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Senatorial Papers, 1965-1978 (continued)
Legislative File, 1967-1978 (continued)
H.R. 7906, Interstate taxation
H.R. 11102, Public health
H.R. 11271, National Aeronautics and Space Administration authorization
H.R. 11400, Supplemental appropriations
H.R. 11612, Agriculture Department appropriations
H.R. 12290, Surtax
H.R. 12781, Interior Department appropriations
H.R. 12964, State, Justice, and Commerce departments appropriations
BOX 516 H.R. 13018, Military construction
H.R. 13270, Tax reform
(5 folders)
BOX 517 H.R. 13300, Railroad retirement
H.R. 13763, Legislative appropriations
H.R. 14465, Airport Expansion Act
H.R. 15628, Military sales
H.R. 15931, Labor Department-Department of Health, Education, and Welfare appropriations
H.R. 16516, National Aeronautics and Space Administration authorization
H.R. 16916, Education appropriations
H.R. 17070, Post Office reorganization
H.R. 17123, Military procurement
(2 folders)
BOX 518 (2 folders)
H.R. 17399, Second supplemental appropriation
H.R. 17548, Housing and Urban Development Department appropriations
H.R. 17575, State, Justice, Commerce departments appropriations
H.R. 17755, Transportation Department appropriations
H.R. 17802, Debt ceiling
H.R. 17825, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
H.R. 17923, Agriculture Department appropriations
H.R. 17970, Military construction appropriations
H.R. 18515, Labor/Health, Education, and Welfare departments appropriations
H.R. 18546, Farm Bill
H.R. 18583, Drug control
BOX 519 H.R. 18679 See Container 513, S. 4141
H.R. 19590, Defense appropriations
H.R. 19830, Housing and Urban Development Department and independent offices appropriations
H.R. 19928, Supplemental appropriations
H.J. Res. 614, National Adult-Youth Communication Week
Agriculture Department appropriations, FY1971
Cosigned amendments (no bill numbers)
92nd Congress, 1971-1972
S. 1, Electoral Reform Act
S. 23, Ethnic Heritage Studies Center
S. 31, Manpower Bill
S. 32, National Science Foundation
S. 34, Conquest of Cancer Act
S. 51, Cheng, Elizabeth
S. 61, Madona, Agnese
S. 71, Small business
S. 301, Bunker Hill National Historic Site, Charlestown, Mass.
S. 317, Interstate Taxation Act
S. 400, Criminal justice reform
S. 488, Snake River, Oreg., and Hell's Canyon, Idaho
S. 575, Appalachian redevelopment
S. 659, Higher education amendments
S. 748-49, Contributions to multilateral institutions
S. 813, Medeiros, Jorge
S. 1071, Status of surplus funds
S. 1167, Unsolicited mailing of cigarettes
S. 1201, Financial institutions
S. 1224 See Container 519, S. 71
S. 1237, Extension of disaster relief to hospitals
S. 1260 See Container 519, S. 71
S. 1355 See Container 519, S. 71
S. 1389, Romania, most favored nation status
S. 1408, Lobbying for tax exempt organizations
S. 1538, American Revolution Bicentennial Commission amendments
S. 1567, Conversion Assistance Corps
BOX 520 S. 1599, Reserve Officers Commission
S. 1614, Public health service
S. 1857, American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
S. 1933, Westfield National Cemetery, Westfield, Mass.
S. 1973, Tadeusz Koþciuszko home, Philadelphia, Pa.
S. 2023, Foreign Service Appeals Board
S. 2163, Veterans
S. 2224, Central Intelligence Agency report to Congress
S. 2398, Airport noise abatement
S. 2413, Wage and price control
S. 2433, Health insurance
S. 2551, Securities exchange
S. 2596, Brooke, Edward W., voting bill
S. 2732, Nullification of criminal records
S. 2770, Federal Water Pollution Control Act amendments
S. 2819 Foreign aid
S. 2824, Wholesome Fish Act
S. 2892, Two-year study of Atlantic coast
S. 2956, War powers
S. 2962, Job training in prisons
S. 2971, Marine sanctuaries designation
S. 2981, Economic Stabilization Act, phase III
S. 3063, Lobbying by tax-exempt organizations
BOX 521 S. 3076, Cigarette smuggling tax
S. 3080, Lead-based paint program
S. 3121, Five-year extension of the Civil Rights Commission
S. 3123, Ceiling on federal spending
S. 3142, Aid for Soviet Jews in Israel
S. 3228, Child development
S. 3307, American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
S. 3313, Proposed national corrections academy
S. 3390, Foreign aid amendments
S. 3419, Consumer product safety
S. 3521, Juvenile delinquency
S. 3526, State Department/United States Information Agency authorization
(2 folders)
S. 3536, Tax credits for private school tuition
S. 3601, Police reimbursement
S. 3614, Schools for handicapped kids
S. 3697, Scientific Manpower Act
S. 3732, Reduced fares for the elderly
S. 3872, Japan-American Friendship Act
S. 3880, Amending the National Defense Education Act
S. 3924, Philip J. Philbin Federal Building, Fitchburg, Mass.
S. 3939, Highway trust
S. 3941, Capitol Hill Historic District, Washington, D.C.
S. ____, Abolish capital punishment in District of Columbia (Adlai E. Stevenson)
S. ____, Amendment to Clayton Act, (John Sparkman)
S. ____, Full employment and job development (Jacob K. Javits)
S. ____, Manpower Bill (Jacob K. Javits)
BOX 522 S. ____, Non-discrimination clause in property deeds (Adlai E. Stevenson)
S. Res. 17, Senate Rule XXII amendment
S. Res. 62, Congress and Vietnam
S. Res. 203, Fishing industry
S. Res. 214, Advice and consent on treaties
S. Res. 221, Northern Ireland
S. Res. 265, The hymn,"America"
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