade or Protection”
Open Court, “Moral Courage Rarer than Physical Bravery”
Address, “The Rights and Wrongs of Ireland”
Rubric, “Conduct and Profession”
International Socialist Review, “The Problem of the Negro”
1903, Leslie's Weekly, “People Talked About”
Farmington See also Container 8, same heading
Tomorrow, “Literary Style”
Pandex of the Press, “Rebellion, Armed or Otherwise? Aftermath of the Haywood Trial”
Golden Elk, “A Crayon Portrait of Clarence S. Darrow”
Current Literature, “Who Is This Man Darrow?”
“Clarence S. Darrow” (May 16)
“The Acquittal of Haywood” (Aug. 1)
1908, Everyman
Review of An Eye for an Eye (May)
“The Mystery of Law” (Oct.)
“Little Louis Epstein” (Dec.)
International Socialist Review, “The Holdup Man”
Union Labor Advocate, “Free Speech, Free Press”
Mirror, “The United States Prosperity Bulletin”
1910, Mirror
“The Late Elections” (Nov. 17)
“Darrow on Roosevelt” (Nov. 24)
American Magazine, “Why Men Fight for the Closed Shop”
Life, editorial
California Outlook, “The Unions and the Rest of Us”
Review of Reviews, “The Progress of the World”
Mirror, “The Tragedy of Darrow”
Town Talk, “Varied Types, Clarence Darrow”
Organized Labor, “Darrow's Triumph”
BOX 14 1913
Speeches and proceedings at a banquet in honor of Darrow
“Address on John Brown” (Mar.)
“Second Plea in His Own Defense” (May)
“Clarence Darrow on Land and Labor” (June)
“Crime and Criminals” (Aug.)
“Henry George” (Sept.-Oct.)
“Industrial Conspiracies” (Nov.-Dec.)
1914, Everyman
“Voltaire” (Jan.-Feb.)
“Armies and Navies” (Aug.-Sept.)
“Clarence Darrow on the Single Tax” (Oct.-Nov.)
“Clarence Darrow on the War” (Oct.-Nov.)
1915, Everyman
“If Men Had Opportunity” (Jan.-Feb.)
“Address to the Prisoners at Joliet” (Nov.)
“Not a Milk and Water Theory” (Dec.)
“An Appeal for the Despoiled” (Jan.)
“Robert Burns” (Feb.)
“The Skeleton in the Closet” (May)
“The Land Belongs to the People” (Sept.)
Athena, “A Memorial Address”
1917, The Liberal Review, “Schopenhauer”
Address, “War Prisoners”
Altgeld, John P., funeral address See also Oversize
Lecture, “Pessimism”
Reconstruction, “Rules of Conduct”
“Communism on Trial” (Mar.)
“Guilty: The General Strike” (Sept.)
Reedy's Mirror
“Darrow on Wilson” (Apr. 8)
“Woodrow Wilson” (Apr. 15)
Bokstugan (magazine), review of Farmington
1923, Pearson's Magazine, “Clarence Darrow”
Success, “Clarence Darrow's Fight against the Death Penalty”
American Mercury, “The Ordeal of Prohibition”
Kessinger's Mid-West Review, “Insects and Men: Instinct and Reason”
Folder I
“Tennessee's Dilemma” (July 22)
“What Lies Beyond Dayton?” (July 29)
“Darrow vs. Bryan” (Aug. 5)
American Mercury
“Salesmanship” (Aug.)
“The Edwardses and the Jukes” (Oct.)
J.U.H.'s Weekly, “A Lion in a Den of Daniels”
Bokstugan (magazine), “Clarence Darrow”
Literary Digest, “Dayton's Amazing Trial”
Spectator, “Delirium in Dayton”
New Statesman, “Thoughts on Monkeys”
BOX 15 Folder II
Current History, “The Significance of the Scopes Trial”
Hearst's International, “That Man Darrow”
Folder III
Century, “Crime and Punishment”
The New Republic, “The Conduct of the Scopes Trial”
Folder I
Haldeman-Julius Monthly, “Clarence Darrow's Defense of a Negro”
Harper's Magazine, “Crime and the Alarmists”
American Mercury, “The Eugenics Cult”
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