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Cornelia Bryce Pinchot papers, 1899-1960

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Part I: 1918-1947 (continued)
Correspondence, 1918-1947 (continued)
BOX I:352 W
BOX I:353 W-Z
BOX I:354 1937
BOX I:355 Bir-Bot
BOX I:356 Bro-Col
BOX I:357 Col
BOX I:358 Col-Cows
BOX I:359 D-F
BOX I:360 G-Hi
BOX I:361 Ho-J
BOX I:362 K-Ma
BOX I:363 M
BOX I:364 N-Pi
BOX I:365 Pi-Ri
BOX I:366 S-T
BOX I:367 U-Z
BOX I:368 1938
BOX I:369 Bir-Col
BOX I:370 Con-Din
BOX I:371 Din-H
BOX I:372 Hi-Ki
BOX I:373 L-N
BOX I:374 O-Ra
BOX I:375 R-S
BOX I:376 T-Z
BOX I:377 1939
BOX I:378 Bry-Col
BOX I:379 D-G
BOX I:380 H-I
BOX I:381 K-L
BOX I:382 M-O
BOX I:383 P-Ri
BOX I:384 Ro-Z
BOX I:385 1940
BOX I:386 Bo-D
BOX I:387 E-Hi
BOX I:388 Ho
BOX I:389 I-O
BOX I:390 Pe-R
BOX I:391 S-Z
BOX I:392 1941
BOX I:393 Ca-D
BOX I:394 E-H
BOX I:395 I-L
BOX I:396 L-P
BOX I:397 P-R
BOX I:398 S-Wa
BOX I:399 Wa-Z
BOX I:400 1942
BOX I:401 L-Z
BOX I:402 1942-1943
BOX I:403 F-J
BOX I:404 L-U
BOX I:405 U-Z
BOX I:406 1944
BOX I:407 G-K
BOX I:408 L-Z
BOX I:409 1945
BOX I:410 F-S
BOX I:411 T-Z
BOX I:412 Mainly 1946 (includes some 1945 and 1947)
Alphabetical File
A-G Ac 9375
BOX I:413 H-R
BOX I:414 S-Z
BOX I:415 Mainly 1947
Alphabetical File
BOX I:416 B-I
BOX I:417 J-P
BOX I:418 Q-Z
BOX I:419 1922-1941
Miscellaneous Correspondence
BOX I:420 Undated
Guests Lists/Invitations
BOX I:421-447 Subject File, undated
Mainly financial papers, garden files, and files from the U.S. Office of Civilian Defense and the Committee for National Morale.
BOX I:421 Miscellaneous
BOX I:422-425 Financial Papers
BOX I:426 Garden Files
BOX I:427 B
BOX I:428 C-Cl
BOX I:429 Co-D
BOX I:430 E-Ga
BOX I:431 Ga-Gz
BOX I:432 H-J
BOX I:433 K-Le
BOX I:434 Li-M
BOX I:435 N-O
BOX I:436 P-Sa
BOX I:437 S
BOX I:438 St-Lim
BOX I:439 Lin-Z
BOX I:440-445 U.S. Office of Civilian Defense
BOX I:446-447 Committee for National Morale
BOX I:448-472 Speech File, 1920-1944
Speeches, speech material, and press releases.
BOX I:448-461 Speeches
BOX I:462 1931
BOX I:463 1932-1934
BOX I:464 1934
BOX I:465 1934-1935
BOX I:466 1935-1937
BOX I:467-468 1937
BOX I:469-470 1937-1938
BOX I:471 1938
BOX I:472 1939-1944
BOX I:473 Speeches and press releases, 1930-1932
BOX I:474 Miscellaneous
BOX I:475-485 Speech material
BOX I:486-492 Miscellany, undated
BOX I:486-490 Miscellaneous
BOX I:491 Material/Dress Samples/Recipes/Prescriptions
BOX I:492 Campaign Material
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