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Senatorial Papers, 1965-1978 (continued)
Legislative File, 1967-1978 (continued)
S. Con. Res. 70, Joint Committee on Social Welfare See also Container 505, S. 3334-3337
S.J. Res. 56, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef)
S.J. Res. 90, Mass transport
S.J. Res. 94, Joint Committee on Crime
S.J. Res. 99, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
S.J. Res. 104, Merchant Marine
S.J. Res. 120, Tariff
S.J. Res. 159, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
H.R. 2508, Congressional redistricting
H.R. 2516, Open housing
H.R. 2767, Medicaid amendment
H.R. 4765, Bank holding
H.R. 7819, Elementary and Secondary Education Act
BOX 507 H.R. 9960, Appropriations amendment, Department of Housing and Urban Development
H.R. 10368, Legislative appropriations
H.R. 10509, Agriculture Department appropriations
H.R. 10738, Defense Department appropriations
H.R. 10783, District of Columbia Crime Bill
H.R. 11641, Dickey-Lincoln hydroelectric project, Maine
H.R. 12080, Social security
(2 folders)
H.R. 15263, Foreign aid
H.R. 15414, Excise tax
H.R. 16703, Military construction authorization
H.R. 17023, Independent offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development
H.R. 17324, Renegotiation Act
H.R. 18037, Labor Department-Department of Health, Education, and Welfare appropriations
H.R. 18707, Defense Department appropriations
H.J. Res. 888, Continuing appropriations
S. 1, Relocation assistance and land acquisition
BOX 508 S. 7, Water pollution control
S. 8, Agricultural workers, National Labor Relations Board
S. 10, Congressional redistricting
S. 11, Intergovernmental Personnel Act
S. 14, Afro-American history and culture
S. 15, Rural Job Development Act
S. 27, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona and Utah
S. 30, Organized crime
S. 100, Firearms Information Act
S. 335, Endangered Species Act
S. 500, Farm tax limitations
S. 508, National Foundation for Social Sciences
S. 543, Copyright Bill reform
S. 611 See Container 515, H.R. 7906
S. 706, Saxbe, William B., amendments to Family Assistance Act
S. 721, Credit cards
S. 740, Committee on Mexican-American Affairs
S. 763, Generic drugs
S. 861, Consumer Protection Assistance Act
S. 868, New Bedford, Mass., storage warehouse
S. 915, Disaster loans for small business
S. 916 See Container 515, H.R. 7906
S. 937, Government Employees Training Act
S. 942, Supersonic Transport legislation
S. 1070, Air traffic control
S. 1072, Appalachian region development program
S. 1076, Youth Conservation Corps
S. 1090, Regional Development Act of 1969
S. 1091, Technical and financial assistance to fishing industry.
S. 1092, Wholesome Fish Act
S. 1132, Redefinition of disability, social security
S. 1151, Fish Disease Bill
S. 1212, Capital bank for small business
S. 1213, Amendments to Small Business Investment Act of 1958
S. 1265, Air traffic congestion relief
BOX 509 S. 1285, McGovern, George, and Mark O. Hatfield, National Economic Conversion Commission
S. 1289, Promotion of United States travel
S. 1362, Opportunities Industrialization Centers
S. 1452, Science research
S. 1519, Library Commission
S. 1520, Newspaper preservation
S. 1592, Marine sanctuaries study
S. 1613, Eisenhower Dam, Colorado River, Arizona
S. 1652, Monomoy Island, Barnstable Co., Mass.
S. 1699, National environment bank
S. 1708, Land and water conservation
S. 1721, Tobacco
S. 1791, Bill of Rights for executive employees
S. 1798, Credits for pollution control
S. 1805, Connecticut River Valley
S. 1814, DC Transit Co.
S. 1830, Alaska claims
S. 1858, South Africa sugar quota
S. 1865, Malnutrition studies
S. 1997, Alcoholism care and control
S. 2004, Renewal of broadcast license
S. 2029, Cease and desist for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
S. 2037, Neighborhood Health Act
S. 2059, Fishing Fleet Improvement Act
BOX 510 S. 2108, Family planning legislation
S. 2147, Impacted area funds (public housing)
S. 2193, Occupational safety
S. 2234, Westfield National Cemetery, Westfield, Mass.
S. 2259, Ghetto credit unions
S. 2283, East-West trade
S. 2341, Merchant Marine Act amendments
S. 2347, Population control
S. 2360, Extend boundaries of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
S. 2367, Economic Opportunity Act amendments
S. 2368, National Institute of Building
S. 2385, Small business, high risk loans
S. 2386, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, applicability to government employees
S. 2390, Trade Expansion Act of 1969
S. 2391, Water and air pollution control
S. 2392, Historic Naval Ships Association
S. 2425, Federal Aid Highway Act
S. 2446, Laboratory Animals Welfare Act
S. 2453, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
S. 2454, Discrimination in juries
S. 2455, Civil Rights Commission
S. 2462, Extension of American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
S. 2524, Phase out of farm subsidies
S. 2546, Military procurement authorization amendments
(1 folder)
BOX 511 S. 2546, Military procurement authorization amendments
(3 folders)
S. 2547, Food stamps
S. 2548, School Lunch Act
S. 2601, District of Columbia Crime Bill
(2 folders)
S. 2696, Export Control Act
BOX 512 S. 2697, Crime control
S. 2761, Rental assistance
S. 2831, Watershed and flood protection
S. 2864, Housing and Urban Development Act
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