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Cornelia Bryce Pinchot papers, 1899-1960

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Part I: 1918-1947 (continued)
BOX I:421-447 Subject File, undated
Mainly financial papers, garden files, and files from the U.S. Office of Civilian Defense and the Committee for National Morale.
BOX I:421 Miscellaneous
BOX I:422-425 Financial Papers
BOX I:426 Garden Files
BOX I:427 B
BOX I:428 C-Cl
BOX I:429 Co-D
BOX I:430 E-Ga
BOX I:431 Ga-Gz
BOX I:432 H-J
BOX I:433 K-Le
BOX I:434 Li-M
BOX I:435 N-O
BOX I:436 P-Sa
BOX I:437 S
BOX I:438 St-Lim
BOX I:439 Lin-Z
BOX I:440-445 U.S. Office of Civilian Defense
BOX I:446-447 Committee for National Morale
BOX I:448-472 Speech File, 1920-1944
Speeches, speech material, and press releases.
BOX I:448-461 Speeches
BOX I:462 1931
BOX I:463 1932-1934
BOX I:464 1934
BOX I:465 1934-1935
BOX I:466 1935-1937
BOX I:467-468 1937
BOX I:469-470 1937-1938
BOX I:471 1938
BOX I:472 1939-1944
BOX I:473 Speeches and press releases, 1930-1932
BOX I:474 Miscellaneous
BOX I:475-485 Speech material
BOX I:486-492 Miscellany, undated
BOX I:486-490 Miscellaneous
BOX I:491 Material/Dress Samples/Recipes/Prescriptions
BOX I:492 Campaign Material
BOX II:1-75 Part II: 1927-1960
Correspondence, printed matter, photographs, journals, notes, address lists, financial material, reports, book drafts, radio scripts, and architectural and landscape plans.
Organized largely as received.
BOX II:1-5 General correspondence, L-S, 1941-1951
BOX II:6-11 General correspondence re Greece, 1947-1948
Journals and notes
BOX II:12-15 General correspondence, 1947-1948
Business correspondence, 1947
BOX II:16-17 United Nations, booklets, pamphlets, and reports, 1949
BOX II:18 Address lists, 1941-1948
Business correspondence
BOX II:19-20 General correspondence, 1948
BOX II:21-24 Business correspondence, 1946-1959
BOX I:25-29 General correspondence
A-F, 1952-1960
BOX II:30-34 G-P, 1946-1959
BOX II:35-42 General and business correspondence, 1950-1960
BOX II:43-45, OV 46 Account books, 1943-1959
Address books
Letters by Cornelia Pinchot from Greece, 1947-1948
Conservation congress reports
Notebooks, undated
Book on North Carolina trees, incomplete
Conservation material
BOX II:47-49 Blueprints and pictures
Date books, 1952-1959
Natural History, 1939-1942
Voices, 1932-1942
Correspondence, undated
Manuscript of book, 1952
Miscellaneous files, 1949
Picture book and watercolor caricature
BOX II:50-52 Business correspondence, 1939-1959
BOX II:53-55 Business correspondence and correspondence of Gifford Pinchot, 1927-1949
BOX II:56-57 Greek correspondence, 1947
Foreign Conservation Society
BOX II:58-61 Family correspondence, 1947-1960
Financial papers, 1943-1960
BOX II:62-65 Correspondence
Radio scripts, 1955
Pamphlets, 1949-1959
BOX II:66-70 Correspondence
BOX II:71-74 Business correspondence, 1939-1951
BOX II:75 Plans of “Grey Towers,” Milford, Pa.
BOX III: 1-6 Part III: 1909-1941
Correspondence, financial material, address lists, diary of a 1929 trip, medical records, and reports.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX III: 1 Address lists, 1920, undated
Bryce family wills, 1912-1920
Consumers' League, 1919-1920, undated
Miscellaneous, 1914-1923, 1934, 1941, undated
(2 folders)
Pinchot, Amos, 1929
Pinchot, Gifford
(2 folders)
BOX III: 2 1918-1927, 1936-1938, undated
(6 folders)
Diary, 1929
(4 folders)
Financial material
BOX III: 3 1919-1928
(2 folders)
International suffrage conference, Rome, Italy, 1923
Labor issues, 1919-1922, undated
League of Women Voters
1919, Feb.-1921, July
(7 folders)
BOX III: 4 1921, Aug.-1923, Feb., undated
(4 folders)
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